Alcohol Rehab Centers In New York: Top 10 NY Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in New York

In New York, alcohol addiction and misuse are significant problems. People from all demographics struggle with it, including teens. Key to beating the addiction is finding a quality New York alcohol rehab that meets the needs of the patient.

Because there are so many options for NY alcohol recovery centers, it can be hard to find the right one. To get the search started, here are 10 of the best New York alcohol rehab centers.

Alcohol Addiction Rates in New York

There is a great need for New York alcohol rehabs. When ranking states according to their excessive or abusive drinking habits, New York comes in at number 20. 18.2 percent of all adults in the state regularly drink excessively. While alcohol abuse and misuse is common throughout the state, Watertown-Fort Drum sees the greatest amount of alcohol consumption per capita, but there is not part of the state that is immune.

It is essential that people understand how grave the situation is, and why NY drug and alcohol rehab programs are needed. The statistics paint an unpleasant picture.

  • Nearly 2 million residents of New York State have a substance abuse problem. 1.77 million of these individuals are adults, and 156,000 are aged 17 or younger. The majority of these individuals abuse alcohol either as their primary substance or as a secondary substance.
  • Nearly 300,000 people seek treatment from NY alcohol rehab centers each year.
  • The consumption of alcohol poses significant safety risks in New York. Approximately 1/4th of all roadway fatalities can be attributed in part or in full to alcohol use, with people between the ages of 21 and 34 being at the most considerable risk.
  • Upwards of 44 percent of people in NY battling alcohol addiction have co-occurring disorders that duel their dependence.
  • Alcohol dependence is seen amongst people of all races, but it is highest amongst whites, at 21 percent of the population in NYC.
  • While teens make up a small percentage of people addicted to alcohol in New York, their statistics are perhaps the most alarming. Sixteen percent of teens began drinking before the age of 13 and 30 percent report having drunk alcohol in the last 30 days, with more than half reporting that they engaged in binge drinking.

As a result of the problems with alcohol seen in New York, there is a significant need for NY outpatient and inpatient alcohol rehab. Luckily, there are high-quality options to choose from.

The Freedom Institute

The Freedom Institute, located in Midtown in New York City, has been offering rehab for alcohol in NY since 1976. It has two divisions: one for adults and one for teens. The facility is strictly a New York outpatient rehab center, offering no residential options.

Patients working with The Freedom Institute are given highly personalized care. They offer ten different services which can be selected ala carte based on the needs the facility’s intake assessment identifies and the wants of the patient.

Their approach differs from many other New York alcohol addiction rehabs in that it is designed to bring in the family and other people of support for the addict, ensuring they are not alone in their recovery.

In addition to its active recovery programs, it also offers significant aftercare and support, including AA meetings and ongoing skills training. To learn more about the services and approach of this alcohol rehab center in NY, visit their website.

Hazelden Betty Ford

Hazelden Betty Ford alcohol rehabilitation centers were founded in 1982 and are available in many locations throughout the United States. While some of these clinics offer both inpatient and outpatient recovery, the New York alcohol rehabilitation center in Chelsea New York City is outpatient only.

Both teens and adults can enroll in this NY drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. It takes a modified 12-step approach to treatment, augmenting the steps with various therapies, and a desire to deliver holistic care. The campus offers an easy-to-access location and welcoming facilities. In addition to being a New York alcohol rehab facility, it also offers programs that help education loved ones on how to support addicts in recovery.

While it is not a NY alcohol detox center, Hazelden Betty Ford does work with other healthcare providers to help addicts find the safest way to get clean. To learn more, take a look at their website.

Mount Sinai Addiction Institute

The Mount Sinai Addiction Institute is part of the more extensive Mount Sinai hospital network. Campuses are located at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s, Mount Sinai West, Mount Sinai Beth Israel, and The Mount Sinai Hospital. It is a New York alcohol rehab center servicing both teens and adults. The alcoholism facility also offers treatment based on the Jewish faith, but they accept patients with different religious views.

The Mount Sinai Addiction Institute provides both inpatient and outpatient programs. They also have the option of medication-assisted treatment and the chance to detoxify at the alcohol rehab centers in NY. Their approach is customized to the needs of the patient and can include a wide variety of therapies, such as individual therapy, group self-help, and family sessions.

All four locations offer significant assistance with aftercare and support, including long-term individual counseling. To learn more about their New York alcohol and drug rehab programs, view their website.

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The Freedom Model Retreats

The Freedom Model Retreats was founded in 1992. Located in Amsterdam, NY, it offers inpatient rehabilitation services to adult patients. All rooms at the facility are private, and residents have access to amenities that include a heated pool, hot tubs, and a home theater.

The Freedom Model Retreats distinguishes itself from most other New York alcohol treatment centers in that it does not use the 12-step approach in any manner. Instead, it takes a holistic approach that sees addiction not as an incurable disease, but the result of habits and mindsets that can be changed. As a result, it is one of the best NY alcohol rehab centers for those who have not succeeded with the 12-step approach.

At The Freedom Model Retreats, how long rehab for alcohol lasts is four weeks. After that, they connect patients with programs for aftercare and support. To learn more about their unique approach, browse their website.

Tully Hill

Tully Hill is a New York alcohol rehabilitation center located in the town of Tully. It has a scenic upstate location, allowing patients to recover in a quiet, natural setting. This alcohol rehabilitation center in NY has been in operation since 1990.

Tully Hill offers inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation treatment to patients 16 and older. It focuses on bio-psychosocial treatment that is structured based on the 12-Step philosophy. In addition to tailoring its programs based on age, it also offers programs specifically for professionals and law enforcement, a rarity amongst NY rehabilitation centers for alcohol.

Programs at Tully Hill are customized based on the wants and needs of the patient. To read more about this New York rehab center for alcohol, head to their website.


Mountainside is a top-rated alcohol rehab center in NY. It is considered to be one of the most thorough programs available, as it covers detox, residential treatment, outpatient care, and a work program to help patients establish themselves in a health environment after release. The center has been in operation since 1998 and is located in both Chappaqua and New York City.

The initial program at this NY rehab center for alcohol addiction is an intensive 30-day residential program which is proceeded by detox when needed. It focuses on reeducation, life skills, and the 12-step program. Patients can augment the basic plan with various alternative therapies to get a holistic program tailored to their needs and interests. Once the 30-days are up, the center offers significant follow-up care and assistance with getting started in a sober life.

Both adults and teens can attend Mountainside. To learn more about their NY alcohol rehab program, go to their website.

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Exponents is a NY rehabilitation center for alcohol located in New York City. It was founded in 1990 and offered outpatient treatment to people from marginalized communities. It is one of the most affordable NY alcohol rehab centers and offers approaches tailored to the LGTBQ community, those in extreme poverty, and those impacted by HIV/AIDs.

In addition to its rehabilitation program, Exponents offers services that are designed to help keep program graduates stable enough to continue to remain clean. These include a food pantry, clothing closet, open support groups, and a post-graduate program.

Exponents is a unique option that fills some gaps in the New York alcoholism rehab scene. To better understand their approach to treatment, check out their website.

Addiction Care Interventions

Addiction Care Interventions, or ACI, is a New York drug and alcohol rehab center located in New York City. It has been helping people beat addictions for over 40 years. Patients can choose between inpatient and outpatient programs, and have the option to combine them, starting with residential treatment and then transitioning to outpatient care.

ACI believes the best outcomes come from therapy that is tailored to the patient.

It offers program tracks for adults and teens and also has therapy groups specifically for women, men, LGTBQ patients, those dealing with sexual trauma, and those interested in the arts.
They also have aftercare groups for graduates to help them build a sober community outside of their NY alcohol center.

ACI does not put a limit on how long therapy can last, making it a potential long-term alcohol rehab in NY. For more information about their treatments, read their website.


Caron is one of the oldest New York rehabs for alcohol abuse, having been founded in 1957. It believes that spirituality is at the core of rehabilitation, though it does not focus on any specific religion. It offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment for people aged 13 and older at its New York City campus.

Caron aims for its treatment to be accessible, especially to young people. That is why it offers student assistance, making care affordable for those in high school and college.
They embrace the use of technology, giving the treatment a more modern edge when compared to other New York alcohol abuse centers. They also treat co-occurring disorders, helping people not just get clean but also address the problems fueling their addiction.

Once treatment is over, patients gain access to the Caron recovery network. To read about their programs and aftercare in greater depth, hop on over to their website.

Arms Acres

Arms Acres is a New York alcohol rehab treatment center situated in rural Carmel, NY. The center was founded in 1982. It is located on 54 private acres and can treat 183 residential patients at a time.

Both adults and teens can be treated at this alcohol rehab in New York. Patients can choose from inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and comprehensive outpatient treatment. In addition to managing the addiction itself, it can address underlying mental health disorders and past trauma that drive alcohol abuse.

Arms Acres offers multiple ways to make access to their NY holistic alcohol rehabilitation more affordable. To better understand the costs of treatment, read about it on their website.

Ending Alcohol Abuse in New York State

In New York, alcohol abuse is a significant problem, and rehabilitation programs are vital to change this dire situation. No matter the needs of a given patient, there is a New York rehab center that is a good fit for them. From luxury NY rehabs to those that serve the homeless, every patient can find the right center to help them get clean after calling New York alcoholism free hotlines.

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