Alcohol Rehab Centers In New Mexico: Top 10 NM Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcoholisn rehabs in New Mexico

Recent reports have claimed that alcohol-related death rates are now highest in New Mexico compared to all other states. This is alarming and brings about a concern among local governmental institutions, as well as the New Mexico health system. Individuals with alcohol dependency problems are advised to seek assistance from drug and alcohol rehab centers in New Mexico. People without money to afford treatment can opt for free alcohol rehab. Rehabilitation centers can provide customized alcohol rehab programs to patients to address their alcoholism, along with additional conditions that they might be suffering from, often referred to as co-occurring disorders.

Alcohol Usage Statistics For New Mexico

The alcohol-attributed death rate of New Mexico in 2017 was 70.4 per 100,000 individuals. The National average is significantly lower, at 34 per 100,000 individuals. The state has the highest death rate when considering this spirit drink as a contributing factor. Researchers found that the majority of alcohol-related deaths are due to the development of the alcoholic liver disease, as well as liver cirrhosis. Alcohol abuse costs the state over $2.5 billion each year as well.

Some relevant statistics about the usage in New Mexico will be shared below:

  • An estimated 14.7% of people in the state frequently participate in binge drinking.
  • The highest prevalence of binge drinking in terms of age is among young adults who are younger than 24 years of age.
  • Men are more likely to participate in binge drinking than women in New Mexico. An estimated 20.4% of men in the state regularly binge drinks, compared to 9.3% of women.
  • Excessive usage contributes to at least 45% of deaths caused by a motor accident in New Mexico.
  • Grant County in New Mexico has the highest percentage of individuals regularly participating in binge drinking.
  • The Usage among youth is highest in Union County, NM, with 43.3% of the adolescent population reporting that they binge drink. An estimated 22.9% of youth in the county has also driven a car while under the influence of those alcoholic beverages.
  • An estimated 12.8% of individuals in New Mexico experienced poor mental health, combined with the usage of alcohol. This is considered a co-occurring disorder that often accompanies alcohol dependency.

ViewPoint Rehabilitation Center

The clinical staff at ViewPoint Rehabilitation Center are all highly qualified and holds the appropriate licensed to provide professional services to individuals struggling with addiction. The staff is also aware that addiction can be challenging and understands that every patient needs a personalized approach to assure a successful recovery.

There are different types of programs that a person may be enrolled when they undergo treatment at this alcohol rehab. Detoxification often forms part of a treatment program. Alcohol rehab in New Mexico also provides intensive outpatient programs, as well as residential services. Individuals interested in ViewPoint Rehabilitation Center can learn more here.

Recovery Services of New Mexico

Recovery Services of New Mexico has five different drug alcohol rehab centers in the state, serving patients all over New Mexico to assist in the treatment of addiction. While the drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility does have a particular focus on helping patients overcome opioid addictions, the facility also has several treatment options available for individuals who are suffering from alcoholism.

Recovery Services of New Mexico has centers in Roswell, Albuquerque, and Belen.

A person is advised to contact the rehab for alcohol addiction that is closest to them for prompt admission into a treatment program.
This is a fully licensed and accredited alcohol treatment center that has been providing professional addiction recovery services to individuals in New Mexico since 2003. Click here to learn more about this alcohol rehab center.

Vista Taos Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Vista Taos Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center believes that they are different when it comes to treating substance abuse disorders. The alcohol center takes a highly personalized approach to treating patients with addictions and have been serving the area of New Mexico for more than two and a half decades. Alcoholism rehab has a unique program that they offer individuals that focuses on healing and freedom, as well as change.

Medical detox is the first step to treatment at the Vista Taos Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center. Individuals are then provided access to the primary treatment program. Finally, once the person has undergone recovery treatment, they are offered access to extended care programs to assure long-term success. Visit the company’s official website to learn more.

Turning Point Recovery Center

Turning Point Recovery Center offers a free self-assessment, which is where treatment for the individual struggling with the addiction starts. Once the self-assessment has been completed, an intake specialist at the company will take a look at the individual’s results and provide them with details on whether the alcohol recovery center would be able to provide them with appropriate treatment to ensure they can recover from the addiction.

The alcohol and drug recovery center can assist in the treatment of various addictions, including alcoholism. A variety of services are provided by this rehabilitation center for alcohol dependency, including a detox phase that helps the person get over the initial withdrawal symptoms. Counseling and an intensive outpatient program would then be offered to the individual. Learn more here.

woman undergoing medical detoxification

Hoy Recovery Programs Inc

Hoy Recovery Programs operates a rehab center for alcohol addiction that is situated in a ranch-like setting. The person with an active addiction is provided an initial consultation with the intake specialist to assess the symptoms of their addiction. Individuals can then be admitted to a residential treatment program or provided counseling services as part of an outpatient protocol. Hoy Recovery Programs also offers agricultural therapy to individuals exposed to a residential program.

Both men and women are welcomed to undergo a treatment program at this alcohol and drug rehab. The drug and alcohol rehab has dedicated staff members who are all highly experienced and licensed with the appropriate state departments. Click here to read more about this inpatient alcohol rehab.

Focused Recovery of New Mexico

Focused Recovery of New Mexico is a center located in Albuquerque. The alcohol rehabilitation center focuses on outpatient treatment programs, where the patient is provided access to individual therapy sessions. Group therapy is also provided for alcohol and alcoholism.

There are no inpatient or residential programs available and no overnight stays.
Individuals in need of treatment can come into the alcohol addiction treatment center during office hours as there are no waiting lists. An appointment is scheduled for the patient immediately. All individuals are medically monitored during their treatment period. To find out more about this alcohol rehabilitation center, click here.

Shadow Mountain RecoveryVilla De Esperanza

At Shadow Mountain Recovery, treatment for alcoholism does not only focus on the individual suffering from the addiction but also the effects that the substance abuse disorder has on the person’s family members and loved ones. The alcohol addiction rehab aims to offer individual access to treatment that will yield lifelong recovery.

Shadow Mountain Recovery accepts a large number of insurance providers, including Aetna, Presbyterian, BlueCross BlueShield, and Magellan Health. The long-term alcohol rehab holds a Joint Commission accreditation and is also a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. Find out more about the treatment options here.

Villa De Esperanza

Villa De Esperanza offers drug and alcohol rehabilitation services to adults over the age of 18. The rehab for alcohol abuse serves both men and women who are struggling to overcome addiction, as well as other substances. A holistic approach is taken during treatment programs at this alcohol abuse rehab, as no medication will be utilized to assist in the treatment of a person’s drinking addiction.

Individuals admitted to undergoing treatment at this alcohol rehab treatment center will be provided access to a 30-day residential program. Various support systems are made available to the person. Patients are also given access to a range of activities. To find out more about this alcohol abuse center, visit their website.

doctor making notes at the consultation with the patient

New Mexico Rehabilitation Center

The New Mexico Rehabilitation Center is part of the New Mexico Department of Health. The holistic alcohol rehabilitation center is situated in Roswell and has a range of different services that individuals are offered access to when they need treatment. A specializes chemical and alcohol dependency program is also provided to patients.

In addition to substance abuse treatment, the New Mexico Rehabilitation Center also offers psychological services, which is helpful for individuals with co-occurring disorders. All treatments are based on outpatient programs. Click here to find out more.

New Mexico Treatment Services

New Mexico Treatment Services primarily focuses on providing treatment for patients with an addiction to Methadone and Suboxone, but they have alternative programs, including one that can help individuals with an alcohol abuse disorder. Individuals are offered access to medication-assisted treatment at this company.

The company has alcohol rehab facilities in four different locations throughout New Mexico, including Albuquerque, Farmington, Espanola, and Santa Fe. New patients are taken in every week at these alcohol rehabilitation centers in New Mexico, but individuals do need to contact the facility beforehand to make an appointment. Visit the official New Mexico Treatment Services website for more details about these alcohol addiction rehab centers.

Alcoholism Detox And Rehabilitation In New Mexico

With alcoholism and alcohol-related deaths being highest in New Mexico throughout the United States, individuals need to understand the importance of opting for treatment at alcohol rehabilitation centers. By choosing one of the top-rated alcohol rehab centers in New Mexico, a detailed and personalized treatment program can be compiled for a patient. This can yield fruitful results if the alcohol rehabilitation program provided to a person is followed according to instructions provided by the overseeing physicians and counselors.

There are different types of programs available to individuals who are looking for an alcohol rehab center in New Mexico. An alcohol detox center can be utilized to assist a person in the cessation of spirits. A person also needs to be assessed to determine if an inpatient or outpatient alcohol rehab would be the most appropriate solution to help the individual overcome the addiction they have developed. Contact any of the New Mexico alcoholism treatment helplines to find out which treatment options suits best.

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