Alcohol Rehab Centers In South Dakota: Top 10 SD Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in South Dakota

Excess drinking can lead to a long list of health problems which can shorten a person’s life. With a population of around 869,000, South Dakota is considered one of the least populated Midwestern states in America. South Dakota is said to be above the national average in alcohol consumption since 1999, and the rates keep increasing yearly.

Statistics of Alcohol Addiction in South Dakota

The statistics of alcohol addiction in South Dakota shows that:

  • The biggest crimes related to addiction in South Dakota occurs in 20.5% of drivers aged 16 and above who have driven under the influence of alcohol.
  • A total of 11,319 people were enrolled for addiction rehabilitation, and treatment in 2010 and also 7013 individuals were admitted to the addiction rehabilitation on the ground of alcohol addiction as the primary condition, while a total of 4306 people were enrolled as a result of secondary conditions associated with alcohol addiction and dependence.
  • South Dakota witnessed 63 deaths in 2014 as a result of drug-related overdoses, which was an increase from 55 deaths in 2013.
  • Between 2006 and 2007, alcohol-related offenses were reported to be more than one-half of all crimes in South Dakota.
  • In 2008-2009, the rate of alcohol consumption was higher in South Dakota than the national percent in all age groupings. 52.3% of South Dakotans report binge alcohol use in the past month compared to 41.4% nationally.
  • According to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey results, South Dakota had higher binge drinking percentages in every year since 1991 compared to US percentages.
  • From the year 2006-2009, South Dakota’s percent of alcohol abuse in citizens of all ages is higher than the national average.
  • South Dakota had a higher percentage of students who had five or more drinks of alcohol in a row on one or more of the past 30 days compared to the US average.

Dakota Counselling Institute

With over 35 years of medical healthcare, Dakota Counselling Institute is one of the top rehabilitation centers in South Dakota. This alcohol recovery center is located at 910 West Haven Mitchell and focuses on mental health rehabilitation for all addicts— not minding age or gender. In this alcohol abuse center, patients are exposed to a variety of rehab programs for all round alcohol treatment.

These programs include individualized psychotherapy, Christian alcohol and drug rehabilitation, group therapy, psychotropic medication, trauma therapy, integrated dual disorder treatment, and dialectical behavioral therapy. Additionally, patients with serious mental illness can receive specialized counseling, healthy communication skills, and behavior training. To learn more about their programs and services, visit their website.

Glory House of Sioux Falls

Established in 1968, Glory House of Sioux Falls is a well-known rehabilitation center located at  4000 S West Ave, Sioux Falls, SD. This long-term alcohol rehab facility offers specialized treatment service for adults struggling with chemical dependency and severe alcohol abuse.

Glory House of Sioux takes a gender-specific approach to ensure that treatment methods are highly efficient in addressing addiction issues faced by the females, and also ensure cases of relapse doesn’t occur later in the future.

With Christian-based treatment programs for female addicts of all of the ages, Glory House of Sioux falls provides individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, and family therapy sessions. Treatment approaches used are cognitive/behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavioral therapy, and many more. For detailed information about Glory House of Falls and how to contact them, click here.

Tall Grass Recovery And Sober Living Homes

With a 30-days treatment plan, Tall Grass Recovery And Sober Living Homes is a non-profit alcohol rehabilitation center aimed at providing 12-12steps and spiritual-based solutions to persons suffering from liquor addiction. Tall Grass Recovery And Sober Living Homes provides shelter to over 1000 men and women in their early recovery stage in which intense medical and spiritual attention is given to all patients.

This institution focuses on substance abuse in which residential and short-term residential treatments are provided for people with common goals. The treatment approach includes cognitive/behavioral therapy, substance abuse counseling, and many more. Generally, individuals are made to experience a stress-free recovery process. To enroll for a program, contact them here.

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Bartels Counselling Services

Accredited by the South Dakota Department of Social Services, Bartel Counseling Services is a rehab facility that offers a variety of services to assist liquor addicts in overcoming addiction. From psychological counseling, mental health assessment, to aftercare therapy and family therapy, Bartels Counselling Services is primarily focused on solving core issues related to mental health, liquor addictions, spirituality, and life management skills.

Bartels Counseling Services provides therapy to children, adolescents, and adults with unique treatments available for adults. The treatment options available in this facility include outpatient alcohol rehab treatment and regular outpatient treatment. Find out more about their diverse alcohol rehab programs and services here.

Volunteers of America Dakotas

Volunteers of America Dakotas is one of the oldest rehab facility in South Dakota. This center helps treat addiction problems in adolescents, families, adults, and older adults. Volunteers of America Dakotas provide treatment options like outpatient, short-term residential, intensive outpatient treatment, regular outpatient, residential care, individual and group counseling, relapse prevention, computerized treatment, and aftercare planning. The primary goal of this organization is to ensure that:

  • Adolescents, youths, and families are uplifted from addiction.
  • People with bad behavioral health are well-assisted.
  • Those struggling with homelessness are well catered for.
  • Individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities are treated.

Other alcohol rehab programs available at this recovery center include physical exercise, individual therapy, and group therapy. Additionally, chaplain services are provided for youths, adults, and families interested. Navigate to their website to learn more.

Avera Addiction Care Center, Aberdeen

Located at Avera, Sioux Falls, Avera Addiction Care Center is an alcohol detox center that provides drug and liquor abuse rehabilitation to individuals suffering from alcoholism.

With special attention for seniors adults and adolescents, treatment services available at the facility include assessment, detoxification, and stabilization, residential treatment, outpatient care, and relapse prevention training, group counseling, individual counseling, aftercare continuing care, and a list of other ancillary services.

They also provide prevention programs, dual diagnosis, person-centered therapy, rational-emotive therapy, and referral services. Avera Addiction Care Center provides 32 private rooms for daily treatment of all patients. With a conducive and home-like environment, patients can easily transit from a liquor-addicted life to a peaceful and serene life free from alcohol. The treatment lasts for 28 days to ensure a thorough recovery. To make inquiries, contact them.

Our Home Inc

Launched in 1973, Our home inc is a fully accredited alcoholism rehab dedicated to providing all-around care for liquor-addicted patients. The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and the South Dakota Department of Social Services-Division of Community Behavioral Health both accredit this institution.

The treatment methodologies initiated are trauma-related counseling, rational emotive behavioral therapy, life coaching, and additional services like one-on-one counseling, group counseling, anger management, and brief counseling approach. Click this link to discover more information about their alcohol rehabilitation programs

East Central Behavioural Health

The East central behavioral health is an alcohol abuse center that has recorded massive success in assisting liquor addicts to recovery. This rehab institution is located at 211 4th Street Brookings, SD, and offers a long list of treatment options to patients. These options include individual and group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and trauma-related counseling. This institution ensures a holistic approach is administered to all patients under the influence of liquor.

Other services include group counseling, anger management, and brief counseling approach. Click here to get detailed information on East Central Behavioral Health South Dakota rehab center.

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Keystone Treatment Center

Established over 40 years ago, Keystone treatment center is an alcohol abuse center dedicated to providing the best liquor treatment through evidence-based programming, research-supported methods, and personalized care delivered with both compassion and respect. With individual attention for adolescents and adults, patients who enroll for their alcohol rehab programs are provided substantial treatment to fight alcoholism. From young adult residential program to family therapy, outpatient treatment, and others, recovery is made easy for all.

These alcohol rehab programs help addicted clients to safely transit from liquor abuse. Information about their services can be found on their website.

Compass Rehab Center

Licensed by the South Dakota Department of Social Services, Division of Community Behavioral Health and Department of Health, Compass Rehab Center is focused on substance abuse treatment services in which varieties of care are provided such as outpatient drug rehabilitation (intensive outpatient), holistic alcohol rehabilitation, therapeutic recovery, biophysical rehabilitation, homeopathic and alternate options, and non 12-drug rehabilitation.

This center is located at 1807 Williams St, Sturgis, SD, and has been providing top-notch addiction treatment to patients since 1973. Individuals are given access to the following procedures:

  • Inpatient alcohol rehab programs with a family component
  • Moral Reconation Therapy Classes (MRT)
  • Continued Care Group Therapy
  • Intensive Outpatient Program with a family component
  • Community Prevention activities and many more

Click this link to discover more information about Compass rehab center.

Rehab Centers In South Dakota

Even though there are many rehab centers available in South Dakota already, there’s still need to establish more centers. The cost of alcohol rehab for a 30 days residential program ranges between $5,000 and $30,000. This is a bit costly for an average South Dakotan. Establishing more centers will lead to a reduction in cost. Hence, the increasing rate of alcohol addiction can be safely decreased in no time. Make a phone call to South Dakota alcohol helpline and find out the most affordable treatment options.

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