Alcohol Rehab Centers In Texas: Top 10 TX Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Texas

While binge drinking in Texas may be at a lower rate when compared to national averages, there does seem to be a significant problem among the younger population in the state. This brings about a concern for alcoholism in the region. Fortunately, the large number of alcohol rehabilitation centers in Texas give individuals in the state an opportunity to recover from their substance abuse disorder.

It is, however, essential to find out the best alcohol rehab centers in the state to ensure treatments and counseling are useful in providing the person a chance at long-term recovery from the addiction.

Statistics On Alcohol Use In Texas

Quite a large number of individuals within Texas participate in excessive spirits usage and binge drinking. This increases the risk of the state’s population being involved in accidents and being injured. This also raises the risk of many health conditions and will ultimately have an impact on the spending of the Texas healthcare system.

Below is a list of some vital statistics that have been reported regarding spirits use and excessive drinking in the state of Texas:

  • The Texas Prevention Status Report claims that an estimated 18.9% of adults in the state are binge drinkers
  • An estimated 23.5% of the high school students in Texas binge drink frequently.
  • An estimated $16.5 billion is lost each year due to excessive drinking in the state of Texas alone.
  • In Texas, more than 6,000 deaths each year are linked to excessive spirits usage.

ADAPT Programs Texas City

The first alcohol rehab on the list is the ADAPT Programs Texas City. Outpatient alcohol rehab specializes in alcohol, drug, and psychological treatments. This is primarily an outpatient rehabilitation center that can be utilized by individuals with less severe symptoms when it comes to drinking addiction. The alcohol recovery center has different types of outpatient programs available. These include an intensive, supportive, and an adolescent outpatient program.

Each person is assessed by a licensed clinician to determine the severity of their addiction and to help the clinician determine how severe withdrawal symptoms may be. Individuals may be enrolled in a basic detox program. There is also a mental health program at ADAPT Programs Texas City, which individuals can utilize if they suffer from co-occurring disorders. Learn more about this alcohol rehabilitation center here.

Summer Sky

Summer Sky is a long-term inpatient alcohol rehab facility where the patient may need to stay for up to 90 days to successfully recover from their addiction. Alcohol addiction rehab also has a shorter 30-day rehabilitation program.

The treatment program for each person is determined based on their clinical presentation during the initial examination – individuals with a more severe addiction will likely be required to stay in residential treatment for a more extended period.

A range of in-network insurance providers is accepted at the Summer Sky facility in Texas. There is also a private pay option available. Individuals in need of alcohol rehabilitation programs can speak to staff at the facility to arrange an affordable payment plan that would suit their budget. The Joint Commission has accredited the alcohol addiction treatment center. For more details about Summer Sky, click here.

Positive Recovery Center

Previously known as “The Right Step,” the alcohol center has recently undergone a facelift and now has the name Positive Recovery Center. It is, however, still the same great location that has helped thousands of people around Texas recover from alcoholism and start their journeys to a sober and successful life. The alcohol recovery center focuses on providing individuals access to outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment services.

Positive Recovery Center also has a partial hospitalization program that people can utilize in some cases. Patients treated at the rehab for alcohol addiction will attend both individual sessions with a therapist, as well as group counseling programs, to help them throughout their recovery phase. Aftercare services are also provided to all individuals who went through an outpatient program. Read more about the alcohol treatment center by clicking here.

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South East Texas Council Alcohol And Drug Abuse Unity Treatment Center

The South East Texas Council Alcohol And Drug Abuse Unity Treatment Center, as the name suggests, serves the South Eastern region of the Texas state. The alcohol and drug rehab is located in Beaumont and offers various treatment programs that can be customized to address the specific needs and symptoms presented by each patient.

Once a person has gone through the initial assessment, a clinician will work closely with them to determine if the individual should be admitted to a residential program or rather undergo an outpatient treatment program instead. The alcoholism rehab also offers a range of family educational services to provide support to the loved ones of individuals being treated. Visit the official website of this center for alcohol and drug treatment to learn more.


Cenikor believes that addiction recovery should also focus on helping to improve the individual’s health and give them a better life ultimately. The staff at the alcohol rehab center in Texas also understands that addiction can have a significant impact on a person’s life. Over the last few years, Cenikor has expanded and now operates 12 different facilities. The rehab center for alcohol addiction accepts the majority of local insurance programs and offer comprehensive and personalized treatment programs.

Cenikor prides themselves in the fact that the staff members will neither discriminate against individuals based on their income, their gender, age, or any other factors. Furthermore, both adolescents and adults are welcomed at the drug and alcohol rehab. For more details on the programs offered at Cenikor, click here.

Hill Country Detox

Hill County Detox is both an alcohol detoxification facility and a center where individuals can be helped through their recovery from alcoholism. The alcohol and drug rehab is located in Austin and ensures that beds are always immediately available to individuals who require detox. All consultations with the alcohol rehab center are entirely confidential as well. Luxury accommodation is offered to people while they are being treated and undergoing detoxification at Hill Country Detox.

Alcohol rehab in Texas accepts a large number of insurance providers. Some in-network providers include Aetna, Cigna, UnitedHealthcare, and BlueCross BlueShield. Both men and women are welcomed to undergo a detoxification program at the facility. There is a swimming pool, as well as a hot tub, available for people being treated. Read more about the drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility here.

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Pathway To Recovery

Pathway To Recovery is a rehabilitation center that divides men and women by providing specialized and gender-specific services. Individuals are asked to start with a consultation to help the clinician better understand the issues that the person is facing and how severe their addiction may be. Treatment is then customized to the individual’s unique factors to ensure a more successful result.

Both gender-specific drug alcohol rehab centers operated by Pathway To Recovery are situated in La Marque, Texas. While Medicaid and Medicare are not accepted at the company, they do accept Aetna, Cigna, BCBS, and many other insurance providers. A clinical diagnostic evaluation service is also made available to individuals who are not sure if they require addiction treatment. Click here to find out more about these drug and alcohol rehab centers.

La Hacienda Treatment Center

The La Hacienda Treatment Center was established in 1972 and has since served thousands of individuals as a trusted rehab in Texas. Professional staff members work closely with every person who enters the treatment center to help the individual gain access to a personalized treatment plan that includes evidence-based therapeutic services.

The Joint Commission has accredited the rehabilitation center for alcohol addiction. The State of Texas has also licensed this long-term alcohol rehab.

All nursing and medical staff at the La Hacienda Treatment Center are fully qualified and licensed. Individuals treated through a residential program will be monitored 24/7. Both caseworkers and counselors are available to assist with the recovery process. Find out more about the center for alcohol and drug services here.

The Treehouse

The idea behind treatments at The Treehouse is to make the patient feel at home while they are being treated. The teen alcohol rehab firmly believes that they are different than the many other facilities in the Texas region that offers alcoholism recovery treatment services. The Treehouse also takes a holistic approach to the treatment of alcohol addiction and provides a range of opportunities to each person to help them grow.

The holistic alcohol rehabilitation center has a range of luxury amenities that are made available to every person treated through an inpatient program. In addition to being able to address the patient’s drinking dependency problems, the multi-specialty professionals at The Treehouse can also help the individual overcome co-occurring mental health problems. To learn more, click here.

Burning Tree Ranch

Last on the list is the Burning Tree Ranch. This is both an alcohol and drug addiction facility that focuses on providing the person access to long-term treatment. The professional staff members at the alcohol and drug recovery center understand that recovery from alcoholism takes time, which is why people are given access to counseling services not only while they are being treated at the center, but also after they have completed a program.

The center has been licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services and is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.
Continue reading about this rehab for alcohol abuse here.

Alcohol Rehab Centers In Texas

With excessive usage being relatively high, especially among high school students and younger adults, Texas is currently faced with a dilemma. Cessation of alcohol usage can be severe, even though many individuals who have a problem with alcoholism may be interested in giving up their addiction. Fortunately, there are multiple alcohol rehab centers throughout the state of Texas who can assist individuals with such issues.

A variety of treatments are available at these alcohol rehabilitation centers. A clinician usually assesses individuals at these rehab centers for alcohol addiction. This leads to the development of personalized alcohol rehab programs. Rehabilitation may include a residential program, often along with detoxification. For some patients, however, an outpatient program may also work effectively to help them overcome the addiction and go onto a more sober path in life. Call the alcohol hotline in Texas to get more information about the addiction recovery process.

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