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Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Rhode Island

Alcohol has been part of many cultures for many years now. In many social gathering, chances that it will be served are very high. However, over the years, it has become a major issue, and Rhode Island is not exempted. According to a state epidemiological profile, the rate of alcoholism in Rhode Island is above the national average. Thus, it is important to understand the key issues and come up with strategies that would curb the addiction by providing rehabilitation and recovery. Learn more about the physical rehabilitation centers around RI that help to combat this disease.

Alcohol Addiction Statistics in Rhode Island

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) indicated that alcohol is the most commonly abused addictive substance. One in every twelve adults struggles with its abuse or addiction, and other millions of people engage in bad drinking patterns that would result in alcohol problems. In the past seven years, deadly alcoholism rates shot up by more than 30%. Alone, these statistics indicate the need to have more alcohol rehabilitation clinics in Rhode Island. In summary:

  • The RI annual ratio of abuse, treatment, and admissions in rehabilitation facilities among people aged 12 years and above was 7.3% in 2010- 2014. This is above the United States average. 92.6% of them did not receive any treatment.
  • According to the CDC, excessive alcohol abuse has been responsible for more than 88,000 deaths in the state. Around 2.5 million years of life were lost due to alcohol consumption. Half of these deaths were caused by binge drinking.
  • In RI, 18.3% of high school students engage in binge drinking, and 19.7% of adults participate in the same activity.

There are several different treatment methods, including both outpatient and inpatient options. Above all, the main objective of alcohol rehabilitation centers is to improve the general health, establish a positive support system, end the substance abuse, improve psychiatric and psychological problems disorders, and meet education and employment needs. Any person who lives in Rhode Island and has the signs of addiction can receive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment via the following top ten alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation facilities.

The Providence Centre

Established in 1969, The Providence Center is a well-known alcohol and drugs rehab facility in Rhode Island. This affiliate of Care New England Health System uses a creative behavioral approach to transform lives. Their inpatient program critically aims at stabilizing and rehabilitating the alcoholics’ emotional problems while educating residents through either group or individual therapy.

Moreover, Providence Center also offers aftercare services to individuals to lower the risk of relapse once they go back to society. Each year the facility serves around 18,000 people in the community with over 60 programs and other services that can be found here.

Phoenix House Rhode Island

Phoenix House is one of the few non-profit alcohol addiction treatment centers serving around 4,000 people each year. It was founded in 1967, and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) credits most of their programs. The alcohol rehab facility also provides a wide range of services that suit different patients; ranging from outpatient treatments, residential, prevention services, and education, to medically-observed withdrawal.

Residential treatment at Phoenix House alcohol recovery center may last 30 to 180 day depending on different needs of the individuals. Diagnosis may use a combination of education, recreation, and counseling. These techniques try to enable the patient with life skills and healthy habits.

Their modes of payments are also friendly depending on individual financial status. That is, it can be self-payment or payment assistance.
Read more about Phoenix House center for alcohol and drug services here.

The Galilee Mission, Providence

With a mission statement dubbed ‘Giving Life Hope…’ Galilee Mission is a non-profit alcohol treatment center that serves adult males who are dependent on alcohol and other drugs. Their main goal is to lift the fallen residents back to their feet and keep their lives as sober as possible. The alcohol rehabilitation facility equips the alcoholics with life skills that enhance recovery.

Their ranges of treatments, including ‘Sober Living,’ are licensed by both the Department of Health and State of Rhode Island Department of Behavioural Health – BHDDH. Other services are outpatient, counseling and drug testing. The inpatient treatment ensures that after the rehabilitation men can live a more meaningful life that is not dependent on alcohol. For more information about their service, please visit their online portal.

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Butler Hospital

Butler Hospital is a center for alcohol treatment that provides seniors and adolescent assessment for all the major psychiatric illnesses caused by substance abuse. The alcohol abuse rehab center has a research unit that focuses on:

  • Depression and anxiety resulting from addiction;
  • Substantial drinking obsessive-compulsive disorder; and
  • Memory disorders resulting from prolonged heavy drinking.

Butler Hospital is one of the best alcohol treatment centers in RI, providing outpatient, inpatient and partial hospitalization treatment for alcohol addiction. Moreover, there are specialized programs for young persons who are above 16 years. These teen recovery plans help to build and learn coping skills. Please visit their website and learn more.

SSTARbirth, Cranston

Stanley Street Treatment and Resources (SSTAR) is an alcohol recovery center offering treatment to those with problematic alcohol use. The hospital is fully equipped with professionals including a case manager who handles the pregnant women. There are also dual care options for those suffering from addiction as well as a mental illness. Opened in 1994, this alcohol addiction treatment center provides gender-sensitive services giving women recovery, strength and resilience.

An after treatment service is also offered by SSTARbirth, providing free rides using their daytime and evening drivers to facilitate safe transportation to and from appointments.
Read more about SSTAR here.

Continuum Behavioural Health in Rhode Island

Continuum alcohol and drugs rehab center in RI provides a variety of rehabilitation services and counseling that are not limited to psychiatric issues. Continuum Behavioural Health approach is very simplistic. The alcohol addiction treatment center assesses related behavioral health alongside psychological needs, and the most appropriate rehabilitation methods will then be taken into consideration.

Further, the person’s way of life, beliefs, and actions are always assessed. The center also provides other alcohol treatment methods that are behaviorally-based and include group and individual therapy sessions. For further information about methods used at Continuum, please click here.

Discovery House Treatment Centers in Rhode Island

DHTC understands the complexities around the recovery process of substance abuse. Discovery House Treatment Center takes both the physiological and psychological approach to rehabilitation. They make their patients understand how life can be interfered by alcohol. The key strength of DHTC as an alcohol rehabilitation center is to combat symptoms of withdrawal by minimizing the potential of relapse. Read more about DHTC approach in fighting addictions.

Clinical Services of Rhode Island (CSRI)

CSRI provides both Intensive Outpatient and Inpatient Program treatment services for adults who are struggling with alcohol addiction. These alcohol rehabilitation programs are flexible offering both morning and evening treatment sessions. They result in meeting normal everyday work, family, and community obligations while still seeking alcohol abuse treatment.

The recommendation between outpatient and inpatient treatment is determined on a case to case basis. At this alcohol rehabilitation section of CSRI, the severity of the abuse patterns, history, home environment, and mental health are the core determinants of which path to take. Visit their site to live a happy life without the need for alcohol.

AdCare Rhode Island, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Adcare Hospital is a well-spaced drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with programs offering over 40 inpatient treatment beds for people with substance dependence. The luxurious alcohol rehabilitation facility allows patients to enjoy their stay using a basketball court, fitness center, dining room, and other outdoor recreation opportunities. These are the additional gifts of life to the recovery and treatment services. Visit Adcare and learn about their services.

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Bridgemark Addiction Recovery Services, Warwick

The stay at Bridgemark Addiction Recovery Services varies in length depending on the specific needs of each patient. Alcohol addiction recovery is viewed as a process. Group and individual therapies are also included. Holistic alcohol rehabilitation treatments include anger management and their unique 12-step programming. Individuals can also be allowed to work while on treatment and spend time with their support system – family. Bridgemark Addiction Recovery addiction center also has an outpatient counseling option. Check out their website for more details.

Choosing Alcohol Rehab Facility in Rhode Island

Finding a suitable place that offers comprehensive and successful rehabilitation in Rhode Island can be a hard task. The patient shall consider many core factors that may affect their decisions. Luckily, the list of the addiction clinics in RI state is quite long, ensuring that any person requiring help will get it. Get access to the complete list of facilities available by calling Rhode Island alcohol abuse hotlines.

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