Alcohol Rehab Centers In Missouri: Top 10 MO Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Missouri

With a population of over six million people, Missouri is said to be the 18th-most populous state in the US. While the population keeps rising yearly, so does the rate of alcohol abuse in Missouri. However, there are various alcohol rehab facilities available to reduce the problem.

Statistics on Alcohol Addiction in Missouri

The statistics on alcohol addiction in Missouri shows that:

  • Approximately 419,000 Missourians struggle with substance use disorder and out of these figures, 17,000 Missourians are between the ages of 12-17(SAMHSA,2015)
  • out of 83,600 total pregnancies in Missouri,  8,400 pregnant women are struggling with alcohol or drug problem.
  • In 2009, the treatment episode data set indicated that 48,628 people entered drug and alcohol rehabs in Missouri; of that 68.5% were male, and 31.5% were female.
  • Excessive drinking results in 1,866 deaths and 55,681 years of potential life lost each year in Missouri
  • As a direct consequence of drug and liquor use, 881 people died in Missouri in 2009. This is compared to the number of persons in Missouri who died from motor vehicle accidents (939) and firearms (822) in the same year.
  • Missouri drug-induced deaths (14.7 per 100,000 population) exceeded the national rate (12.8 per 100,000).

Harris House St. Louis Missouri

Harris House St. Louis Missouri is an alcoholism rehab center that provides a variety of addiction treatment services for individuals under the influence of liquor abuse. The primary aim of this institution is to help patients safely recover from alcoholism and ensure relapse does not occur. Harris House has been providing addiction treatment in Missouri for over 50 years and is fully accredited by the Missouri Department of Mental Health.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, Harris House alcoholism rehab center provides treatment options like detoxification, intensive outpatient program, 28-days inpatient alcohol rehab, partial hospitalization program, and transitional housing.

Residential programs are also provided at Harris house where services like, yoga and meditation classes are done. To learn more, click here.

Assisted Recovery Centers of America

Located at 6651 Chippewa, St. Louis, Missouri, Assisted Recovery Center of America is a health facility centered on providing help to children, adolescents, and adults looking to overcome liquor addiction and mental health. This alcohol treatment center offers services like ethanol detoxification, inpatient alcohol rehab, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient treatment. Additionally, therapy services such as individual therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, psycho-education and support group are provided.

The detoxification program offered by the facility is done alongside dual diagnosis treatment. It means that patients who undergo detoxification programs are medically monitored to ensure a thorough recovery. The treatment options are available for clients at various stages of disorder ranging from chemical dependency issues to dual diagnosis. The partial hospitalization program is short-term and can be long-term depending on the severity. To enroll for any of their alcohol rehab programs, click here.

Center Pointe Hospital, St. Charles Missouri

With over five different centers strategically located around Missouri, Center Pointe Hospital provides a comprehensive continuum of care for liquor and drug addicts struggling with addiction. Center Pointe Hospital offers numerous alcohol rehab programs for senior adults, adolescents, and adults.

Equipped with more than 150 beds for clients, Center Pointe Hospital is capable of housing more than hundred of patients at a time.
The aim of the institution is to use treatments to educate patients on how to manage liquor and drug addiction. The treatment options available include:

These alcohol rehab programs generally ensure patients learn how to recover from addiction and safely blend into society. Patients can quickly discover the nearest alcohol abuse center available in Missouri here.

Gibson Recovery Center, Cape Girardeau Missouri

Accredited by the Missouri Department of Health, and CARF International, Gibson Recovery Center has been dedicated to providing top-notch health care service to alcohol addicts. This center for alcohol and drug treatment is located at 340 S. Broadview, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and was established in 1979. With over 46 bed capacity in its residential buildings, patients get all-around treatment to recover from all drug-related problems safely.

The substance abuse treatment options in Gibson recovery center are for liquor, prescription drugs, and illegal drugs. With a holistic approach to addiction, the Gibson Recovery Center makes it a point of duty to train, counsel and educate clients on the need to adhere to the various treatment options assigned to them. This alcohol treatment center is fully equipped with the latest equipment to ensure individuals enjoy a harmless path to sobriety. The alcohol rehab programs include detoxification, residential and outpatient programs, counseling and a list of others. Information about their services can be found on their website.

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Lafayette House, Joplin Missouri

Lafayette House, Joplin Missouri is a rehab center for alcohol, focused on assisting women and their children battling with liquor addiction, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. From counseling and court advocacy to case management and job training, Lafayette House is a go-to sanctuary dedicated to assisting victims of domestic violence and those struggling with addiction.

This rehabilitation center for alcohol was founded in 1978 and is located at 1809 S. Connor Avenue, Joplin, MO. The treatment therapy options available in Lafayette house are individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, family therapy sessions, trauma therapy relapse prevention, and detoxification. There are also inpatient and outpatient programs which include individual, groups, family, and trauma therapy. Patients who enroll for any of their alcohol rehab programs can be assured of intensive care and recovery. To learn more, visit their website.

Rediscover LeeS Summit Missouri

Established over 51 years ago, Rediscover LeeS Summit Missouri is an alcohol abuse center dedicated to providing the best alcoholism treatment for women, men, and children suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues.

The treatment options range from group therapy, 12-steps programs, and job readiness to on-site child care and stress management. The treatment period ranges from 8-11 months depending on the severity.
These alcohol rehab programs help addicted clients to safely transit from liquor abuse. Information about their services can be found on their website.

Reality House Programs Recovery Center

Reality House Program Recovery Center is an alcoholism rehab facility designed to provide intense medication, substance abuse treatment, and correctional services in a community setting. This non-profit alcohol detox center helps patients to recover from their unhealthy liquor and drug addiction. Treatment options in Reality House Recovery Center focus on behavioral issues, mental health, and they include counseling services, homework assignment,12 steps meeting, and psycho-education classes.

They also provide therapy services such as individual therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, psycho-education and support group. This facility is capable of housing as many as 80 patients at a time, making it one of the biggest alcoholism rehab centers in Missouri. Click here to learn more about their services.

Queen Of Peace Center, St Louis, Missouri

Queen of Peace Center is a modern health facility that has helped many individuals safely transit from addiction. This alcohol rehab center offers varieties of treatment options such as comprehensive substance abuse treatment, rehabilitation program, pregnant and postpartum women residential program. The aim of this organization is to help address mental disorders got as a result of alcohol addiction. It also engages in a family-centered approach to help families with alcohol addicts to get over the period with their loved ones.

They provide therapy services such as dialectical behavior therapy, psycho-education, and support groups. Transitional living programs are offered to women who have children or women with low monthly income. Find out more about their diverse alcohol rehab programs and services here.

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Bridgeway Behavioral Health

Located at St Charles, Missouri, Bridgeway Behavioral Health is an intensive healthcare facility centered on providing adequate treatment to adolescents and adults suffering from alcohol addiction. The mode of medicine in the facility is based on evidence therapies and the 12-step method. The facility provides services such as medical detoxification, residential treatment, outpatient program, day treatment, and intensive outpatient program. The inpatient alcohol rehab program offers counseling classes for the clients, access to daily meals, and additional services that enhance the quality of life.

Bridgeway Behavioral health uses a holistic approach to the treatment of individuals with alcohol addiction and substance abuse. Therapy options available at this facility include individual therapy, family therapy, family education group therapy, and psychiatry therapy. A significant advantage of this facility is the provision of recreational activities such as hiking, long jump, and exercise. The aim of this is to ensure patients experience an exciting and harmless path to sobriety. For details about admissions and pricing, visit the website.

Teen Challenge Of St. Louis High Ridge Missouri

Founded in 1981, Teen Challenge Of St. Louis High Ridge is a treatment center aimed at utilizing therapeutic education based on Christian principles to educate patients on how to manage addiction. With a 4-14 months residential program, patients are exposed to individual therapy sessions, group therapy, and sessions of relapse prevention therapy.

The facility has specialized and professionals who help in the provision of services like detoxification, intensive outpatient program, 28-days Inpatient alcohol rehab, partial hospitalization program, and transitional housing. Patients searching for a Christian-based alcoholism rehab facility would find Teen Challenge Of St. Louis High Ridge a perfect fit. Click here to enroll.

Finding Rehab Centers in MO

Thanks to the numerous alcohol detox centers available in Missouri, the rate of liquor addiction has taken a nosedive. Even though the fight isn’t over yet, cases of liquor consumption in citizens have been to a minimum over the last couple of years. At this rate, more people would get educated about the dangers of liquor, and maybe, just maybe, alcoholism would be a thing of the past in the coming years. Missouri alcoholism hotlines also provide educational services confidentially and free of charge.

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