Alcohol Rehab Centers In Utah: Top 10 UT Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Utah

Alcohol consumption in Utah is not as rampant as in other states, especially if speaking about teenagers. However, UT citizens drink, and they are likely to go overboard, leading to many of them ending up in alcohol rehab facilities.

Alcohol Addiction Rates In Utah

  • In terms of age distribution, drinking of alcohol and alcoholism in Utah follows a flatter distribution with many people in their 20s consuming slightly more alcohol than those in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. This is according to data made available by the National Alcoholism Center (NAC).
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that 88,000 deaths in the United States occur annually because of excessive alcoholism. In these statistics are 500 Utahns whose deaths are directly attributable to alcohol.
  • The state ranks 7th for substance poisoning deaths, making alcoholism in Utah expensive to the economy at an estimated $1.2 billion mostly in alcohol and drug rehab expenses.

New Roads Behavioral Health

This alcohol rehab center in the south of Salt Lake County has individualized treatment processes based on the diagnosis nature of patients. Tucked in the quiet suburb of Cottonwoods Heights, the alcohol and drug recovery center attends to young adults between the ages of 18 and 28.

The facility offers three programs:

  • PATH – This is a dual diagnosis program attending to young men with depression and other primary psychiatric diagnoses that co-occur with substance addiction.
  • WORTH -This rehab alcohol program is designed for young women and focuses on changing substance abuse behavioral patterns through dialectical behavior therapy
  • NORTH – This program is keen to see the patients who have been undergoing substance addiction therapy re-integrated back into society.

New Roads Behavioral Health is a Utah Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (UAATP)-approved alcohol recovery center. For more information about the facility, check their website.

Alpine Recovery Lodge

This Utah alcohol treatment center offers patients scenic views of the incredible Utah mountain ranges. Situated 4,591 feet above the sea level, this facility boasts of comfortable, spacious, and well-furnished living areas.

On admission, the staff at the rehabilitation alcohol facility undertake an initial assessment of the patients to help create a personalized treatment plan. The lodge combines dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, spiritual guidance, and rational emotive behavior therapy to treat drinking and substance abuse conditions.

The average stay in the facility is two months. There is an in-house chef who prepares the meals. Visit the website to learn more.

Zion Recovery Center

This is one of the best Utah alcohol rehab centers. It combines physical fitness and Christian alcoholism rehab therapies to give patients holistic treatment with minimal chances of relapse.

Taking advantage of its serene location on Eagle Mountain approximately 41 miles to the south of Salt Lake City, this facility has integrated outdoor activities in its recovery approaches such as snowboarding, hiking, and fishing.

The alcohol rehabilitation center has both inpatient and outpatient programs combined with outings and recreation activities. In small groups, patients enjoy personalized attention through Cognitive Behavioural Therapies and dialectical behavior therapy.

Zion Recovery Center is also among the top-rated alcohol rehab centers in Utah accredited by the Joint Commission National Quality Approval. To get help, visit their website.

young woman snowboarding

Phoenix Recovery and Counseling Centers

The recovery center is a renowned drug and alcohol rehab facility offering a continuum of substance addiction services.  The alcohol addiction rehab centers are found in three locations: Draper, Sandy, and South Jordan and use a variety of substance treatment approaches, which include:

These approaches are offered in a variety of settings aimed at maximizing the recovery process. Below are the primary treatment service settings.

  • Residential treatment
  • PHP day program – This a partial hospitalization program on the one hand and an outpatient program on the other.
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • General outpatient program

The rehab center for alcohol is approved by the Joint Commission International for quality control and is a member of the Utah Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (UAATP). For inquiries, find more information on their website.

Recovery Ways

As one of the top alcohol rehabilitation centers in Utah, Recovery Ways rides on the optimism that addiction is treatable. The facility comprises satellite apartment complexes with a treatment center. Patients as young as 17 and as old as 70 have been receiving treatment at the center.

The alcohol rehab center has professional therapists and psychiatrists, all of whom are certified by the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing Board.

Some of the addiction recovery techniques used at the rehab treatment center include sensory integration and recreation therapy.

There are three main alcohol rehabilitation programs offered at the facility:

To learn more about substance addiction treatment at Recovery Ways, call the alcohol center, or visit their website. There is also the option of a virtual tour.

Odyssey House

This alcohol addiction rehab center was founded way back in 1971 as a non-profit organization. In 2011, the facility received The Joint Commission accreditation. Because of this, the facility is now among the top eight alcohol rehabilitation centers in the United States offering behavioral health services.

The Utah alcohol abuse rehab offers different levels of care, which include:

  • An outpatient alcohol rehab program
  • Intensive Outpatient program for patients seeking treatment at the center but also who want to continue with their life responsibilities at home.
  • Teen alcohol rehab inpatient program
  • Intervention Services – This equips family and friends of substance addicts with the knowledge on how to stage an intervention that can get addicts into recovery centers.
  • Sober Living Homes to offer support for patients recovering from drug addiction
  • Aftercare Support for sustainable recovery

Some of the acceptable insurance providers include BlueCross BlueShield, SelectHealth, and Cigna. For assistance, get in touch with the facility by visiting their website.

Journey Healing Center

This alcohol detox center in Utah was established way back in 2002 and is located at the foothills of the Wasatch Mountain Range close to Salt Lake City. It has since grown from a four-staff facility in 2002 to a total of six facilities spread in both Utah and Arizona.

The current capacity can cater to 16 residents at a go with an average stay of 28 days. On admission, every patient is assigned to a mental health expert and an addiction counselor.
Also, inpatients receive two weekly sessions that comprise cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

The treatment programs at the center consist of:

  • A drug and alcohol rehabilitation program – Done through individual therapy sessions as well as group therapy.
  • Mental health treatment – People struggling with drinking addiction often have co-occurring problems, including bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression. This program helps treat these and many more.

This is one of the few rehabilitation centers for alcohol with a gold seal of accreditation from the Joint Commission for best practices in addiction treatment. For more information, visit them online.

man on cognitive behavioral therapy session

Brighton Recovery Center

This substance abuse treatment center is in South Ogden, Utah, on a 19-acre piece of beautiful property. It has a 20-bed residential capacity dedicated to giving patients suffering from drinking addiction personalized treatment.

The facility is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP). It is also accredited by Joint Commission and licensed by the state to conduct rehab business in South Ogden.

Programs at the alcohol abuse center include:

  • Residential treatment through a 28-day substance rehab program
  • Day treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient where patients meet for 3-hour sessions thrice a week.
  • Recreational therapy

The drug and alcohol rehab centers are in two areas: Sandy and South Ogden. For more information on holistic drinking addiction healing, visit the facility’s website.

Steps Recovery Centers

Facing the Loafer Mountain, a 10,551-feet peak, the Payson facility, one of the Steps Recovery Centers, can accommodate up to 30 residents. The holistic approach to treatment at this center for alcohol and drug services in Utah comprises a 12-step process that is divided into three stages:

  • Stage 1 – Intervention and social detox
  • Stage 2 – Diagnosis and customized care
  • Stage 3 – Lifelong access to aftercare

The highly experienced and certified professionals at this rehab for alcohol abuse help individuals identify the root of the problem so that treatment can be targeted.

The alcohol rehabilitation centers are in Payson, St. George, Draper, and Orem. There is a 24-hour hotline one can always call. For a free alcohol rehab consultation, book online.

Chateau Recovery

Chateau Recovery is a 16-bed facility that is located at the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains in Midway, Utah. The secluded, retreat-like environment makes the facility one of Utah’s best alcohol rehab.

Every patient with access to this luxury alcohol rehab enjoys a balanced schedule with enough time for recovery and self-reflection.

Among the treatment approaches at the facility are:

  • The 12-Step method,
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI),
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT),
  • SMART Recovery – An abstinence-based, self-help program for patients with drinking problems
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR),
  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT),
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT),

Above everything, this Utah rehabilitation center for alcohol emphasizes on a whole self-approach, finding balance, and establishing wellness. For admission, you can fill the inquiry form on the facility’s website.

Getting Help With Alcohol Addiction In Utah

The first step to getting treated for addiction in Utah is to acknowledge the existence of the substance abuse problem. After that, getting the best alcohol rehab centers assures one of personalized treatment that focuses on the wholesome treatment of body, mind, and spirit. Utah alcohol rehab centers offer some of the most diverse treatment programs under the careful watch of board-certified specialists. Don’t be a victim of substance addiction; call a free and confidential local alcoholism helpline in Utah and get professional help today!

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