Alcohol Rehab Centers In West Virginia: Top 10 WV Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in West Virginia

Alcohol addiction is a growing problem in West Virginia. Fortunately, there are more than 100 facilities available offering alcohol rehabilitation programs varying from outpatient counseling and long-term residential programs, to short-term inpatient treatment.

Alcohol Addiction Rates In West Virginia

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the ethanol addiction rates in West Virginia are alarming.

  • In 2009, 2,843 people were admitted for alcoholism rehab in West Virginia.
  • 18 percent of high-school students in this state reported they started drinking alcohol before the age of 13, a percentage higher compared to the national average.
  • Adults that drink excessively account for 11% of West Virginia population.
  • In 2009, the driving deaths caused by alcohol accounted for 32%.
  • Between 2003 and 2012, 1,092 people were killed in crashes that involved a drunk driver in West Virginia.
  • 0.7% of adults admitted driving after drinking too much

Prestera Center, Wayne

Prestera Center is a renowned alcohol detox center, and it is located in Wayne, West Virginia. Each year it impacts more than 20,000 adults, families, and children across the state. The facility was opened in 1967, and it soon became the leading alcohol treatment center in West Virginia offering professional services and quality support for people with substance addiction.

Prestera Center’s ethanol addiction treatment services include outpatient services, DUI safety and treatment program, short and long-term residential programs for men, women, and women with children, detox, medication-assisted treatment, transitional living programs, prevention and recovery engagement services.

For more information about this alcohol center, please visit their website.

Harmony Ridge Recovery, Walker

Harmony Ridge Recovery alcohol and drug recovery center was opened in 2015. It aims at helping those dealing with addiction in a therapeutic and safe environment. The facility creates a personalized treatment plan for each resident. With the right treatments plans offered in a comfortable and caring manner, patients feel encouraged and safe.

The alcohol addiction treatment center in West Virginia has embraced an open-door policy, which means that the patients’ families and friends are encouraged to be part of educational workshops and family therapy sessions.
During their alcohol rehabilitation, patients will undergo various programs, both in-house and out of the campus.

Harmony Ridge Recovery is located on 50 acres of breathless scenic tranquility with forests and lakes, the perfect environment for a successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation in West Virginia.

Click here if you want more info about the alcohol rehab programs offered by Harmony Ridge Recovery.

Logan Mingo Area Mental Health (LMAMH), Logan

In the beginning, the Logan Mingo Area Mental Health was two separated facilities which served Mingo and Logan Counties. After they merged in 1970, LMAMH was created, growing to what is today a modern rehab center for alcohol with more than 100 highly trained and experienced professionals.

This alcohol abuse center in West Virginia offers an eight-week intensive outpatient alcohol abuse treatment program, during which patients meet with trained counselors who help them in their new life of sobriety. The facility also provides a residential program of 28 days for people who struggle with ethanol addiction.

Find out more about LMAMH alcohol addiction programs here.

Jacob’s Ladder, Aurora

Jacob’s Ladder is an alcohol abuse rehab located on the peaceful Brookside Farm, in Aurora, West Virginia. Residents of the facility have a library, and a lounge to relax.  The next door is the building where most of the procedures are held, including yoga, meditation, art, and music. The facility also offers farm work, wilderness therapy, and other outdoor activities.

This long term alcohol rehab includes 12 step programs with four NA and AA meetings per week, and a family-inclusive ethanol rehab program, where the families can offer their support by participating in a healthy, mindful and active recovery process.

Find out more about Jacob’s Ladder here.

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Sparrow’s Nest, Mount Hope

Sparrow’s Nest is a Christian alcoholism rehab which educates women on practical and spiritual life skills. This alcohol recovery center aims at reintroducing addiction-free women into society as responsible citizens. Sparrow’s Nest offers a 12-month, structured inpatient program focused on the patients’ potential and strength.

This facility provides various alcohol rehabilitation programs, among which dormitory therapy, family interaction, individual therapy, work therapy, psychosocial therapy, and group therapy. Also, all residents are involved in decision-making when it comes to their house routine.

If you want to get in touch with one of the clinic’s specialists, visit their official website.

Oasis Behavioral Health Services, Barboursville

Oasis Behavioral Health Services is one of the top-rated alcohol rehab centers in West Virginia. The facility aims at helping individuals who struggle with ethanol addiction to reach a long-term recovery and live an addiction-free life.

This is a teen alcohol rehab focusing on adolescents aged 11-17 who are dealing with ethanol addiction and other mental health issues. The alcohol rehab treatment center in West Virginia has helped many teenagers get back to a healthy life with their acute inpatient crisis stabilization and residential treatment facility. Both options include various therapeutic interventions to provide the best level of care possible.

The alcohol rehab programs include daily school, medication, group and individual therapy and family therapy, outside time, Bible study, art, and gym.

Find out more about Oasis Behavioral Health Services.

Seneca Health Services Crosswinds Center, Maxwelton

Seneca Health Services Crosswinds Center is one of the alcohol rehabilitation centers which offers short-term rehab and detox stabilization. The residential treatment program is held in Maxwelton and provides single occupancy rooms with a private bath. The alcohol rehabilitation program includes individual and group therapy, daily psychiatric medical rounds, protective oversight done by behavioral health technicians, and 24/7 nursing services.

The detox services are offered through Crosswinds Center, and the short-term residential program includes intensive outpatient rehab, homeopathic and alternative options, non-12-step drug rehab, biophysical rehabilitation, and therapeutic recovery.

The rehabilitation center for alcohol has qualified professionals that offer counseling, referral services, and assessment for adults and their families.

Check out their website to find out more about Seneca Health Services Crosswinds Center.

Opportunity House, Buckhannon

Opportunity House dates back to 2003 when a group of people wanted to help Buckhannon residents get rid of the influence of drugs and intoxicants. They decided to create a supportive and safe house for anyone who needed help. At this alcohol addiction rehab in Buckhannon, West Virginia, people can experience recovery and find a new life.

The inpatient alcohol rehab in West Virginia offers a holistic approach to ethanol addiction rehabilitation addressing the spiritual, mental, and physical areas of the patient. The facility provides both long-term and transitional housing, 12-step meetings, personal assistance in dealing with the many issues of recovery and an individualized treatment plan.

This holistic alcohol rehabilitation is a supportive and safe home for those who want a life away from addiction.

For questions, get in touch with a facility’s representative here.

River Park Hospital, Huntington

River Park Hospital, located in Huntington, West Virginia, is an alcohol rehab center accredited by the Joint Commission. The hospital offers affordable health services to children, teenagers, and adults who need alcohol rehab treatment. Patients benefit from inpatient and residential treatments created to meet their specific needs. Individualized programs have been designed for each age group, with different duration and procedures. This alcohol rehabilitation center also comes to the patient’s help with aftercare planning.

The luxury alcohol rehab has 165 beds, and it is a modern building with top-notch interiors. Patients have access to various indoor, and outdoor recreational, and they can choose to take walks, play sports, meditate, or do yoga.

The alcohol rehab therapies include group and individual therapy, social skills training, therapeutic recreation, cognitive behavioral therapy, AA and NA, 12-step therapy and family education and therapy.

Find out more about River Park Hospital.

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Charleston Center, Charleston

Charleston Center is among the top alcohol addiction rehab centers in Charleston, West Virginia. It provides vast services to people who want a treatment for ethanol abuse, such as individual and group counseling, detox, treatment based on Christian beliefs, a holistic approach, 12-step programs, and more.

Depending on the patient’s needs, the specialized team at Charleston Center can help patients with clinically managed and medically monitored treatment, transitional care, therapeutic behavioral services for children with developmental delays caused by the ethanol use of their parents and outpatient services.

What makes this facility one of the best alcohol rehab centers in West Virginia, is the New Life Program where mothers struggling with ethanol addiction can bring up to two children up to five years old, to be cared for while mothers are in the clinical programs.

Find out more about the individualized treatment plans offered by Charleston Center.

Measures to Beat Alcohol Addiction in West Virginia

Numerous state organizations offer services to anyone in need of ethanol addiction treatment, drug education, community empowerment, drug take-back programs, prevention, recovery, and overall wellness and health.

Such programs are the First Choice Services, to give immediate help to any individual in West Virginia struggling with addiction, and Lily’s Place, which focuses on the therapeutic, pharmacological and observational care of infants affected by prenatal drug exposure.

Help & Hope WV and StigmaFree WV are two websites which emphasize the importance of substance abuse prevention promoting services, resources, training and events in West Virginia, also encouraging other people to get involved and help those struggling with addiction. WV alcohol addiction hotlines may provide more information about local events and treatment options.

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