Alcohol Rehab Centers In Nevada: Top 10 NV Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Nevada

Some people claim that drinking and Nevada go together like gin and tonic, so it’s no surprise that the state is home to some of the best alcohol rehabilitation centers in the country. Top alcohol rehabilitation centers in NV offer some of the most effective treatments for alcoholism while housing clients in facilities with 5-star amenities.

Clients can choose from a range of options, including residential or outpatient alcohol rehab. But, are there any free alcohol rehab centers in Nevada and what treatments do they offer? Here’s a list of the best-rated drug and alcohol rehab centers in NV.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Statistics in Nevada

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) reported that between 2009 and 2013, heavy alcohol use among adults over the age of 21 in Nevada was 6.9 percent, similar to the national percentage. In absolute numbers, this means that about 130,000 adults per year were drinking excessively and potentially in need of treatment at an alcohol addiction treatment center.

  • A single-day count in 2013 found that 44 percent of individuals enrolled in substance abuse treatment in Nevada had an alcoholism problem only while an additional 19.5 percent were being treated for both drug abuse and alcoholism.
  • Among individuals above the age of 12 with alcoholism, less than 5 percent received treatment. This means that more than 95 percent of individuals suffering from alcoholism and in need of an alcohol rehabilitation program in Nevada did not receive treatment.
  • Binge alcohol use in the past month among young people aged 12-20 in Nevada was reported at 14 percent, similar to the national percentage. About 54,000 youth admitted to binge drinking in the month before being surveyed in 2013.
  • Twelve percent of adolescents aged 12-17 in Nevada admitted to initiating alcohol use within the previous year.
  • According to the HHS, 20 percent of males and 14 percent of females in NV reported first drinking alcohol before age 13. About 33 percent of high school students in Nevada reported drinking at least once during the past 30 days.
  • When surveyed, about 6 out of 10 adolescents in NV perceived no considerable risk from binge drinking 5 or more alcoholic beverages within a short period. These statistics underline the need for alcohol addiction rehab centers in Nevada that specialize in treating adolescents.
  • The CDC reports that between 2003 and 2012, more than 1,000 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents involving a drunk driver in NV. Besides, nearly 2 percent of Nevada residents admitted to driving after drinking too much in the past month.
  • Twenty-three percent of high school students reported that within the last 30 days, they rode in a vehicle driven by someone who had been drinking alcohol.

Destinations for Teens Las Vegas

This teen alcohol rehab, located in Las Vegas, offers outpatient programs that allow adolescents to obtain addiction therapy while continuing to attend school during the day. Treatment for co-occurring mental health issues is provided along with alcohol and drug rehab with the belief that a comprehensive approach is necessary for long-lasting recovery. In addition to the therapy rooms where individual and group counseling is administered, there are recreational facilities at this center.

This alcohol rehab center in Nevada is a haven for adolescents suffering from alcoholism. The supportive environment and supervision by experienced professionals make it one of the best addiction treatment centers for teenagers in NV. Visit the Destinations for Teens Las Vegas website for more information about their programs.

Vogue Recovery Center

Individualized treatment plans, top notch alcohol rehab facilities, and some of the best addiction counselors in the industry have ensured that Vogue Recovery Center in Southern Nevada has an enviable long-term success rate.

Clients at this center for alcohol and drug treatment are housed in an upscale community setting and can benefit from year-round sunshine and a serene environment.

This luxury alcohol rehab provides the entire gamut of addiction treatment, ranging from medically managed detox and inpatient treatment to partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient therapy, and sober living. In addition to alcoholism, the facility also accepts individuals struggling with drug abuse and dual diagnosis of mental health conditions. Check Vogue Recovery Center today to find out more about their admissions criteria and rehabilitation process.

Desert Hope

Every person’s journey with addiction is different. With this underlying philosophy, Desert Hope, a Nevada rehab for alcohol abuse, offers a range of addiction treatments. The staff at this alcohol and drug recovery center in NV is confident that the three-month program can help achieve long-lasting sobriety. Clients are offered a 30-day free followup rehab if they fail to remain sober after completing the 90-day program.

Although this is not a free-of-charge alcohol rehab in NV, the first consultation and insurance verification meeting does not incur any cost. To learn more, discover their website.

Walter Hoving Home

Located on an expansive property in a peaceful Las Vegas neighborhood, the Walter Hoving Home (Nevada campus) is a center for alcohol and drug services that specializes in treating women. The facility includes nine bedrooms, a private backyard, a large kitchen and dining area, and a learning center. The program at this Christian alcoholism rehab is designed to help women suffering from alcoholism rebuild their lives.

With a focus on biblical studies, the alcohol rehab programs at this facility address the underlying causes of addiction. Components such as the career readiness program prepare clients for reintegration into society. Find out more about the 12-month program at Walter Hoving Home in Nevada.

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Step 1 Recovery

This drug and alcohol rehab treatment center in Nevada was established to provide housing to men who are struggling with alcoholism and drug abuse. Located in Northern Nevada, Step 1 Recovery is a rehab for alcohol that helps men with limited or no income and the inability to afford a home. The idea is to break the vicious cycle of homelessness, criminal behavior, and substance abuse.

Men seeking drug and alcohol rehab at this facility in NV also receive counseling for addiction. The ultimate goal is to make clients self-sufficient and to reintegrate them into society. Visit the official website of Step 1 Recovery to read more details.

New Frontier Treatment Center

Accepting individuals who are new to alcohol rehabilitation as well as individuals who have been in rehab before, New Frontier Treatment Center offers a range of programs to meet the unique needs of every recovering alcoholic. The programs at this alcohol detox center are state licensed and accredited.

This alcohol rehabilitation center offers three levels of residential treatment, including a model for medically supervised detox, a high-intensity inpatient model, and a long-term program for graduates. Click the link of New Frontier Treatment Center today and start the journey to recovery.

Coast to Coast Recovery

An intervention for a spouse, child, or friend who is in denial about their alcoholism is often the first step towards sobriety.
Trained interventionists at Coast to Coast Recovery, a rehabilitation center for alcohol, guide families, and help them prepare for an intervention if it is needed.

Counselors help families navigate the admissions process and explain what to expect during alcohol rehab. Recovering alcoholics and their families can expect a welcoming, safe, and non-judgmental environment at this alcohol addiction rehab. Learn more about the interventions at Coast to Coast Recovery.

Fresh Start

Far from the distractions, temptations, and triggers of city life, this former ranch in rural Nevada is one of the best alcohol rehab centers in the state. Set on 320-acres of beautiful grazing land, this rehab center for alcohol is a sanctuary for recovering alcoholics. Clients can benefit from scenic views and fresh air. The facility offers long-term alcohol rehab for complete and lasting recovery from addiction.

The home-style ranch also has sports facilities, including swimming, basketball, and volleyball. Check out the Fresh Start to see if one of their programs is the right fit.

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Nevada Urban Indians, Inc.

Catering specifically to the needs of American Indians and Alaskan Natives, this clinic in NV offers a substance abuse program for people struggling with alcohol and alcoholism. The outpatient alcoholism rehab program is available to adolescents and adults.

The program incorporates all aspects of addiction treatment, including individual and group counseling, skill training, relapse prevention, and crisis intervention. This alcohol rehab in Nevada reports to courts and parole/probation officers for clients who are in the criminal justice system. Learn more on the website of Nevada Urban Indians.

LYFE Recovery Homes

With several locations in NV, LYFE Recovery Homes, one of the top alcohol rehabilitation centers in the state, offers addiction treatment at an affordable price without compromising on the quality of treatment or client comfort. People enrolled at this alcohol abuse rehab are housed in homes that provide all the necessary amenities to allow the focus to remain on recovery. The center offers residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs, along with dual diagnosis management to ensure long-lasting sobriety.

Clients are subjected to mandatory drug and alcohol testing as well as curfews to aid the recovery process. The official website of LYFE Recovery Homes has further information about this alcohol rehab center.

Best Rehab Centers for Alcohol in Nevada

The state that is best known for its casinos and glittering lights is no stranger to drinking and alcoholism. Casinos hoping to keep gamblers at the tables offer free drinks, fueling the problem of alcoholism. Besides, DUIs are common in NV. Some groups are pushing for stricter laws and stricter punishment, given that the death rate from drunk driving in NV is as high as 6.7 per 100,000 in the 21-34 age group. While policymakers consider various options, including increasing taxes on alcoholic drinks, some of the best alcohol rehab centers in NV continue to make dedicated efforts to deal with the problem of alcoholism. So, which is the best alcohol recovery center in the state?

Among all the alcohol rehabilitation programs in Nevada, it’s difficult to say which is best. Some of the country’s top drug alcohol rehab centers are in NV, and each one specializes in different treatments and caters to specific types of clients. Many of them offer holistic alcohol rehabilitation to achieve permanent sobriety. Some facilities specialize in the treatment of men, women, and adolescents. Addiction treatment in NV is there for the asking. The only thing to do is pick up the phone and take that first step: call Nevada free alcohol addiction helpline.

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