Alcohol Rehab Centers In Ohio: Top 10 OH Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

Best alcohol rehabs in Ohio

Ohio – the Midwestern state that is mostly known for its buckeye trees and American football – is increasingly gaining notoriety as one of the drunkest states in the US, even though it is home to some of the top alcohol rehabilitation centers in the country. This addiction and abuse are also connected to other cumulative crisis trends such as anxiety, depression, family issues, and many health concerns among adults in OH as well.

This article lists down 10 of the best alcohol rehab centers in Ohio. All these drug and alcohol rehab centers in OH have been highly rated for their successful treatment plans, around the clock physician coverage along with their high-quality therapy and counseling programs.

Alcohol Addiction Rates In Ohio

According to nation-wide research done by CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – in 2018, Ohio ranked at number 14 on the list of America’s drunkest states even with the many alcohol rehab facilities in Ohio. Following are a few more specific statistics From America’s Health Rankings – United Health Foundation, related to excessive drinking habits in OH, in comparison to the national average.

  • Over 19 percent of adults drink excessively as a habit in OH
  • There are approximately 34.3 percent alcohol-related driving deaths across the state
  • Among adults between 18-44 age in Ohio, roughly 29.3 percent are addicted to binge drinking (against a national average of 25.4 percent)
  • 27.1 percent of adult males in OH are addicted to binge drinking (against a national average of 23.3 percent)
  • In low-income communities of OH, there are approximately 15.6 percent of adults who are addicted to excessive drinking habits (against a national average of 13.8 percent)

Simultaneously to the rise in binge drinking and the high rates of alcohol and alcoholism, the state of Ohio has been showing upsurges in smoking, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and lowering of the life expectancy as well. The research has shown that there are 382 deaths out of 100,000 residents before the age of 75 that is directly or indirectly related to addiction. This is significantly higher when compared to the national average, being the 12th highest state in comparison to the rest of the US states. On a more positive light, there are a significant number of affordable, accessible, and credible alcohol rehab centers in Ohio with high success rates in addiction recovery.

Following are some of the top-rated alcohol rehab centers in OH.

Concord Counselling Services, Westerville

Founded in 1972, Concord Counseling is a behavioral and holistic recovery focused non-profit alcoholism rehab in central Ohio. For over four decades, they have successfully provided services to thousands of people helping in their journey to recover from alcoholism. It is a registered alcohol rehab center in the central Ohio area and extends their services to the city of Westerville, community housing networks, New Albany Schools, Groveport Madison Schools and more.

Concord Counseling Services have a team of over 100 specialized counselors.

Apart from regular therapy and counseling services for alcoholism, this rehab center for alcohol has special programs for teens and young adults, seniors, and also community support services for those who are in need.

For those who require their services, Concord Counselling Services can be contacted here.

The Ridge Ohio Substance Use Disorder Treatment Center, Cincinnati

Often credited as one of the best alcohol rehab centers in OH, The Ridge is located in a quiet and serene setting, creating a profoundly healing environment for those who suffer from addiction requiring clinical care. They accommodate only up to 16 clients at once, giving the staff the chance to provide the needed individual attention and customized treatments to every single client.

The Ridge is also well known as a luxury alcohol rehab with private and semi-private rooms, a sauna, swimming pool, in-house chefs and even a fishing pond. This highly credible and opulent rehab for alcohol abuse also received the Joint Commissions’ Gold Seal of approval, which is a prestigious accolade in the industry.

Visit the official website of The Ridge to learn more.

woman sitting in sauna

Zepf Center, Toledo

Zepf Center is an alcohol and drug recovery center in Toledo, OH that provides integrated person-centered treatment programs. This facility was first opened in 1974 as a community mental health center and eventually expanded it to be a full-service facility to provide comprehensive medical care and treat addiction. They provide safe and healthy recovery housing for individuals who battle addiction along with holistic alcohol rehabilitation. It is a client-focused treatment program with 12 step facilitation.

In 2017 Zepf center for alcohol and drug treatment in Ohio was accredited by CARF – Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. The facility is also certified by the state of Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Get more information on the facility here.

Arrow Passage Recovery, Massillon

Arrow Passage Recovery alcohol rehab treatment center in OH is a full-service facility that provides a serene recovery environment, treatments, and rehabilitation programs done by a team of dedicated and well-qualified staff of professionals. They provide residential treatment and both inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab programs.

Art therapy – creative methods of expression used as a therapeutic technique is one of the most prominent and specialized treatment methods offered by this facility, done by licensed art therapists with many years of experience.

The residential or inpatient alcohol rehab program is provided in a controlled environment focusing mainly on alcohol addiction. The clients get access to a healing environment where they can entirely concentrate on staying sober without the distractions of everyday life.

More information about this alcohol rehabilitation program can be found here.

TCN Behavioral Health Services, Xenia

With a reliable platform of helping the community in Green County OH, TCN Behavioral Health is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with high rates of success. It is a non-profit organization to provide a wide range of behavioral health and prevention services, mostly known for its successful teen alcohol rehab program. The mission of TCN is to improve the lives of their clients by providing clinically excellent and accessible behavioral health services.

The well-trained and qualified staff in TCN believes in treating every client with respect and dignity, regardless of their age, gender, or the level of addiction.
This popular facility is an affordable rehab for alcohol, giving a chance for anybody to get the treatment that they need to beat addiction.

Visit their website here for more information on the treatment programs of this alcohol treatment center in OH.

The Bluffs, Sherrodsville

The Bluffs is a long term alcohol rehab in Sherrodsville OH that provides addiction treatment tailored to the needs of each client. They offer a perfect blend of clinical therapy, therapy, and a soothing environment in a secluded location with amazing views. Apart from being treated by a well-qualified set of physicians and therapists, this alcohol abuse rehab gives their clients access to comfortable private rooms and spacious recreational areas as well.

More information about this alcohol and drug rehab can be found on their official website here.

IBH Addiction Recovery Center, Akron

Located in the most prominent city of Akron, IBH Addiction Recovery Center is a thriving alcohol detox center with close to 5 decades of experience helping over 16,000 in their recovery from addiction. It is the largest residential rehab center in Summit Country, OH, with both state and national recognition for their highly successful treatment programs. IBH provides clinical and also spiritual support, gaining fame as a Christianity-based alcoholism rehab as well.

Visit the website of this alcohol addiction treatment center in Ohio for more information about their programs.

group of christians praying together

CommQuest Recovery and Prevention Services, Canton

CommQuest is a full spectrum social services organization and an alcohol recovery center in Ohio with a large focus on providing addiction programming services to the community of Canton, OH. It is one of the biggest behavioral health organizations in the state of Ohio, treating over 20,000 clients annually.

They have over ten residential rehab alcohol facilities, each specializing in different demographics of addiction such as teenage girls, adult males, adult females, mothers beating addiction, and more.

Find more info about this alcohol addiction rehab here.

The Counseling Center Inc., Scioto County

Founded in 1980, The Counseling Center Inc. is one of the best outpatient alcohol rehabilitation centers in Scioto County, OH. All the services provided by this alcohol center is private and confidential, provided by a staff of highly qualified and licensed counselors.

They believe that recovery from addiction is a process that takes time and an individually tailored approach. They are one of the drug alcohol rehab centers that successfully follows the 12 step alcoholism recovery program and helps the clinical, social, therapeutic, and spiritual support that the client needs in their journey towards recovery.

Visit here to find more about this alcohol rehabilitation center.

Northland Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, Cincinnati

Northland Addiction Recovery center is a trusted alcohol rehab in Ohio with the focus of healing every aspect of the lives of their clients, with the final objective of getting them to living a healthy and productive life after the program. This rehabilitation center for alcohol provides personalized treatment plans for every client, and they also help to build life skills to help with life after recovery. There is also a program to educate the families of the clients to make a smooth transition back to everyday life after recovery.

More information on this alcohol rehabilitation center facility can be accessed here.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs In Ohio

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that within ten years, over 10,000 individuals received treatment in alcohol rehabilitation centers in OH for addiction. Approximately 40% of these individuals reportedly stay sober for at least 12 months after their treatment is completed, in comparison to 23% individuals that seek sobriety without being a part of alcohol rehab in Ohio. The process of recovering from addiction is a lengthy procedure including detoxification, medication, going through therapy, outpatient and aftercare, which is why it is crucial to attend a credible and high rated drug and alcohol rehab in OH.

The medical professionals at Ohio alcoholism helplines will make the process easier and faster.

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