Alcohol Rehab Centers In Oklahoma: Top 10 OK Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Oklahoma

Alcohol abuse and dependence has been an issue in OK for decades now. The state ranked 6th in the nation for alcohol-related mortality. Good thing there are several alcohol rehabilitation centers in Oklahoma offering high-quality, individualized programs and services that will look after patients even post-treatment.

Alcoholism Stats in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS) reports that the state has the 11th highest rate of alcohol poisoning in the US. A few more trends in 2015 include the following:

  • Oklahoma ranks 3rd nationally for the percentage of alcohol consumed by underage youth.
  • 72,000 adolescents and young adults ages 12-20 report binge drinking.
  • 326,000 people ages 12 and above are dependent on alcohol.
  • 159,000 Oklahomans, ages 21 and above reported heavy alcohol use, which is defined as having five or more drinks on at least five different occasions, in the past 30 days.
  • A Princeton study concluded chronic liver diseases or cirrhosis associated with alcohol consumption is one of the three causes of death associated with increased midlife white mortality.
  • From 2003-2012, 2,205 people were killed in crashes involving a drunk driver in Oklahoma.

Valley Hope of Cushing

Valley Hope alcohol rehab in Oklahoma has a 72-bed capacity. Many are choosing this inpatient alcohol rehab for its relaxing ambiance, state-of-the-art facility, overlooking the Cushing city. Founded in 1967, this facility offers more than just the standard outpatient programs. They do intensive outpatient services and drug-assisted treatment, which are not common for all alcohol rehabs in Oklahoma.

A nationally-recognized non-profit institution founded in 1967, it offers both standard outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP). They offer a wide array of services. The type of alcohol rehab programs and the duration of stay may differ depending on one’s condition and needs. The average cost of treatment in this facility is $12,500 for 30 days. They accept insurance and offer affordable self-payment terms. Visit their page for more information.

12 & 12 Inc.

As one of the leading alcohol rehab centers in Northeastern Oklahoma, 12 & 12 Inc. provides a wide variety of health care services for over 5,000 people and families every year. This rehab for alcohol offers detoxification, diagnostic testing, and outpatient treatment services. There are also individual therapy services, educational sessions, counseling, and chemical dependency services.

Aside from the usual alcohol rehabilitation programs, this facility also offers financial assistance, vocational training, and life skills training services to dramatically increase a patient’s likelihood for complete recovery.

12 & 12 Inc. is accredited by The Joint Commission, and its programs are approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

This is the biggest CCARC in the state and the only one providing the full continuum of services onsite.
To know more about their services, check their website.

The Recovery Center

This alcohol rehab center in Oklahoma is one of the few private and non-profit businesses approved by ODMHSAS and CARF. Formerly known as the Referral Center for Alcohol and Drug Services, this facility offers detoxification services for both admitted and ambulatory patients. Patients will be screened and assessed by counselors to be come up with individualized treatment plans.

Aside from inpatient services, individual and group therapies are prevalent at TRC. Sessions may range from one to three or five times weekly. They can offer more help in achieving long-term sobriety through their residential program. Continuum care is also possible with their aftercare planning. While they do not subscribe to the usual 12-step program, they boost holistic healing through other creative practices like yoga and meditation.

This drug and alcohol rehab is open 24/7. It can house 48 patients, ages 18 and above, comfortably. Patients may use their insurance plans for payment. For more information, visit their website.

Narconon Arrowhead

Narconon Arrowhead first started taking patients in Chilocco in 1990. With the success of the Narconon program, a new facility called Narconon Arrowhead was built in 2000 in Oklahoma. Today, it is considered to be one of the longest-running and successful alcohol addiction rehab centers in the state.

This facility makes use of techniques that can’t be found elsewhere. Their programs and methodologies are completed naturally, devoid of substitute drugs. One of their trademarks is the New Life Detoxification program, which helps flush out the toxic products of alcohol metabolism. Aside from catering services to adult men and women, they have special addiction treatment programs for the LGBTQ populations, VIPs, and celebrities.

This alcohol rehabilitation center sits on 250 acres alongside the beautiful Lake Eufaula and a state park. This is undoubtedly a distraction-free setting, perfect for one-on-one care and personalized treatment that is necessary to accomplish long-term success. Check their page for more information.

gay couple meeting with addiction counselor

Alcohol Training and Education, Inc.

Founded in 1978, this alcohol addiction rehab is the most experienced and oldest DUI school and assessment center in Oklahoma. This facility educates people about alcohol abuse and the toll it has on human lives and property.

Aside from the many courses, workshops, programs, and seminars concerning alcohol abuse, they offer three primary services, which can be labeled as level 1, 2, and 3.

10-hour ADSAC is level 1, which include a 3-day course. The next level is 24-hour ADSAC, a six-week program, consisting of 2-hour sessions taken twice weekly. The 3rd level is outpatient counseling, which may last for 6 or 12 weeks, depending on the case. Visit their page for more information about schedules and fees.

Rob’s Ranch

Rob’s Ranch is a Christian rehab center. The staff of the facility believes that spirituality is an important component to achieve long-term sobriety for most alcoholic patients.

They use AA’s 12-steps model as a guide for their treatment programs. Their staff is well experienced in counseling individuals and their families about following the principles of the Christian life.
This rehab also facilitates educational lectures, life-skills training, AA meetings, group counseling, and chapel services.

Rarely do we see a rehab center for alcohol with beautiful farms and lawns. Many are attracted to Rob Ranch’s brick houses and the lake surrounding its facilities. This rehab center in Purcell, Oklahoma, can house a total of 26 patients. There is a small chapel for praying, a media room for relaxation, and an indoor gym for exercise.

Professionals at Rob’s Ranch believe that sports can help alcoholics stay fit, overcome anxiety, and regain self-confidence. They invested in sports facilities like basketball and volleyball courts, a swimming pool, and ping-pong table.

A 30-day stay at Rob’s Ranch will cost approximately $4,500. They do not accept insurance but offer funding options. Visit their page for more information.

Better Place Recovery Services

People in this alcohol detox center understands the toll that alcohol addiction takes on a patient, as well as their affected family. Hence they provide programs that have been tested and proven to show amazing results.

Every patient is unique, and no two people have the same treatment requirements. Programs at Better Place Recovery Services in Oklahoma are affordable and efficient. They offer inpatient, outpatient, and residential services.

All patients admitted to the facility will have access to group and individual therapies, healthy diversions, and physical activities, 24-hour care, and supervision, excellent living accommodations.
They can also offer medically-assisted detoxification if deemed necessary.

Patients participating in outpatient services are allowed to live at home and travel to daily treatment sessions at the facility. Check their website for more information.

Eagle Ridge Institute

Founded in 1983, Eagle Ridge Institute is one of the best alcohol addiction treatment center for women in Oklahoma. Its a center capable of treating alcoholic women with co-occurring mental health disorders. It can house 20 patients at a time. What’s nice about this facility is that they have special inpatient programs for women with kids so they can still become better parents while recovering from alcohol addiction.

The state funds this facility. Patients need to register and may have to wait before being admitted. Every patient undergoes a comprehensive assessment to determine the most suitable program and the duration of stay. These are conducted by licensed and highly trained professionals.

Once accepted to stay at Eagle Ridge, treatment begins. This consists primarily of individual and group therapy sessions every week. After their daily treatment routine, residents have free time to do homework, weekly chores, read, or watch television in the common area.

This alcohol treatment center offers inpatient services, 12 step treatment, and aftercare support. Those who need detoxification, dual diagnosis, and outpatient services are referred to other facilities. Learn more here.

Green County Behavioral Health Services, Inc.

Founded in 1979, this facility currently has two alcohol rehab facilities, one in Muskogee and the other in Eufaula. This alcohol recovery center, unlike other facilities, is open for all ages. They care for kids and seniors with mental conditions.

This rehab only offers outpatient treatment programs. Enrollment starts with a phone screening, followed by a biopsychosocial assessment. Once accepted, a counselor will develop a strategy that will address addiction and personal goals. Patients do not stay in the facility and are only required to attend individual or group therapy sessions, 3-5 times weekly.

Aside from offering the usual psychoeducation and evidence-based practices, which include CBT, DBT, and MI, GCBHS is equipped to care for patients with dual diagnosis, which treats both alcoholism and any co-occurring disease. Family therapy is available upon request. GCBHS also has a unique program for the kids and young adults known as Head Start.

This facility is partially funded by the ODMHSAS and accepts private insurance for payment. Know more about the services they offer by visiting their website.

group counseling session

Tulsa Boys’ Home

Tulsa Boys’ Home is one of the most significant residential rehabilitation centers for alcohol in Oklahoma. With a colossal lot area, it has several unique facilities. Unlike other centers, this alcohol and drug rehab has a pool, running track, and fishing fonds. They have horses, which makes equine therapy possible. Their state-of-the-art onsite school allows patients to go on regular schooling even during treatment.

They can serve a total of 64 boys, ages 11-18. The Department of Human Services places forty of them. Twenty-four are privately enrolled by parents in their treatment program. The facility has a dorm-like setting. One room is shared by two patients. The average duration of stay in this rehab is eight months.

While this teen alcohol rehab uses its own 8-step relationship healing mode for therapy, they still offer the usual individual, group, and family counseling. They value the importance of having a sound support system. Hence they allow services like 12 step meetings, AA meetings, group sessions, motivational interviewing, CBT, and more.

Know more about their offers by clicking on their page.

Getting Help For Alcoholism in Oklahoma State

Many patients require help from top alcohol rehabilitation centers in Oklahoma. However, a lot are not getting treatment because patients are either embarrassed to discuss their condition with anyone or lack the funds to support the expenses.

Good news is that several top-rated alcohol rehab centers in Oklahoma offer free or low-cost treatment options. Some even accept insurance coverage. Call the Oklahoma alcoholism help hotlines to get the access to the complete list of funding options.

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