Alcohol Rehab Centers In Mississippi: Top 10 MS Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Mississippi

Mississippi, the Hospitality State, is home to numerous top-rated alcohol rehab centers.  Although the state has the lowest rates in the US when it comes to alcohol addiction, there are still countless people looking for reliable and trustworthy rehab.

The quality of the services offered and the low prices of alcohol rehabs in MS, make this state one of the top choices for those seeking addiction treatment.

Alcohol Addiction Statistics In Mississippi

  • In 2009, there were 1,244 people admitted to rehab for alcohol dependence
  • According to, in 2014 there were 207 fatalities caused by alcohol consumption
  • In 2015, 24% of high-school students in Mississippi reported they started drinking alcohol before the age of 13, a percentage higher compared to the national average of 17%.
  • 7% of high-school students said they drove a vehicle after consuming alcohol, compared to the national average of 8%.
  • 6.6% of the adults in Mississippi reported heavy consumption of alcohol in the month before the survey

Clearview Recovery Center, Moselle

This alcohol abuse rehab was opened in 1979, and in 2005, the Mental Health Corporations of America named it the best residential program in the US for customer satisfaction. The long-term alcohol rehab addresses alcohol addicts as well as those with dual diagnoses, such as an emotional or mental condition that triggered the addictive behavior.

Each patient undergoes an assessment to determine the perfect treatment plan according to their needs. The alcohol rehabilitation programs last from 30 to 90 days and are based on the AA 12-step program. After the patients finished the residential program, they will benefit from weekly aftercare sessions, which will help them in their transition back into society.

For patients who do not need a high restrictive level of care, this alcohol rehab in Mississippi offers intensive outpatient services and transitional living. Patients get the treatment for their addiction but are also able to continue their usual lifestyle.

Find out more about Clearview Recovery Center here.

Home of Grace, Vancleave and Gautier

Home of Grace is a Christian alcoholism rehab opened in 1965. Since then it has helped thousands of addicts get back to regular and happy life. The alcohol rehab center has two modern campuses in Vancleave and Gautier, Mississippi.

The 3-month Christian addiction program has specifically established goals, focus, requirements, and responsibilities for a successful outcome and are all based on spiritual disciplines. This alcohol rehab in Mississippi offers individual and group counseling, adult education program, worship and devotions, and classroom instructions.

Patients learn how to understand what triggered the addiction and how to control it using Biblical solutions.
The group meetings help patients know that they are not alone in this journey, and they develop trust and confidence. The alcohol center also provides high school education for those who do not have a diploma. The classes took place on campus, where there is also a computer lab.

Have any questions? Contact the center here.

Pine Grove Outreach Center, Hattiesburg

The alcohol abuse center was opened in 1984, and it is a leader in treating addiction. Inpatient alcohol rehab offers patients treatment plans according to their needs and teaches them how to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

The programs include individual and group therapy, 12-step program, family therapy, psychiatric care, transitional therapy, relapse prevention and aftercare planning and alumni support. For those who need additional help after they finish the residential treatment, the rehabilitation center for alcohol also provides outpatient treatment in several locations in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Find out more about the clinic and get in touch with a Pine Grove Outreach Center representative.

Oxford Treatment Center, Etta

Among the top rehabilitation centers for alcohol in Mississippi is also Oxford Treatment Center. The center has more than 100 acres, and it is located in a peaceful area in the forest. It includes the main lodge, cabins for the patients, and a medical services facility. The patient cabins are located in the woods or by the lake, and each has a living area, laundry room, and bathroom. Residents have access to a gym, equestrian center, and a private lake.

This alcohol detox center has a unique treatment program which brings together traditional procedures and holistic methods. The treatment begins with a detox that lasts for 30 days, followed by personalized medicine. This includes individual and group therapy and AA meetings. Group therapy is aimed at helping the patients share their experience with others to get an in-depth knowledge of what addiction is and how to control it.

Learn more about Oxford Treatment Center here.

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Harbor House, Jackson

Harbor House alcohol rehabilitation center was opened in 1973 and has treated more than 16,000 addicts. Each patient will have to undergo the Primary Care Residential Program for at least 30 days, depending on each person’s goals, progress, and needs. The program is based on the 12-step recovery, and each patient will attend meetings and complete household chores.

The second phase at this alcohol recovery center in Mississippi is the transitional one. This program addresses those who want to extend their treatment for two months. During this phase, patients will begin the transition towards a sober life, becoming more involved in the 12-step recovery group, but also undergoing individual and group therapy two times per week.
To get in touch with one of the clinic’s specialists, visit their official website.

Recovery House, Columbus

Recovery House is among the top alcohol rehab centers in Mississippi, being a private facility located in a 90-acre area among the pine trees from Columbus. The alcohol treatment center addresses women who want to get rid of addiction. Only 19 residents can be admitted at a time.

The center combines group and individual therapy, parenting classes, family therapy, educational lectures, and trauma-based therapy, with art therapy, yoga, recreational and somatic experiential therapy to address addiction, emotional issues, low self-esteem, trauma and family issues.

What sets this drug and alcohol rehab apart from the others is the homeless outreach program, aimed at the women in need who live on the streets or are about to become homeless. Residents can also choose to live on the property through the permanent housing program. Clients will receive a job, as well as support services.

Find out more about Recovery House here.

Sunflower Landing, Tutwiler

This teen alcohol rehab, located in Tutwiler, Mississippi, is a modern inpatient facility for adolescents who deal with addiction. The clinic is located in a peaceful rural setting, and pet therapy is an integral part of the treatment plan.

The teenagers continue their classes according to the high-school curriculum, preparing to get their diploma and college admission exams.

At the rehab center for alcohol in Mississippi, the treatment is aimed towards healing the spirit, mind, and body. Patients will understand the root of their addiction and through diet, therapy, sunshine, play, and medication. They will be able to address the problem and live a sober life. The cognitive-behavioral therapy and the 12-step program are also applied to break the auto-destructive thinking pattern.

Visit their website and read more about the addiction treatment.

Talbot House, Belden

Talbot House is among the top alcohol rehabilitation centers in Mississippi, is located in the beautiful Belden city, among pines and oaks. The center addresses women who are transitioning from an addiction treatment program towards sober and independent living. The facility offers home-like accommodations where residents can develop the skills necessary to re-enter society.

The facility can accommodate no more than ten residents at a time, and patients are encouraged to stay at least three months. The center is funded through charitable giving and offers residents the opportunity to become productive members of society by providing them jobs at the Talbot House Bakery. They will be trained here, and all the proceeds from selling baked goods will be used to support the addiction program.

Each resident will receive a food handling training and certification and gain valuable experience in this field, that will be very useful in finding a job in bakery operations or wholesale and retail sales.

Want to find out more about Talbot House? Click here.

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Oak Arbor, Hattiesburg

Another trustworthy alcohol abuse center is Oak Arbor, opened in 2001 and located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Here patients benefit from a follow-up treatment after they have completed an inpatient rehab treatment. The purpose of Oak Arbor’s program is to help patients re-enter society as sober individuals, free from the danger of relapsing into alcohol addiction.

The transitional treatment includes four phases. The first phase or the first week is the adjustment level, where patients attend 12-step meetings and look for a job and a sponsor. The next three months are the second phase and include more treatment flexibility. Also, patients have a full-time job and have successfully integrated into the recovery community.

Phases three and four are aimed at maintaining the relationship with the patient’s sponsor, their job, and continue the 12-step meetings.  After the four stages are completed, the facility also provides aftercare help with weekly meets.

Contact the center for more information.

Bridge to Recovery, Ridgeland

Another top rehab center for alcohol in Mississippi is Bridge to Recovery, which provides luxury accommodation for patients battling addiction. Residents can access spa facility, gym, swimming pool, and golfing area.

The facility provides a gender-specific Intensive Outpatient Program which lets the patient continue a regular life maintaining daily responsibilities, but at the same time being committed to a focused program of recovery. The treatment is based on the AA 12-step program, and patients have to attend group meetings, individual counseling, and friends and family night.

Read more about Bridge to Recovery here.

Mississippi – Home Of Top Alcohol Addiction Rehab Centers

Like other states in the US, Mississippi also undergoes an ongoing battle with alcohol abuse. That is why, the state offers numerous modern alcohol rehab facilities, with holistic and traditional treatments, inpatient and outpatient treatments, and many other facilities to address the needs of each patient. Call one of Mississipi alcohol abuse hotlines to discover the full list of options.

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