Alcohol Rehab Centers In Montana: Top 10 MT Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Montana

Famous for its rich mineral deposits, red meats, and sky-high mountain ranges, Montana, a western state of the US is notorious as one of the drunkest states in the country as well. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – the health protection agency of the US, placed Montana at number four in their recent reports of US states with the highest rates of excessive drinking.

To combat this ongoing issue in the state, the government, non-governmental organizations, and the public alike have been working to instate high-quality alcohol rehabilitation centers across the state. This article speaks of the statistics behind alcohol and alcoholism issues in Montana and the top alcohol rehabilitation centers in the state.

Alcohol Addiction Rates in Montana

The high prevalence rates of alcoholism in Montana is not a recently occurred problem. There has been a behavioral pattern of excessive and habitual drinking among the residents of this state, believed to have manifested since the Old West era when drinking was an everyday lifestyle practice. Currently, this the state is doing the needed research and establishing the prevention practices along with alcohol rehabilitation centers in MN supported by federal funding. Some of the statistics related to excessive drinking, alcoholism, and alcohol rehabilitation programs in Montana are as follows.

  • There are 15.1 percent adult females addicted to excessive drinking in Montana (against a national average of 14 percent)
  • 26.7 percent of adult males practice binge drinking habitually (against a national average of 23.3 percent)
  • Among adults aged 18-44, approximately 30.6 percent are addicted to excessive drinking (against a national average of 25.4 percent)
  • Alcohol-related driving deaths in the state are 46.3 percent, which is the 2nd highest in the country
  • 3.4 percent reportedly drive after drinking too much (against a national average of 1.9 percent)
  • In the year 2010, 7,444 people entered rehab centers in Montana (68.5 percent males and 31.5 percent females)

Following are 10 of the top rated alcohol rehab centers in Montana which have ranked high in the quality of their treatment programs, facilities in the establishments and the experience of their clinical staff.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center – Great Falls, Montana

With a mission to be the turning point in the lives of people who struggle with addiction, this center for alcohol and drug treatment has over 35 years of experience. By 2019 they have treated over 6000 clients successfully. They believe in a 100% success rate in every client that they treat, offering compassionate and non-judgmental service and high-quality care for each.

Rocky Mountain Treatment center practices a combination of evidence-based treatments for their clients. This alcohol and drug rehab focuses on not only sobriety but also creating a productive life for them with long-term success. For more information about this alcohol rehab center in MN, visit here.

Clearview Horizon – Heron, Montana

This is a specialized inpatient alcohol rehab and therapeutic boarding center primarily focusing on young girls going through addiction and emotional issues. They have been successfully operating for over 20 years, helping many girls across the country to overcome their addiction.

As a Christian alcoholism rehab, they offer faith-based guidance for the young girls in their journey to sobriety. Clearview Horizon practices many innovative therapy programs such as animal-assisted therapy and art therapy. This alcohol recovery center also provides skilled mentoring for the clients to help them be more functional and productive in their life after recovery. Visit the official website of this alcohol rehab in Montana here.

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Wilderness Treatment Center – Marion, Montana

This is a unique alcohol treatment center focusing on young men and male teens to help them beat addiction through an inpatient program that has a wilderness expedition done by fully licensed addiction counselor along with a wilderness instructor. It is an innovative method of therapy that has proven to be highly successful in this teen alcohol rehab.

They help individual clients in their journey to sobriety and recover though carefully managed personal therapy session, group therapy, and recreation. They also practice holistic alcohol rehabilitation methods by morning meditation sessions involving every client. Find more information about this alcohol rehab in Montana here.

Montana Chemical Dependency Center – Mercury, Montana

This is one of the federally-funded rehabilitation centers for alcohol in Montana. They provide one of the most intense and highly successful in-patient recovery programs in the state, with a qualified team of physicians, treatment experts, counselors, nurses and more.

MCDC alcoholism rehab does not take walk-in patients. Every patient has to be referred from a licensed addiction counselor, and there is an application process to go through.

All their treatment programs are patient-centered with individual treatment plans. The methods of care by this alcohol abuse rehab includes not only clinical treatment but a well-balanced combination of education, therapy, and support. More details on the programs by this drug and alcohol rehab in Montana can be found on their website.

Crystal Creek Lodge – Browning, Montana

This highly rated culturally based alcohol abuse center is funded by the Indian Health Service (IHS). They mostly focus their care on Native American individuals but is open for anybody who needs an affordable and high-quality rehab for alcohol abuse. They accept walk-in clients and provide a confidential assessment before they are admitted to the program.

Their treatment policy includes empowering the clients to use their strength to recover addiction with the help of the professionals. Apart from the primary residential treatment program, they also operate as an outpatient alcohol rehab with special programs for women and adolescents. More information about specialty programs and admissions of this rehab for alcohol in Montana can be found here.

Rimrock Foundation – Billings, Montana

This is the largest rehab center for alcohol in Montana and has been serving the community with high success rates for a long time. Rimrock approach the addictions as a sick-love relationship which can be 100% cured with the right treatment, therapy, and support. They are often considered the best alcohol rehab in the area due to their well-trained and caring staff and a therapeutic learning environment where the clients can successfully follow their treatment programs.

This alcohol center supports the 12 Step Recovery Program and a combination of treatment methods including counseling and therapy. More information about this alcohol addiction rehab in Montana and their treatment programs can be found here.

Acadia Montana Treatment Center – Buttle, Montana

Located among the healing environment of the Rocky Mountains, this long term alcohol rehab mainly focuses on adolescents and teens with addiction. They have separate units for boys and girls and get accommodation in semi-private rooms with a roommate as a part of the treatment program to create support. The most famous resident programs of this alcohol rehab center often take from 3 to 6 months for the clients to successfully meet their goals.

Apart from the alcohol rehabilitation program, the clients can participate in recreational and leisure activities that positively contribute to their personality and health. Visit the official website of this alcohol addiction treatment center in MT for more details.

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Recovery Center Missoula – Missoula, Montana

This is an alcohol rehab treatment center that follows evidence-based therapeutic interventions with high rates of success among their clients over a long period. This rehabilitation alcohol program offers a variety of treatments for the clients that meet different requirements including inpatient treatment and also day treatment services.

Every client in this rehabilitation center for alcohol gets an individualized treatment plan that is carried out with close inspection by trained medical professionals. They also encourage the clients to involve their families and significant others in their journey to recovery, to make sure they have a smooth transition into life after recovery. More details on the programs by this alcohol rehabilitation center can be seen here.

Boyd Andrew Community Services – Helena, Montana

Started in 1974, this alcohol and drug recovery center has been successfully serving the people in their community to recover from addiction and improve their lives for over four decades. They provide a wide-scope program for sobriety including prevention, intervention, and treatment for both adults and adolescents.

Started as an outpatient center, they have recently expanded their services to become a residential rehab alcohol program that includes adult offenders in the correctional system as well.
Find more information on this drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Community Medical Services – Missoula, Montana

With their origins in Phoenix Arizona, this alcohol rehabilitation center has now expanded its services to provide treatments all across Montana. They consider all their clients as their patients, and they aim to heal every one of them through a combination of evidence-based treatment programs. They have both inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab programs.

Visit the official website of this alcohol detox center in Montana here.

Treating Alcoholism In Montana

As a state with high levels of excessive drinking habits among adults and adolescents alike, Montana is actively suffering from alcoholism-related common issues such as lower life expectancy, high counts of liver diseases, high percentages of roadway fatalities due to drunk driving and more. The positive aspects include the successful measures taken by the government to combat this issue with the help of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). There are high rates of success in the treatment programs done by many alcohol rehab facilities in Montana which offer customized treatment programs for each different individual in their way to recovery. Montana alcohol abuse hotlines also contribute to the alcoholism rates reduction.

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