Alcohol Rehab Centers In Wyoming: Top 10 WY Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Wyoming

Whether the problem is chronic drinking, alcoholism, heavy drinking, or binge drinking, an individual who is seeking to find balance in their life might need professional alcohol treatment. Drinkers residing in Wyoming State will more swiftly and safely meet their goals by choosing to visit an alcohol addiction treatment center. There are a lot of alcohol rehab centers in Wyoming. However, this article will discuss the top-rated alcohol rehab centers an individual can visit in the state. Follow through!

Alcohol Addiction Rates In Wyoming

  • In 2009, 635 young adults were admitted for alcohol treatment in Wyoming, and this accounted for 16 percent of all alcohol abuse treatment admissions in the state.
  • In 2012, alcohol was involved in 72.12 percent of all custodial arrests.
  • 18.9 percent of adults and 25.1 percent of high school students reported binge drinking in 2011.
  • In 2006, there were 5280 arrests for DUI in Wyoming, and there were 4340 alcohol-related violations.
  • 506 people were killed in auto crashes involving the drunk driver in Wyoming between 2003 and 2012
  • Between 2011 and 2015, alcohol abuse and dependence in the state exceeded that of the national average consistently

Wyoming Recovery

Wyoming recovery is a rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol treatment located in Casper with parks, streams, rivers, mountains, and waterfall all around. Since 1996, this freestanding treatment center has been treating people with addiction illnesses. This holistic alcohol rehabilitation center offers inpatient and outpatient care to adults over the age of 18 years based on 12 steps and other therapy choices which include CBT, individual therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention and more. Wyoming Recovery also offers some treatment options which include intensive outpatient program, partial day/evening treatment, continuing care, professional programs, and more.

This treatment center is one of the alcohol addiction rehab centers in the state that provide residential programs to both women and men. Their residential facility is made up of four residential units situated on an open campus. A maximum of 15 people can be taken into the residence at once.

The houses are separated according to gender, and each house has its bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry facilities, and living rooms with Netflix for free time. Roommates share chores.
No gym is on-site, and no cooking is done on-site. Meals are made available via cooperation with the Wyoming Medical Center. Check here to find out more about alcohol abuse rehab.

Central Wyoming Counseling Center

This is another rehab for alcohol situated in Casper, Wyoming. The center has provided outpatient and residential services for more than 60 years. This center features a social detox unit which socially and emotionally supports an individual going through alcohol and drug withdrawal. This alcoholism rehab center provides services such as detoxification and substance abuse treatment to adolescents and adults, including mothers and pregnant women. Additionally, this program provides education and daycare for children who come with their mother for treatment.

Central Wyoming Counseling Center offers two addiction treatment care types. This includes short-term residential treatment and residential long-term inpatient treatment. The alcohol abuse rehab center has five residential structures that can accommodate a maximum of 80 residents. Each building is segregated according to gender and has its own counseling office and TV room. Two to four clients occupy each place, and the restrooms are dorm style. Find out more about the rehab center and their program here.

Trinity Teen Solutions

Trinity Teen Solutions is a rehabilitation treatment center that makes use of a Christian-based approach to treat young women between 12 to 18 years that are defiant or troubled and engaging in self-destructive behaviors. The center is located on a 4,000-acre ranch in Powell, Wyoming. This Christian alcoholism rehab center makes use of holistic treatment philosophy.

This philosophy includes calming the mind, strengthening the body, and restoring the soul.

Their area of specialization includes individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and equine-assisted psychotherapy.
The drug and alcohol rehabilitation center has 14-bed facilities where the staffs and clients live in. Daily chores and ranch work is done by clients in this Christian alcoholism rehab center. Check here to find out more.

Cedar Mountain Center

Cedar Mountain Center is a division of West Park Hospital that is located in Cody, WY. The alcohol treatment center is situated near the eastern gateway of Yellowstone National Park. This center provides support for people with a dual diagnosis. They also offer detox and residential treatments. CMC treatment includes physical fitness, proper nutrition, twelve-step groups, and nature therapy. The philosophy guiding the rehab center is known as Planetree, which addresses the entire health of an individual, including body, mind, and spirit.

CMC offers their clients an accommodation that can hold about 18 residents. The rooms are dorm-style and home-like setting with each client having their bed and dresser. Also, the house has a dining room, a living room, and two gender-specific bathrooms. The Nutrition Services department of the West Park Hospital prepares the food with nourishing and high-quality ingredients. Find out more about the Cedar Mountain Center.

nature therapy on a sunny day

Peak Wellness Center

Peak Wellness Center has been helping people recover from addiction for more than 50 years. They are located in Laramie, Torrington, Cheyenne, and Wheatland, WY. This alcohol detox center offers comprehensive services which include outpatient treatment option, residential treatment, special support for the family, and long-term aftercare. The approaches for treatment this rehab for alcohol use includes DBT, CBT, twelve steps, counseling, motivational interviewing, brief intervention, and more.

The treatment facility accepts adult clients, young adults or teenagers, and children adolescents. It is privately held and licensed by the State Department of Health. An individual can find out more about the alcohol rehabilitation program here.

Big Horn Basin Counseling Services

This institution is located in Basin and Lovell, Wyoming. This alcohol rehab in Wyoming provides services which include substance abuse treatment and dual diagnosis addiction treatment. The type addiction treatment care this Wyoming alcoholism rehabilitation center provides is holistic rehabilitation treatment and outpatient counseling treatment.

The programs available are court-ordered addiction treatments, adolescents addiction treatment, Christians addiction treatment, and to mention a few. Also, this center for alcohol and drug services uses different approaches for addiction treatment, and this includes CBT, DBT, PTSD, counseling approach, 12-steps, and much more. They are accredited, certified, and licensed by MHSD and CARF. Check the official website of this institution to find out more.

Barrett Counseling

This Wyoming alcoholism rehabilitation center is located in Douglas, WY, and they focus on a mix of substance abuse and mental health. This alcohol rehab treatment center offers its services and programs to outpatients. Also, they provide aftercare supports to clients. The therapy programs of this alcoholism rehab institution include group, individual, family, CBT, couples therapy, motivational interviewing, and more.

Also, recovery and maintenance are usually based on AA meetings and 12-step programs. They are licensed and certified by the State Substance Abuse Agency, State Department of Health, and the State Mental Health Department. They accept male and female adults.

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Cornerstone Behavioral Health

The Cornerstone Behavioral Health is a private this Wyoming alcoholism rehabilitation center located in Evanston, WY. This institution renders child and adolescent rehabilitation, substance abuse evaluation, employee assistance programs, DUI, and more. The full continuum of care is outpatient, and the treatment methodology includes group therapy, Christian alcohol and drug rehab, and individualized psychotherapy. The age group accepted by this rehab for alcohol abuse includes seniors, adults, and young adults. Check there website for more information.


This center for alcohol and drug services is formally called Cheyenne Health and Wellness Center. It is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The institution serves its clients via areas of service such as behavioral health, dental, medical, and pharmaceutical.

Their services are made available to people seeking for help in both Spanish and English.
An individual may take part in a substance use psychiatric assessment as a starting point to form a treatment plan that will work for the person.

This alcohol abuse center makes use of both group and individual counseling sessions. Also, HealthWorks utilizes medication-assisted treatments. Take a look at their website to know more.

Foundations Counseling and Consulting

This institution is located in Cheyenne, and its primary focus is a mix of substance abuse and mental health services. The type of care this alcohol rehab treatment center gives is intensive outpatient. The program includes medication-assisted treatment, assessment, individual counseling, and more. The services of this luxury alcohol rehab holistic continuum approach made available by qualified professionals in an individualized, safe treatment environment. Check here to know more about the institution.

Reducing Alcohol Addiction in Wyoming State

The Wyoming state identified alcohol as an area of priority and established a Substance Abuse Prevention Program, which focuses on reducing alcohol abuse and misuse. This approach comes with three goals in mind, and these are:

  • To minimize the abuse or misuse of alcohol and the harmful consequences associated with it
  • Reduce the access of persons under the age of 21 to drinking and also the availability of alcohol to them
  • Strengthen capacity across the Wyoming State to tackle the alcohol abuse or misuse problem

Before Wyoming State started implementing serious prevention efforts, the past month alcohol use of youths was around 50 percent and the binge drinking about 40 percent. But today, alcohol use has reduced to 36 percent, and binge drinking has also got down to 24 percent. The culture of Wyoming around alcohol and underage drinking has changed, and this has seen the communities finding solution to the problem of alcohol abuse or misuse. In a bid to reduce alcohol addiction in Wyoming State, there are alcohol and drug rehab centers that can help people who are seeking for help. Find out more about the treatment options by calling Wyoming alcohol abuse helplines at any time.

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