Alcohol Rehab Centers In North Carolina: Top 10 NC Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in North Carolina

Binge drinking is a common problem among the local population within the state of North Carolina. There is a concern among the adolescents of the state, as well as adults who are part of the local region. The majority of binge drinkers and heavy alcohol users in North Carolina are over the age of 26, however. With many alcohol rehabilitation centers in North Carolina, help is readily available to assist individuals in overcoming alcoholism and restore a state of sobriety.

For those without funds to afford treatment, free alcohol rehab centers are available in North Carolina. The cost of alcohol rehab services varies from one facility to the next but can be verified by contacting the administration staff members.

Alcohol And Alcoholism Facts In North Carolina

Binge drinking is a relatively common concern among the population within North Carolina. There does seem to be a higher trend of alcoholism and heavy drinking as age increases. Even among adolescents, however, high statistics have been observed. Excessive alcohol usage among the younger population may interfere with the individual’s ability to obtain an adequate education. In young adults and the older population, alcoholism may cause interference with employment and ultimately to contribute to a higher rate of unemployment.

These are some statistics that have been reported by AA Carolina:

  • Among individuals aged from 12 to 17, an estimated 39,000 participates in binge drinking.
  • Around 145,000 young adults binge drinks in the state of North Carolina.
  • There are an estimated 273,000 people aged 26 and older in North Carolina who are heavy drinkers or experience problems with alcohol abuse.
  • Among the general population within North Carolina, it has been estimated that more than one million individuals had participated in binge drinking within the last month.
  • Alcoholism affects an estimated 266,000 individuals each year in the North Carolina region.

Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers

Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers is a group of facilities that believe they are different than other rehabs because they focus on the patient. The alcohol rehab in North Carolina does not only focus on treatment for substance abuse but also simultaneously targets mental health issues that a patient may experience.

Another factor that makes this alcohol rehabilitation center different from many other facilities is the fact that they focus on addressing the underlying problems that have caused the patient to develop a substance abuse disorder in the first place. A holistic approach to treatment is taken to avoid introducing even more substances to the individual’s body. Read more about these drug and alcohol rehab centers here.

Walter B Jones Alcohol And Drug Abuse Treatment Center

The Walter B Jones Alcohol And Drug Abuse Treatment Center is part of the NC Department of Health and Human Services. The aim of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility is to ensure all individuals in North Carolina with alcohol dependency problems can gain fair access to treatments and solutions that will help them through their recovery.

The facility has an alcohol detox center. Here, the individual is provided medically-monitored services to help with the initial stage of withdrawal from alcohol.

Payment is based on a sliding-scale system, which takes the person’s income and expenses into account.
Psychiatric services are also provided to treat co-occurring mental illnesses. Find out more about alcohol and drug rehab by clicking here.

Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall is a non-profit organization that acts as an inpatient alcohol rehab. The alcohol treatment center was initially founded in the year 1971 and was awarded accreditation from the Joint Commission in the year 1974. They have withheld the certification since then. At the moment, the alcohol rehabilitation center has a total of 99 beds to accommodate patients who require residential treatment for a successful recovery.

Since the drug and alcohol rehab was founded, more than 25,000 individuals with substance abuse disorders have been treated at their facility. The alcohol rehab is located on a large property in Greensboro, North Carolina. The alcohol addiction rehab focuses on the 12-step recovery model and abstinence from alcohol. All treatments include evidence-based therapies. Visit the official website for more details.

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Crest View Recovery Center

Crest View Recovery Center is a professional alcohol addiction treatment center that has licensed counselors and nursing staff that assist the patient in recovering from alcoholism and other types of substance abuse disorders. The alcohol rehab center in North Carolina holds a Joint Commission accreditation. Individuals can undergo treatment through several insurance providers, including Aetna and BlueCross BlueShield.

Addiction treatment at Crest View Recovery Center starts with the patient undergoing a thorough consultation with an intake specialist. During this process, both the substance abuse disorder and co-occurring disorders will be considered. Intensive outpatient programs are available at the rehab for alcohol addiction. Aftercare support will also be provided to the person. To learn more about this alcohol abuse center, click here.

Wilmington Treatment Center

Wilmington Treatment Center considers themselves the premiere option in terms of rehabilitation centers in North Carolina. Alcohol abuse rehab has a range of different treatment solutions that can be tailored to a person’s unique needs. Residential programs can provide the individual with medical supervision. Partial hospitalization is also available, along with a 24-hour detoxification program.

People interested in being treated at this alcohol rehab treatment center can start their journey through the company’s website or by visiting them in person. Admission is a relatively quick and easy process, but the patient needs to attend an appointment with the intake specialist first. A live chat feature is also available on the company’s website. Find out more about this alcoholism rehab here.

Julian F. Keith Alcohol And Drug Abuse Treatment Center

The NC Department of Health and Human Services founded the Julian F. Keith Alcohol And Drug Abuse Treatment Center to provide affordable addiction recovery services to the local citizens in North Carolina.

Admission at the alcohol center is open to all adults who are experiencing the dreadful effects of addiction in their lives.

Medical detoxification is available to individuals who come to the center with an existing addiction. This will assist in easing the initial withdrawal symptoms that the person may experience. Psychiatric stabilization is also available. This is a long term alcohol rehab that focuses on helping the individual from addiction to sobriety. Click here to read more about this state-operated alcohol rehab center.


Pavillon was founded to provide affordable access to a center that focuses on the treatment of alcoholism, as well as addictions to illicit drugs. The rehab for alcohol abuse offers an integrated approach to treating alcohol dependency and believes that recovery should focus on the body, spirit, and the mind of the patient who is undergoing treatment.

All treatment programs are provided as individualized services and tailored toward the needs of the specific person who comes to the facility for help. The comprehensive care services offered at the center for alcohol and drug services ensures the individual not only gains access to counseling but also develops the skills they will need to succeed once they step out of treatment. Further details about this rehab center for alcohol dependency can be found here.

Freedom Farm Ministries

Freedom Farm Ministries is a Christian alcohol rehab facility that can assist in the treatment of alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and even provide individual access to counseling services that will address co-occurring disorders. The center for alcohol and drug treatment was first founded in 2006 and has since been able to assist thousands of men in their journey toward recovery.

Treatment at Freedom Farm Ministries work in several phases, and each stage only accepts a small number of individuals. The alcohol and drug recovery center does seem to only cater to male individuals who need treatment for alcohol addiction. The curriculum program requires that the person remains in treatment for 40 days. To find out more about Freedom Farm Ministries, click here.

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Jacksonville Treatment Center

Jacksonville Treatment Center, as the name of the facility implies, is located in Jacksonville, North Carolina. The rehabilitation center for alcohol dependency focuses on working closely with each of the individuals who come to them for help in overcoming the addiction that is taking over their lives. The company states that anyone is welcome, regardless of their budget and needs. Personalized alcohol rehab programs are offered to each person.

Jacksonville Treatment Center has certified substance abuse counselors that assist in the treatment of patients. There are licensed nurses providing supervision and an ASAM certified physician. The company holds a CARF accreditation and is part of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Visit the facility’s website to learn more.

First Step Services LLC

First Step Services LLC offers different types of counseling and treatment services for individuals who are experiencing an addiction disorder. All services are provided by professionals, and the staff members have all been licensed by the state of North Carolina. The company operates three different facilities in the local area.

The majority of health insurance providers are accepted at First Step Services LLC. Individuals who are not covered can speak to a financial consultant at the company to make a private pay arrangement. Counseling services are provided as part of an outpatient treatment program. The company also offers mental health counseling and professionals programs. Continue reading about the facility by clicking here.

Finding An Alcohol Recovery Center In North Carolina

When alcoholism affects a person, the provision of an alcohol rehabilitation program can yield efficient results to assist in the individual’s recovery. Sobriety is the ultimate goal of these alcohol rehabilitation programs, which is why a person would often need to report for therapy sessions in both individual and group settings several times each week.

Access to a luxury alcohol rehab may provide a person with more amenities and a more comfortable environment during their recovery. This, however, does not mean the utilization of a free alcohol rehab would be unable to assist in ensuring recovery is possible in a person who does not have access to health insurance. Holistic alcohol rehabilitation seems to be a preferred choice for many individuals who undergo treatment in the state, but facilities within North Carolina also provide many other types of programs. Contact the free alcoholism helplines in NC to get the full access to the rehab options in the state.

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