Alcohol Rehab Centers In North Dakota: Top 10 ND Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in North Dakota

For the past decade, alcohol usage statistics have been higher in North Dakota when compared to National averages of the United States. A large number of individuals have problems with alcohol and alcoholism within this particular state, leading to a significant concern among governmental officials. Local state reports show that the higher the blood alcohol content of the individual, the higher the chances of the person being involved in a car accident.

Admission to alcohol rehab can yield effective results in providing the patient access to services that would assist them in achieving lifelong recovery. Many alcohol rehab centers in the area can be utilized for these purposes.

Alcohol Usage Statistics In North Dakota

Alcohol usage among the youth of North Dakota is at an alarmingly high level and also higher than the average for the entire country. It is important for the local population in the state to realize the significant number of individuals participating in binge drinking, as well as the impact that excessive alcohol usage is having on the state – including financial burden and a higher incidence of motor vehicle accidents.

Some of the statistics that have been reported include:

  • Between 2013 and 2014, 19.7% of youth aged between 12 and 20 participated in binge drinking at least once per month. The national average for this period was 14.0%.
  • More than 17,000 of youth in the state of North Dakota binge drinks on frequent occasions.
  • Alcohol is the most common substance that the youth in the state tend to turn to when it comes to substance abuse.
  • 65% of the youth in North Dakota has a perception that there is no significant harm in binge drinking.
  • An estimated 9.7% of the youth experiences symptoms associated with depression. This is a common co-occurring disorder that occurs with heavy drinking and alcoholism.
  • An estimated 7.8% of the North Dakota population has a problem with alcohol abuse. This is also higher than the national average of 6.5%.
  • An estimated 9.5% of the adult population in North Dakota are heavy alcohol users. The national average is 6.7%.

A.D.A.P.T. Inc

A.D.A.P.T. Inc is a behavioral health agency that focuses on providing individuals who come to the facility with the skills they need to change their own lives positively. The alcohol rehab center in North Dakota has a range of programs that a person can be offered, depending on the particular needs of the individual. Licensed addiction counseling is one of the main services that people are provided access to at this rehab center for alcohol dependency.

A.D.A.P.T. Inc also offers WebEx Internet Addiction Services, as well as alcohol evaluations. Outpatient treatment services are provided to the majority of individuals who come to this alcohol recovery center for the treatment of alcoholism. Aftercare support and services are also offered to people to help them maintain their recovery after treatment. Read more about A.D.A.P.T. Inc here.

First Step Recovery

First Step Recovery is also known as The Village Family Service Center. The alcohol rehab in North Dakota believes that they can offer individuals the confidence and the opportunities to take that initial step that is required to assure recovery can be a possibility in their lives.

The alcohol treatment center understands that alcoholism is a social, emotional, spiritual, and a physical disorder all at once – and that a person’s life can be dramatically affected by such a problem.

First Step Recovery is a community partner of the Live United-United Way. The alcohol addiction rehab offers in-network coverage for Blue Cross Blue Shield. This alcohol rehabilitation facility also accepts other health insurance companies. To learn more, click here.

RSI Rehab Services Inc

RSI Rehab Services Inc is a non-profit organization that provides their individualized treatment services to people even when money may be an issue in their lives. The drug and alcohol rehab itself has a range of services that they offer – the Recovery House in particular offers individuals’ access to treatment programs that are focused on alcoholism, as well as similar substance abuse disorders.

All staff members at the outpatient alcohol rehab are licensed with the local North Dakota state authorities. Individuals will be offered personalized treatment. In addition to recovery programs, the person is also provided life skill classes, nutritional programs, and also job assistance. Continue reading about the alcohol rehabilitation center here.

Sacajawea Substance Abuse

Sacajawea Substance Abuse is a center for alcohol and drug treatment that focuses on providing patients access to counseling services that focus on recovery from alcoholism. The person is given access to alcohol evaluations during an initial consultation with an intake specialist. Following this procedure, a program is compiled that addresses the needs of that particular individual.

Individual counseling plays a crucial part in all programs. Co-dependency counseling services can help individuals who are addicted to additional substances, apart from their alcoholism. Furthermore, family counseling is also provided in certain cases upon request. Patients can also make use of the company’s aftercare services. Interested to learn more about this alcohol addiction treatment center? Click here.

consultation with intake specialist

Heartview Foundation

Heartview Foundation was founded in 1964 and has since provided addiction treatment services to thousands of individuals. More than 28,000 individuals have already been treated at the alcohol and drug rehab, and the number is growing year-after-year. The alcohol abuse center now operates two different centers, one in Bismarck and the other in Cando, North Dakota. This is a non-profit and private company.

Individuals interested in being treated at Heartview Foundation are not only provided with a program to help them through recovery, but also gain access to educational resources. Evaluations are provided by licensed clinicians at the alcohol abuse rehab. Inpatient alcohol rehab also offers outpatient services to specific individuals. Learn more about Heartview Foundation by clicking here.

North Dakota Adult & Teen Challenge

North Dakota Adult & Teen Challenge accepts all patients who are having difficulty overcoming their addiction to alcohol. As the name suggests, this is both an adult and teen alcohol recovery rehab that offers various individualized programs. The programs are faith-based.

North Dakota Adult & Teen Challenge focuses on providing individuals with a residential program to ensure the person is medically monitored during their recovery period.

Even though the adult and teen alcohol rehab offer a faith-based program is utilized, it should be noted that this is not a specific Christian alcoholism center – everyone is welcomed here.
Click here for more information about this long term alcohol rehab.

New Freedom Center

New Freedom Center goes beyond providing treatment for the individual who is struggling with their alcoholism, but also ensures that the family members and other loved ones affected by the addiction can be provided with supportive services as well. Apart from treating the alcoholism as the main disorder, the rehab for alcohol abuse also focuses on ensuring co-occurring diseases are addressed in treatment programs as well.

The alcohol rehab treatment center focuses on a holistic approach to the treatment of alcohol dependency. No drugs or pharmaceutical intervention is used to help the individual overcome alcoholism. To learn more about New Freedom Center, visit their official website.

Montgomery Counseling Services

Montgomery Counseling Services has been providing addiction treatment services to individuals in North Dakota for many years. The alcohol center is situated in Williston an offers a variety of treatment solutions that can each be customized to suit the needs of the patient better. Additional services are also available to assist in addressing issues like anger, violence, and other issues that a person may also be experiencing.

A variety of payment options are offered to individuals treated at the alcoholism rehab, including Standard Health programs. There are no inpatient services provided by this alcohol rehab center. All treatments are outpatient treatment programs. Visit the company’s website to find out more.

anger management counseling session

ShareHouse Inc

ShareHouse Inc offers both evaluation and treatment for alcoholism in people throughout the North Dakota region. A licensed addiction counselor is available at the alcohol detox center to provide new patients with a consultation. The consultation may take up to three hours but gives the counselor a chance to get to know the person and prescribe the ideal treatment program for their needs in terms of the alcoholism symptoms they present.

Many individuals are enrolled at a residential program when they come to ShareHouse for treatment, but the alcohol and drug recovery center also has outpatient services available. To find out more about Sharehouse Inc, click here.

Heritage Recovery Center

Heritage Recovery Center specializes in long-term treatment. This alcohol rehabilitation program offered to provide supervised care to every person who is undergoing treatment to ensure they can successfully recover from the addiction that they are suffering from. The rehabilitation center for alcohol dependency also focuses on educating the individual about how withdrawal symptoms can be managed without giving in to temptations.

The goal of the services provided by this drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is to improve the individual’s satisfaction with their own lives and to boost their self-esteem in the process of treatment. Residential treatment will be provided, and the individual can remain in recovery for up to 18 months. Read more here.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs In North Dakota

Every year, almost 2,500 people are admitted to a substance abuse program in North Dakota, with the majority of these individuals being male. Only 38.5% of individuals enrolled in such a program are female patients. In 2010, 871 individuals had been admitted to a rehab for alcohol abuse expressly. For many individuals, a secondary drug may also be abused.

Individuals do have access to quite a large number of opportunities to assist in treating substance abuse disorders within the state of North Dakota. Free alcohol rehab can be opted for by those individuals who are not insured and who do not have the funds to pay cash for treatment. A luxury alcohol rehab can also be a right choice for a person who is covered by health insurance and those who wishes to recover in a more comfortable setting. Alcohol rehab programs are personalized for each patient. Alcohol helplines in North Dakota provide free and confidential advice to individuals that need help.

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