Alcohol Rehab Centers In New Hampshire: Top 10 NH Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is considered one of the more concerning states when it comes to alcohol abuse. Many individuals in the area are known to be heavy drinkers, ultimately leading to the development of dependency on alcoholic beverages. In turn, this can cause the person to experience complications in his social life, as well as health-related problems.

Understanding the fact that alcoholism can be treated effectively through outpatient programs, detoxification, and residential treatment is important for the New Hampshire population.

New Hampshire Alcohol Use & Dependency Statistics

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services reports an increase in alcohol abuse and binge drinking among the youth in New Hampshire. Alcohol usage among adults in the state is also a concern for the public health system. Some of the data that have been reported include:

  • An estimated 11% of individuals in New Hampshire had had their first alcoholic drink before they turned 13 years of age.
  • Among high school students, an estimated 30% have had a minimum of one alcoholic beverage within the last 30 days.
  • The latest Behavioral Health Barometer New Hampshire report claims that about 14% of adolescents between 12 and 17 are actively using alcohol.
  • The NH DHS Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services report claims that 17.3% of adults in the state are binge drinkers. An estimated 7.2% of the state’s population are heavy drinkers.

New England Recovery & Wellness Center

New England Recovery & Wellness Center, also known as New England RAW, is an alcohol rehab located in Concord, New Hampshire. The alcohol and drug recovery center takes a holistic approach to treat people with alcohol dependency problems and believes that family matters during the recovery process. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities to help individuals feel comfortable during their stay and confident about their recovery.

New England RAW drug and alcohol rehab was established by a team of professionals who specializes in the area of addiction treatment. All individuals are provided access to individualized treatment programs that take their unique needs into account. The alcoholism addiction program is based on the 12-step recovery system and offers appropriate support for the person along the way. The alcohol abuse rehab also offers experiential addiction therapy, along with adventure therapy. Visit the New England RAW website to learn more about the facility.

Riverbank House

Riverbank House is a long-term recovery center in New Hampshire that has a popular 28-day inpatient alcohol rehab program, along with longer-term support for people who are undergoing alcohol addiction treatment. This luxury alcohol rehab has a facility in Laconia, NH.

Apart from their range of services, Riverbank House also offer individuals access to financing; thus making treatment more affordable and accessible to the local population of New Hampshire.

At Riverbank House, science and spirituality are combined to provide the person with an effective treatment program. The rehab for alcohol abuse believes in retraining the individual’s brain to abstain from alcohol, while also helping to heal the person’s body. People are also provided access to career training opportunities to help the individual discover their passion and adopt a successful career. For more details about Riverbank House, visit their official website.

Phoenix House

Phoenix House has been providing people access to affordable treatment programs to assist the person in overcoming alcohol addiction for the last five decades. The New England alcohol abuse center was initially founded in the year 1967 and had over 20 different programs that can be provided to the individual. Almost 4,000 patients are treated at the Phoenix House New England facility every year. The professional and experienced staff at the facility will assess each patient to provide a personalized treatment program.

Phoenix House can address the patient’s alcohol dependency through either outpatient or residential treatment programs. Men who are undergoing early recovery treatment are also provided access to a transitional support program. Residential programs are also gender-specific. Learn more about Phoenix House and the treatment programs offered by the facility by visiting their website.

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GateHouse Treatment

GateHouse Treatment was founded initially in Nashua, NH, but the company has expanded to other locations throughout New Hampshire in the last few years. Considered among the top alcohol rehabilitation centers, each facility owned by this company is equipped with all the services and programs that people are offered, along with professionally trained staff members who are experienced in dealing with individuals who are going through a recovery period from alcoholism. Individuals are provided individual sessions with clinicians and also partake in group therapy sessions.

Each patient is provided with an individualized alcohol rehabilitation program when being treated for alcoholism at GateHouse Treatment. Individuals who require residential treatment are given access to a safe housing program. Outpatient services are also available to people who do not need detoxification and close monitoring while recovering from their alcohol addiction. The Joint Commission has accredited the programs offered at GateHouse Treatment. Click here to learn more about this facility.

Plymouth 12 & 12 House

Plymouth 12 & 12 House, also known as just The Plymouth House, has been operating for more than one and a half decade in New Hampshire. They believe in teaching patients principles that can help to change their lives for the better.

The rehabilitation center for alcohol addiction adopts the 12-step addiction recovery program and provides both individual and group therapy sessions to individuals. Thousands of individuals have already been treated at the Plymouth House.

People are given access to a safe environment that is free of alcohol and any other addictive substances. Frequent AA meetings are held, and patients are provided access to the “AA Big Book.” Apart from therapy sessions, individuals are also offered access to exercise programs, meditation classes, and a yoga instructor when undergoing residential treatment. Learn more about the treatments offered at the Plymouth House here.

ROAD to a Better Life

ROAD to a Better Life is an alcohol rehabilitation center that specializes in standing by a person from the beginning of their journey up to the point where they reach their “normal” again. The company has man treatment programs available that can be customized to assist in the patient’s recovery from alcoholism. In addition to their recovery programs, ROAD to a Better Life also specializes in relapse prevention to ensure long-term success following the person’s treatment.

The center for alcohol and alcoholism offers an original ROAD program. This program consists of medication-assisted treatment, same day appointments, behavioral therapy, and other techniques. Furthermore, the alcohol treatment center ensures that there are no waiting lists so that the individual can be helped quickly. ROAD to a Better Life also has an Intensive Outpatient Program for individuals who cannot afford residential treatment, as well as for those with a less severe addiction. Read more about this facility services here.

Addiction Recovery Services

Addiction Recovery Services, also known as ARS New Hampshire, is an alcohol addiction treatment center that specializes in the provisioning of Intensive Outpatient services. The alcohol recovery center has several experienced clinicians and therapists who can assist the person with their recovery from alcohol dependency.

The company aims to make treatment services more accessible to the population within the state of New Hampshire.

Addiction Recovery Services primarily offer individuals access to group therapy sessions. Additionally, medication management may be provided to some people, depending on their needs. Family educational programs are also available to patients who undergo outpatient treatment through this company. Learn more about the programs at Addiction Recovery Services here.

The Process Recovery Center

The Process Recovery Center is a fully accredited rehab for alcohol addiction in Hudson, New Hampshire. The facility provides a variety of programs that are personalized to comply with the person’s requirements, based on the symptoms that they present. The recovery team employed at the facility works closely with each patient to assist in their recovery period. The alcohol and drug rehab has a five-step system in place, which starts at the individual surrendering to their addiction and ends with the patient’s recovery.

The program provided to the person by this alcohol center depends on their alcohol dependency symptoms. This may include a Partial Hospitalization Program, an Intensive Outpatient Program, or access to the sober living program. The sober living program includes residential treatment that would treat the patient through an inpatient system. Click here to read about the process offered by The Process Recovery Center.

Bonfire Recovery Services

Bonfire Recovery Services is an outpatient alcohol rehab that believes that every individual in New Hampshire with an alcohol addiction problem deserves access to an effective treatment program. The center for alcohol and drug treatment primarily focuses on outpatient-based services. This includes a standard Outpatient Program, as well as an Intensive Outpatient Program. Male individuals who present more severe symptoms of alcohol dependency may also make use of the Structured Sober Living program that is offered by Bonfire Recovery Services.

The company has been providing professional services to people suffering from alcoholism in New Hampshire for over half a decade. There are no waiting lists at Bonfire Recovery Services, ensuring the patient can quickly gain access to the treatment they need for recovery to be possible. To find out more about the outpatient services at this facility, click here.

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Green Mountain Treatment Center

Green Mountain Treatment Center specializes in residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs and is located in Effingham, New Hampshire. In addition to assisting with alcohol dependency issues, the facility also offers treatment for co-occurring disorders, such as depression, that the person may experience. The facility focuses on the use of a standard 12-step system during the recovery process of the individuals who are being treated.

Treatment at Green Mountain Treatment Center starts with a medical detoxification period that lasts for about 24 hours. This process is done in a dedicated alcohol detox center. During this time, the person will be closely monitored by medical professionals while undergoing alcohol rehabilitation. People with less severe symptoms may also be admitted to an outpatient program. For more details about the Green Mountain Treatment Center, click here.

Overcome Alcohol Addiction In New Hampshire

An average number of 6,234 patients are admitted to an alcohol rehab center in New Hampshire for the treatment of addiction every year. The state is also considered to have the highest rate of alcoholism among people between the ages of 18 and 25. At the same time, the number of rehabilitation centers in the state has decreased over the last two decades. This reduces the opportunity for individuals with active alcoholism to obtain the treatment they require to recover from their alcohol dependency.

Even though rehabilitation centers have reduced in the state, help is still available to individuals. Alcoholism treatment facilities can offer patients both inpatient and outpatient programs. The treatment depends on the severity of the patient’s alcoholism, as well as what would be suitable for their budget. Patients can also search for a free alcohol rehab or make use of services such as Medicaid to make treatment more accessible and affordable. New Hampshire alcohol help hotlines can provide more information on the admission process.

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