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Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Oregon

Oregon does not only have an issue with alcoholism but is also among the regions of the United States with the highest alcohol-related death figures. In the last two years, many publications have reported a significant increase in these deaths. Local governmental agencies have set out campaigns to reduce the harm that is associated with alcoholism within the state and to prevent a further spike in the related deaths.

Those individuals who have an existing problem with alcoholism are advised to seek out the best alcohol rehab centers in the state to provide them with the treatment they need to overcome the drinking addiction. Free alcohol rehab centers have also been established to provide effective treatment to the underprivileged population in Oregon.

The Use Of Alcohol Among The Citizens Of Oregon

Alcohol abuse and excessive drinking is a significant concern among the citizens who reside within the state of Oregon. It has been found that adults of all ages participate in binge drinking and, in some cases, may even consume alcoholic beverages daily. Universities have noted an increase in dropouts from students, with substance abuse listed as a possible contributing factor. The adolescents in the region are also reporting a relatively high prevalence of binge drinking.

Below follows a couple of vital statistics that have been reported on drinking among the citizens within Oregon.

  • According to a study conducted by the University of Oregon, up to 40% of cases where a student drops out of University or College is because of substance abuse.
  • An estimated three in every four graduate and undergraduate students use spirits at least once a month.
  • Approximately 1.5% of graduate and undergraduate students use liquors every day.
  • Among students who frequently use spirits, 16% have seven or more drinks on the same occasion.
  • Among all students surveyed (including those who drink and those who do not), 5.4% of the participants of the University’s study reported that alcohol had caused them to receive a more reduced grade than before and affected their academic performance in the recent past.
  • The Office of Adolescent Health reports that 3% of adolescents aged between 12 and 17 in Oregon feel that they need professional help to overcome their problem with drinking, yet they do not have access to such services.
  • An estimated 11.94% of people in Oregon aged between 18 and 25 are struggling with alcoholism.

Crestview Recovery

Crestview Recovery is located in Portland and offers drug and alcohol addiction recovery services to the local population. This is a long-term alcohol rehab that helps the patient with their addiction. The facility has programs for alcoholism, as well as for drug abuse. Withdrawal symptoms are managed through detox at the facility, while long-term sobriety is reached by providing the person access to counseling services.

Some licensed counselors are part of the company’s medical team. These professional service providers are helpful during the patient’s journey in treatment. Lifelong sobriety is the ultimate goal of all procedures that people are offered at an alcohol rehab in Oregon. Treatment at this center is usually long-term, and aftercare is also provided. Several insurance programs are accepted. Learn more about this alcohol and drug recovery center here.

Oregon Trail Recovery

Oregon Trail Recovery provide patients with multiple solutions that focus on helping the individual achieve sobriety.

Once sobriety has been reached, the alcohol recovery center continues to enforce treatment protocols to help prevent a relapse after the person has made so much progress.
Multiple licensed therapists and counselors work closely with every individual being treated at this alcohol treatment center.

Men and women are provided with separate specialized treatment programs when residential recovery services are required. There is also an alcohol detox center that can help the individual overcome their addiction and to ensure professionals can manage the initial withdrawal symptoms. Click here to learn more about this alcohol and drug rehab.

Northwest Treatment

Northwest Treatment offers both DUII services and an outpatient addiction program. The drug and alcohol rehabilitation center has been operated in Oregon for more than 37 years and continues to serve thousands of local individuals to assist in rehabilitating the patient and ensure they can successfully overcome their addiction. Treatment is also customized toward the person, and fees are kept low to ensure the facility’s programs are affordable.

The initial orientation process at this alcoholism rehab is offered to individuals in Oregon City free of charge. The alcohol center also provides a range of educational resources and programs. The patient is equipped with a schedule which they need to follow to ensure all meetings with counselors and groups are attended. For more details about this rehab for alcohol abuse, click here.

doctor showing the schedule to the patient

Awakenings by the Sea

Awakenings by the Sea is a center for alcohol and drug treatment that focuses on providing specialized addiction recovery services to women who reside in Oregon. The female individual with an addiction can contact the facility directly. Family members and loved ones are also welcomed to contact the inpatient alcohol rehab to arrange an intervention and to provide the person suffering from alcoholism the services they need to recover.

The staff members involved in the treatments at this rehabilitation center for alcohol abuse are compassionate and highly experienced in working with people suffering from addictions. Experts in the field, such as counselors and psychologists, are also involved in these treatment programs. Learn more about how the alcohol abuse center treats patients by visiting their website.

Central City Concern Recovery Center

The staff at Central City Concern Recovery Center understands how addiction affects the lives of many people. The alcohol rehab center also believes that recovery from alcoholism and any other substance abuse disorder need to be treated through a step-by-step process. This will essentially empower the individual to overcome their addiction by changing their own lives emotionally, physically, and mentally.

The first step is for the individual who is struggling with addiction to visit alcohol abuse rehab. A consultation provided to the person will help the specialist decide what type of treatment approaches needs to be taken to ensure the individual can recover from alcoholism. Click here to find out more about this alcohol rehab treatment center.

Milestones Family Recovery

Milestones Family Recovery operates multiple alcohol addiction rehab centers in Oregon that offer specialized services to address addictions among individuals suffering from alcoholism.

These rehabilitation centers for alcohol abuse have a specialized residential program for adolescents struggling with addiction.
Individuals with less severe addictions can utilize outpatient alcohol rehab.

This drug and alcohol rehab also operates two gender-specific residential programs. The male residential program offers accommodation for up to nine men at a time. There are 12 beds in total at the residential program that focuses on providing treatment to female patients. Read more about these alcohol rehab centers by clicking here.

Addictions Recovery Center

Addictions Recovery Center has a goal of building a healthier community by providing a way for addicts to recover successfully. The alcohol rehab has quite an extensive list of programs and treatment services that they can offer to individuals who come to them for help. For this reason, the person needs to undergo a consultation with an intake specialist to determine what would best suit the individual and their problems.

Medically-monitored detox is available at the alcohol rehab center in Oregon. This can help ease the initial alcohol rehabilitation withdrawal side-effects that the person may experience. A residential program is provided to individuals with more severe addictions, while others may be enrolled in the company’s outpatient programs. To find out more about this alcohol addiction rehab, visit the official website.


CODA is a professional rehab for alcohol addiction that also believes in creating a community of caring individuals, along with an environment that does not only make a person feel safe but also promotes sobriety. The alcohol addiction treatment center has been operating for almost five decades now and has served thousands of individuals who previously suffered from addictions in Oregon.

Even though CODA has a significant focus on their original opioid treatment program, the alcohol rehabilitation center has an excellent addiction treatment protocol that has a high success rate. Medically-assisted treatment is available for some individuals. Visit CODA’s website for more details.

initial consultation with rehab intake specialist

Bridgeway Recovery Services

Bridgeway Recovery Services like to think of themselves as a new way to treat addictions. This is a healthcare organization that focuses on providing recovery services for any addiction – including alcoholism. Primary medical care is also offered to individuals who come to the rehab center for alcohol addiction, along with access to mental health care programs.

Residential and intensive outpatient treatment programs are offered at the center for alcohol and drug services. These alcohol rehabilitation centers in Oregon are also able to assist in providing the adolescent with recovery services. Co-occurring disorders can also be treated, and people are offered access to medical detoxification. Continue reading more by clicking here.

De Paul Treatment Centers

De Paul Treatment Centers is a group that operates multiple facilities. The holistic alcohol rehabilitation center believes that addiction treatment should be affordable, which is why they work closely with the patient to create a customized treatment plan, along with a personalized payment plan. These alcohol rehab facilities hold a CARF accreditation and are also licensed with appropriate state-based authorities.

Alcohol rehabilitation centers only offer people access to evidence-based treatment services. Staff members are also experienced in working with substance abuse disorders. In addition to the main programs offered at these facilities, individuals are also able to access aftercare servicesClick here to know more about these rehabs.

Alcohol Rehab Centers In Oregon

Almost 50,000 individuals in Oregon are admitted to drug alcohol rehab centers every year. There are currently more than 224 drug and alcohol rehab centers in the state of Oregon. Treatment options provided by these facilities can help the individual recover from their addiction and enter a path toward sobriety and success. It is, however, important that the person ensure any alcohol rehabilitation programs offered to them are customized toward the individual’s specific condition.

Admission to one of the top alcohol rehabilitation centers can provide effective recovery from addiction, but the services provided need to be tailored in such a way to benefit the patient truly. In cases of low income, free alcohol rehab can offer access to treatments without the need for health insurance or expensive upfront payments. Check the list of Oregon free alcoholism helplines that can assist in choosing the best payment option.

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