Juhi Modi


Gregory Okhifun

Dr. Gregory Okhifun

Medical Reviewer

Juhi Modi is a freelance medical writer and editor with 20 years’ experience. With three years in a medical school serving as a solid foundation, expertise in the language of medicine comes naturally to her.

She has written blog posts, newsletters, white papers, reports, reviews, and articles for a gamut of clients in the healthcare domain. Her core competency in understanding medicine is combined with persuasive English writing and editing skills.

She can generate clear, concise, cohesive, and compelling content. She communicates views and ideas effectively and engagingly. Juhi has proper time management, and organizational skills along with a healthy respect for deadlines, and this has helped her maintain successful long-term relationships with her clients. She is dependable, enthusiastic, and motivated and loves what she does for a living.

When her fingers are not flying across a keyboard, Juhi is an intrepid adventurer, having traveled to more than 50 countries.

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