Alcohol Rehab Centers In Minnesota: Top 10 MN Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Minnesota

Alcohol is still one of the most commonly abused substances in Minnesota, leading to a high rate of morbidity and mortality. It causes several adverse physical and mental complications, which may significantly lower one’s quality of life. It is the primary drug of abuse among adults in Minnesota admitted to substance abuse treatment programs.

Statistics On Alcohol Abuse In MN

These are the recent trends of alcohol dependence and its complications in Minnesota.

  • In a 2015 survey, 5.5% of adults in Minnesota met the criteria of alcohol use disorder
  • The report revealed that 10% of people aged 18-20 years, and 13% of people aged 20-24 met the criteria for alcohol use disorder.
  • The rate of 100% of alcohol-attributable deaths increased by approximately 94% between 2000 and 2017.
  • This 100 % of alcohol-attributable deaths were most common in adults 50 years and older.
  • The deaths were also more common among American Indians in Minnesota: Between 2012 to 2016, the rates of 100% alcohol-attributable deaths among American Indians were four times the rates in whites.

New Life Treatment Center, Woodstock

One of the top alcohol rehab centers in Minnesota, New Life Treatment Center offers residential treatment services and outpatient rehab programs for adults struggling with drinking problems. The facility also provides a Christian-based program for alcoholics. It is also one of the few rehab centers for alcohol in Minnesota that provide on-site detoxification.

The residential rehab program lasts 30-45 days and involves individual counseling sessions, group therapy, and family therapy sessions. Family involvement during treatment is a top priority to help clients address family issues that may play a role in their addiction. Family visitation is allowed once a week, with the condition that the visitor is at least 12 years of age.

After completing treatment, clients may enroll for aftercare or the center’s eight-week outpatient program for support and counseling during the recovery period.

Located an hour from Sioux falls in South Dakota, this center can house 21 residents at any given time, with three to four residents in each room. The center also provides recreational opportunities with lounges, basketball courts, and volleyball courts, where each resident is assigned time slots.

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The Retreat, Wayzata

The Retreat is one of the top alcohol abuse centers in Minnesota, offering both residential and non-residential alcohol rehab programs for adults with drinking problems.

Treatment services offered at The Retreat are based on the 12-step model of treatment, as well as Alcoholic Anonymous meetings. Most clients in the residential treatment program receive on-site therapy for 30 days, but stay may extend up to 90 days.

People who are unable to commit to this duration of the residential program may receive an alternative evening option, which runs for 18 weeks.

The Retreat is located within a serene environment, with forests and natural trials surrounding, allowing clients ample exposure to nature. This alcohol center has 80 beds, as well as fitness centers and meditation rooms.

Visit the official website of The Retreat alcohol treatment center for more details.

Beauterre Recovery Institute, Owatonna

Beauterre Recovery Institute in Owatonna, Minnesota, is a holistic addiction rehab center for adults struggling with alcohol addiction. It is one of Minnesota’s 180 alcohol centers that provide treatment for people with dependence and other concurrent mental disorders.

Located on 180 acres of pasturage, an hour south of Saint Paul, Beauterre Recovery Institute offers a wide range of holistic treatments, including yoga, acupuncture, equine therapy, mindfulness exercises, and biofeedback sessions. After completing treatment, clients are still followed up with phone call and online counseling for up to a year.

Clients also have recreational opportunities, as the center has fitness centers, basketball and tennis courts, and walking trails to help clients boost their physical health while still receiving treatment for heavy drinking.

This alcohol treatment center boasts of a highly trained team of professionals led by a psychiatrist as its medical director, board certified in psychiatry, addiction medicine, and addiction psychiatry.

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The Mayo Clinic, Rochester

The Mayo Clinic of Rochester, MN, established in 1972, provides individualized treatment plans for adults struggling with heavy drinking. The alcohol rehabilitation center runs one of Minnesota’s 104 residential programs that run chemical dependency treatment services for adults aged 18 and older.

To be enrolled for treatment, Mayo Clinic requires that clients call the center to request for assessment. Alternatively, clients can choose to be referred by their local healthcare providers to receive treatment at Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic offers an intensive addiction program, in which clients spend one month in individual and group therapy sessions. It’s outpatient rehab program also lasts this long but usually involves half-day addiction treatment services, as well as personal and group therapy sessions.

Mayo Clinic has a team of addiction specialists, addiction psychiatrists, registered nurses, and licensed mental health professionals that provide intensive care for clients. It also has internal medicine specialists, a chaplain, and recreational therapists to offer additional support and treatment services to clients. The center boasts of a staff-to-client ratio of 1:5.

To learn more about Mayo Clinic’s alcohol treatment services, visit the center’s official website.

Fountain Centers, Austin

Fountain Centers of Austin is one of the facilities run by the Mayo Clinic Health System. These alcohol centers offer intensive outpatient programs for adults and teens struggling with drinking problems. Treatment in these centers is said to be most suitable who require a flexible treatment schedule.

Participants receive an individualized treatment plan that involves individual sessions, family therapy, 12-step treatment meetings, and cognitive behavioral therapy sessions. The centers also offer day- and evening- aftercare treatment programs, which lasts between six to 12 weeks, for those who have completed the intensive treatment.

Outpatient treatment services in the Fountain Centers of Austin are provided by four licensed alcohol drug abuse counselors (LADCs), led by an addiction physician.

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Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Plymouth

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation offers alcohol treatment services for young people between the ages of 12 and 25, who are struggling with dependence.

This facility provides outpatient rehab treatment, residential treatment programs, as well as on-site detoxification.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation campus in Plymouth, Minnesota can provide residential care to 107 clients at any given time; six in detox, 34 between the ages of 12 and 15, and 67 for people aged 16-25. There are four beds per room in gender-specific units, with structures in place for each client in a room to enjoy their privacy.

The Plymouth campus of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is led by a medical director, who is triple-board certified in adolescent psychiatry, general psychiatry, and addiction medicine. The facility also boasts of having licensed mental health professionals, licensed alcohol counselors, and a nursing staff that provide round-the-clock care.

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Zumbro Valley Health Center – Chemical Health Services, Rochester

Zumbro Valley Health Center in Rochester, Minnesota, is a nonprofit group that provides long- and short-term treatment and rehabilitation for adults and teens with alcohol drinking problems.

The alcohol center also provides monitored sobriety, DWI classes, drug testing, and 24-hour detox services for residents of 12 counties in Southeast Minnesota. This alcohol abuse center is one of 72 centers in Minnesota that provide services to DUI clients.

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Phoenix Recovery Programs, Mankato

Phoenix Recovery Programs, in Mankato, MN, provides outpatient and residential rehabilitation and recovery programs for adults and adolescents with drinking problems. This private nonprofit treatment center offers residential treatment on four campuses, including the Mankato campus.

The alcohol addiction center’s programs are based on the principles of the 12-step model and dialectical approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational enhancement therapy. Therapists also teach clients about goal setting, physical training, and healthy nutrition.

The outpatient program offered at the Mankato campus also offers on-site school programs coordinated by the local school district. During the 90 days duration of the outpatient programs, clients can attend school between 9 AM and 12 PM every day.

The Mankato campus of Phoenix Recovery Programs boasts of a highly-trained team of clinical professionals including a psychologist, licensed alcohol abuse counselors, licensed mental health professionals, social workers, and a teacher.

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River Ridge – A Woman’s Way Residential Treatment, Burnsville

Located in Burnsville, Minnesota, Women’s Way Residential Treatment offers residential and outpatient rehab programs for alcohol dependence targeted at specific genders. The center uses a treatment approach that is unique to each gender, based on a principle that men and women behave and respond to treatment differently.

The Glen Creek lodge is the center’s residential rehab center for men, housing 16 residents at a given time. This center has a friendly atmosphere, with access to a park and a lake. A Woman’s Way is the second residential treatment center but specifically designed to house only female clients.

Residents engage in individual therapy, group programs, and family therapy, as well as relapse prevention programs, health education, medication management services, dialectical behavioral therapy, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.

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The Gables, Rochester

The Gables provides residential alcohol treatment for adult women with drinking issues. The treatment services are offered at varying intensities – low, moderate, and high concentrations, and are most suitable for women who have sought treatment elsewhere but have not achieved recovery.

The Gables does not provide on-site detoxification.

Treatment offered at the Gables is hinged on the 12-step principles and dialectical treatment approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Treatment is provided in group and individual therapy sessions, with a focus on sober living, relapse prevention, nutrition, and self-esteem training.

This alcohol center is located in a serene neighborhood in Rochester, with clients resident in a four-story, English Tudor mansion. This residential facility accommodates up to 30 clients at a given time.

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Beating Alcohol Addiction in Minnesota

Over the last two decades, the rates of alcohol use and its complications have risen significantly. A recent report by the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division of the Minnesota Department of Human Services show it is the number one reason for admission into rehab facilities. With the availability of rehab programs, people addicted to alcohol can access professionals and resources needed to achieve full recovery by calling one of Minnesota alcoholism helplines.

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