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Last Updated: August 7, 2019

alcohol rehabs for women only

Females who are not comfortable with the company of men or simply want to attend a rehab program that is exclusively for women alcohol treatment, join alcohol rehabs for women only.

What Is Women-Only Alcohol Rehab?

The environment is an important constituent of any rehab program. Women alcohol rehabilitation centers are the alcohol rehab centers for women only. These alcohol treatment programs for women cater only to the women.

More often female addicts find themselves abused at the hands of the opposite sex. Thus, a segregated environment without men helps them do better.
A female only center for alcohol and drug treatment offers female staff, safety, help for children and specific therapies including complementary therapies and treatments including yoga, meditation, herbal supplements, etc. There are specific rehab centers like alcohol treatment center for pregnant women, women undergoing menopause, or experiencing chronic illnesses like arthritis.
Women who have been in treatment have better long-term recovery outcomes than men. There are various drug and alcohol treatment centers for women offering varied rehab programs. Each rehab program is unique and has a unique approach to treatment for women.

Reasons Women Need A Different Approach To Alcoholism Treatment

Following are the reasons as to why women need a different approach to treat alcoholism addiction:

  1. Unique Needs of Female Addicts: Females who are looking for alcohol treatment for women have very specific needs. Customization of the program according to the characteristics of the female can help them recover faster.
  2. Vulnerability to Addiction: Men and women have major biological differences and level of blood alcohol concentrations. Thus, best treatment centers for alcoholism for women would be the ones that have an integrated environment and pay complete focus to their vulnerability.
  3. Different levels of Enzyme Concentration: According to the Hepatology journal, men have a higher concentration of an enzyme that metabolizes alcohol. The difference in the enzyme concentration clearly states different needs to treat the same. Inpatient treatment for women alcohol abuse would be better able to address this need.
  4. Safety: Female addicts are likely to feel safer in presence of other females who support and care for them.

Even though alcohol consumption is illegal below the age of 21 years, there are people who get addicted to it during teenage. Teen addiction can lead to serious problems for teens and their families. Teen alcohol treatment centers can help them with treating addiction and maintain sobriety.

Benefits Of Women-Only Alcoholism Rehabilitation

Women-only alcoholism rehabilitation programs have great benefits.

  1. Long term residential alcohol treatment centers women help them to be around and get the support of another female. In alcohol addiction treatment center for women, they are able to pay more attention to the treatment and can learn coping skills to curb addictive behaviors. Thus, can recover faster.
  2. Women who have been traumatized by men are sure to benefit from being in an environment without men.
  3. Women have different hormones. Women-only rehab programs focus on conditions like pregnancy, menopause or any chronic illness.
  4. Women are more susceptible to eating disorders. Rehab programs for women consider this fact.
  5. Women who need individual plans for treating addiction and want special care can even opt for luxury alcohol treatment.

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Peculiarities Of Alcohol Rehab For Women

According to surveys conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration between 2004 and 2006, approximately six million females suffer from substance abuse and addiction every year.

The saddest part is, 85% of these females do not feel the need to treat addiction. Among the ones who did not seek treatment, approximately 29% were not willing to openly admit the need for enrolling in a rehabilitation program for treating addiction.
Women long-term alcohol treatment programs are designed especially for women to focus on improving their self-esteem and self-confidence. Since these women are more likely to be sexually assaulted or have experienced other traumas, the group discussions revolve around such topics so that they can open up freely. Cases where women are found with certain mental health disorders, the therapy revolves more around their integrated needs for dual diagnosis. No single rehab program can meet the needs and wants of everyone. Finding alcohol treatment centers for women that match the requirements and instill a sense of safety is an important first step in the recovery process.

Is The Women-Only Rehab The Right Choice?

Rehabilitation services for substance abuse come in many forms. If a woman is seeking such services but is not confident to approach a unisex rehab center, it is best to go for long term residential alcohol treatment centers women. Alcohol treatment centers women can result in a more comfortable experience for many female patients, leading to a more effective experience overall.
Women who belong to the Jewish and Christian community, there are specific Jews and Christian alcohol treatment centers for women. These alcohol rehab centers for Jewish people and Christian alcoholism rehab pair spiritual guidance with addiction treatment.

Those who are experiencing moderate to severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms can also use medical alcohol detox for managing withdrawal symptoms.

Choosing the Women-Only Rehab

There are so many programs that it becomes difficult to understand what will work best? Here are a few parameters that can help one decide the best alcohol rehab programs for women. Choose a rehab program that stands tall on the following parameters:

  • Integrative Treatment addressing the Whole Person
  • Supportive Therapy Program
  • Treatment for an Addiction During Pregnancy
  • On-Site Childcare and Parenting Services
  • Gender of Treatment Professionals
  • Addressing Gender-Exclusive Relapse Risks


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