Alcohol Rehab Centers In Tennessee: Top 10 TN Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Tennessee

Tennessee has always been quite famous for its whiskey and country music. However, even with over 30 whiskey distilleries and being the 16th most populous state in the country, this southern state does not rank high as a highly drinking state in the US. In fact, according to a recent report by the CDC, Tennessee has the least percentage of adults with alcohol and alcoholism-related issues.

The state has a well-funded and maintained system of drug and alcohol rehab centers. This article discusses the statistics of addiction to alcoholic beverages in TN, and their top alcohol rehabilitation centers according to their facilities, treatments, and the staff of professionals.

Alcohol Addiction Rates in Tennessee

With only 11.2 percent of adults in TN who binge drink as a habit, this amount may seem less when compared to the rest of the country but is it only because the national average of binge drinking in the US overall is quite high at 18 percent. Concerning the population of the state, this is still a significant number, which brings the need for a broad system of alcohol rehab programs which is currently carried out successfully in Tennessee.

Following are some of the important statistics regarding alcoholism and alcohol rehabilitation in TN, as reported by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

  • Annual sales of alcoholic beverages in Tennessee are approximately 10.9 million gallons
  • Binge drinking among the youth is 6 percent, which is below the national average of 6.5 percent
  • In 2016, there were over 25,000 arrests made related to drunk driving incidents, and there were reportedly 28 percent drunk driving deaths
  • Over 60 percent of those who seek treatment in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in TN is there for alcoholism
  • The state has the 8th highest premature death count in the country, often related to the consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking
  • Four times more men in Tennessee suffer from dependency when compared to women

The state of Tennessee has a well-regulated system of alcohol rehab facilities. They are closely watched to ensure the professionals who provide treatments have the needed credentials, the medication and procedures are performed well and that these alcohol rehabilitation centers in TN have the facilities required and the environment to help the recovery process of those who suffer addiction adequately.

Following are some of the top-rated alcohol rehab centers in Tennessee.

Jackson Area Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency, Jackson

JACOA is a Jackson area based alcohol rehab in Tennessee that was opened in 1964. The first director of this facility was Robert Aspell, a recovering alcoholic himself who created a rehab for alcohol in TN with all the requirements that a person in a journey of recovery truly needs. For over five decades, this facility has provided the highest possible level of care for their clients, with high success rates.

They operate with the belief that addiction is a treatable disease. They have a comprehensive program consisting of treatments, including medication and therapy that is customized to each client. Visit the official website of this alcohol rehab center in TN for more details.

Miracle Lake, Etowah

This faith-based Christian alcoholism rehab especially helps men who are addicted in finding an alternative and better life through religion. They accept clients who have been incarcerated and from all the states as well. The founder of this alcohol addiction rehab in TN has closely worked with the state’s prison system before and has seen how people get back into crime and unhealthy lifestyles only due to alcoholism.

This alcohol recovery center in Tennessee was started in 1980 and had been successfully operating to this day with high rates of success.

Their treatment program includes a biblical approach to recovery, mainly including group and recreational therapy sessions. The clients can select the length of stay from ten weeks to more until they are confident about their sobriety.

More details on the programs by this alcoholism rehab can be seen here.

Cornerstone of Recovery, Louisville, Tennessee

This inpatient alcohol rehab in TN was founded by J. William Hood, a successful banker who fell into alcoholism. He got into a successful drug and alcohol rehab in Tennessee that changed his life for the better. He opened this facility to help individuals like him to beat alcoholism and live their best lives.

Cornerstone of Recovery offers a combination of different treatment options, including Cognitive Behavioral therapy and other psychological approaches. They offer special programs for young adults, women, and career-specific programs. They also operate an outpatient alcohol rehab in TN and a sober living facility for long-term clients.

Find more information on this alcohol detox center here.

Lakeside Behavioral Health System, Memphis, Tennessee

Opened in 1969, this alcohol rehabilitation center in Tennessee provides specialized behavioral healthcare for alcoholism. It is a large 37-acre facility with a strategically created healing environment to help the clients in their path to recovery. Apart from the inpatient and residential services, this alcohol addiction treatment center in TN also has an active intensive outpatient treatment center. They approach each client differently according to their own needs and create customized treatment programs for them.

Main steps of the treatment programs include a thorough assessment, detoxification, rehabilitation, and continuing care. The Total Recovery program is the most popular detox and addiction treatment in the facility, with hundreds of people getting treated with high success rates every year.

Visit the official website of this center for alcohol and drug treatment in Tennessee here.

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Chattanooga Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center, Chattanooga

This is a 12 step based on alcohol and drug rehab based in Chattanooga, TN. They offer flexible hours and schedules to work with clients at their convenience, and also give a personalized addiction assessment and a unique treatment plan for every individual. They operate with the belief that every kind of addiction is treatable and recovery is possible for everybody regardless of how deep they have gone in their addiction.

This alcohol rehab in TN operates as an outpatient recovery center, with a full treatment program, including private counseling, group therapy, and family counseling. This best alcohol rehab has a well-qualified, trained, and experienced clinical staff to carry out assessments as well.

More information about this alcohol treatment center in Tennessee and their treatment programs can be found here.

Bradford Health Services, Nashville

This is one of the best alcohol rehab centers in the US that has successfully operating branches across the country, including Nashville TN. Their treatment methods are innovative and varied, with over 40 years of experience in the industry. They have unique detox and rehab programs for adults and adolescents. The clients can get fully confidential help from a staff of trained professionals.

More specialty programs offered by this rehab center for alcohol in TN include extended care programs, military personnel programs, and individual therapy, and treatment programs specially catered for women.
A trained physician performs a complete assessment of the addiction before a client is admitted to the agenda, and each gets a personalized treatment plan in this alcohol rehab center.

More information about specialty programs and admissions of this rehabilitation alcohol center in Tennessee can be found here.

Discovery Place, Burns, Tennessee

This alternative alcohol rehab center in TN is a non-profit organization with the mission to offer affordable recovery programs for those who have an addiction. They follow the 12 step program and alcohol rehabilitation programs that can be afforded by anybody. The countryside setting of the facility creates a mainly healing environment for the clients, and they have experienced staff who are available at all times to aid the clients in their path to recovery.

Their priority is to make high quality, and cost-effective addiction recovery programs are accessible to everybody. More details on the plans by this alcohol rehab treatment center in Tennessee can be found on their website.

JourneyPure At The River, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

This residential treatment facility for alcoholism operates as a holistic alcohol rehabilitation center, with high rates of success. The location of this facility is a scenic estate near the Stones River, with a healing environment and the best therapy and treatment services to treat addiction. This alcohol abuse center practices a fully integrated dual diagnosis treatment model along with holistic practices to ensure that clients get a complete treatment that helps them reach long term success in their journey to recovery.

The particular recovery programs offered by this rehab alcohol center include medically-assisted detoxification to start the treatment process and fully qualified medication assistant treatment along with therapy and group support.

Find more information about this rehab for alcohol abuse in Tennessee here.

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Music Row Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center, Nashville

This is a full-service outpatient rehab center for alcohol that has treatment programs conducted by experienced clinical staff. Apart from the regular outpatient clinics in several different times of the day to accommodate individuals with varied schedules, this alcohol center offers a family program to help ease the journey back to a healthy life for the patients.

Visit the official website of this alcohol abuse rehab in Tennessee here.

Mirror Lake Recovery, Burns

Operated with a mission to fully establish a nurturing and supportive environment for those who suffer addiction, this is one of the drug alcohol rehab centers in TN that focused on helping their clients regain both their health and hope for a better life. They help not only in the journey for recovery but also in finding employment and reaching professional growth for those who recover as well.

For more information about this alcohol addiction rehab center in Tennessee, visit here.

Addiction Recovery in Tennessee

Tennessee has one of the highest success rates of sobriety in all of the United States. Apart from private rehabilitation centers for alcohol, there are also a considerable amount of community initiatives and publicly funded recovery and treatment programs in Tennessee that contributes to the success of the state’s mission to tackle the issues related to addiction among both adults and adolescents. These high-quality public initiatives and free alcohol rehab centers bridge the treatment gap of those who are not able to afford private rehabilitation programs in Tennessee. The peculiarities of any treatment can be discovered during the phone call to Tennessee alcohol treatment hotlines.

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