Alcohol Rehab Centers In Michigan: Top 10 MI Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Michigan

Individuals with alcohol addiction issues in Michigan have access to many different options when it comes to treatment. Facilities in the region are equipped with both residential care programs, along with outpatient treatments, that can be tailored to the person’s unique requirements. People who do not have access to the finances required to access alcoholism treatment services can opt for financing or undergo treatment through health insurance programs. In some cases, free rehabilitation centers in the state of Michigan may be an alternative option.

Michigan State Alcoholism Statistics

According to the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, alcoholism is becoming a public health issue in Michigan. In addition to alcohol dependency becoming a concern in the state, the government also reports that co-occurring disorders are an important issue to be taken into consideration as well.

Some of the essential statistics that have been reported include:

  • 60% of adults in Michigan state have had an alcoholic beverage in the last 30 days.
  • 27% of adults in Michigan participated in binge drinking within the previous 30 days.
  • 10% of adolescents in Michigan binge drank in the last 30 days.
  • 16% of adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 had an alcoholic beverage in the past 30 days.

Mid-Michigan Recovery Services

The Mid-Michigan Recovery Services Center is an alcohol rehab accredited by the CARF association. The company provides treatments to thousands of people every year. Patients can undergo treatment at the center through cash payments or with the use of a medical insurance program. Furthermore, the facility believes that no one should be refused treatment if they do not have access to health insurance.

The alcohol rehabilitation center has been providing addiction recovery services since the year 1967.
They recently merged with another rehab center in order to expand their service offerings and to make the programs already offered even stronger than before. Mid-Michigan Recovery Services offer residential treatment services, along with a range of outpatient treatment programs. Click here to learn about the services offered by this facility.

Voice Drug Rehab Sterling Heights

Voice Drug Rehab for alcohol addiction is located in Sterling Heights and specialized in providing individuals with alcoholism access to affordable inpatient programs. The facility is open 24/7 and accepts patients as they require the addiction recovery services that are provided by the company. They are assessed on an individual basis, where a professional staff member will consider the severity of the addiction suffered by them.

A personalized treatment plan will be developed for the patient. The individual will be provided with individual sessions with a trained clinician, while also undergoing several group therapy sessions to assist in the recovery of their disorder. The inpatient treatment period will depend from patient-to-patient, as some may require longer-term treatment compared to others. Learn more about the inpatient alcohol rehab by clicking here.

Life Treatment Centers

Since 1972, Life Treatment Centers have been providing professional alcohol recovery services to people in need. The founder and CEO of the center have a goal of ensuring everyone who comes for treatment to the facility knows that they are not alone in the process of recovery. The company has been accredited by the CART association, and they are a member at the Division of Mental Health and Addiction.

Life Treatment Centers offer patients access to various specialized treatment sessions. The drug and alcohol rehab primarily focuses on outpatient-based treatment programs for alcoholism. There is also an aftercare program available that people can utilize to assist in preventing relapse after the primary treatment has been completed. Click here to find out more about the alcohol dependency treatment programs available at this facility in Michigan.

man on a personal consultation at the rehab

Stanford House

Stanford House operates two different facilities in Michigan. This includes the House at John Street, a well as the House at Cherry Street. Each of these rehabilitation centers for alcohol addiction offers gender-specific housing for male and female patients who need alcoholism recovery services. These two drug alcohol rehab centers are focused on providing patients access to residential care programs. This ensures medical supervision can be offered to them while they are recovering from their addiction disorder.

The rehab for alcohol abuse also operates an outpatient center where patients can be treated if their symptoms are less severe. They are provided a schedule to attend counseling sessions in both one-on-one settings and in groups. The facility accepts a large number of insurance providers, including UnitedHealthcare and Aetna. Visit the official website to learn more.

Home of New Vision

Home of New Vision focuses on helping the patient overcome their alcohol addiction by showing them the way to change and a new way of living their lives. The alcohol rehab center utilizes evidence-based practices to help them overcome their substance dependency disorders but also ensures that every person who comes to them for help are provided with a tailored treatment program that focuses on their specific needs – such as the severity of their addiction, as well as the duration of their disorder.

Home of New Vision is a fully-accredited facility. They hold an accreditation from the CARF association.

The alcoholism rehab is also fully licensed by the Michigan Department of Community Health, as well as the Bureau of Substance Abuse and Addiction.
They are provided access to recovery housing if they require residential treatment. Outpatient services are also available through the clinical treatment programs available at the company. Read more about the Home of New Vision’s alcohol rehabilitation program by visiting their website.

Sobriety House Inc

Sobriety House Inc has an addiction treatment facility that is situated in Detroit, Michigan. The rehabilitation center for alcohol addiction is considered one of the best alcohol rehabs in the local area. All treatments offered by this company focuses on providing individualized services that cater to the particular needs of everyone. The patient is welcomed into a community living program at Sobriety House, where they will be granted access to both individual therapy sessions, as well as group counseling programs.

Sobriety House Inc also has a range of recreational therapy programs available. Amenities at the alcohol abuse center include a basketball course, weight lifting equipment, onsite walking activities, and more. Persons who have completed an alcohol dependency program are also provided access to follow-up care services to help them overcome their addiction in the long-term and avoid a relapse in the future. Learn more about how this alcohol abuse rehab helps patients with alcoholism recover successfully here.

A Forever Recovery

A Forever Recovery believes that their unique approach to addiction recovery in patients who suffer from alcoholism is the attributable factor to their high success rates. The alcohol rehab treatment center has a simple admissions process that they can complete to gain access to the individualized treatment services they require for a higher chance of recovery from alcoholism. The facility accepts a number of different health insurance programs, including Humana and AmeriHealth, ensuring more people can gain access to the recovery services they need.

Patients treated at this center for alcohol and drug services initially starts with a detoxification period. Following treatment in the alcohol detox center, the person is provided access to sessions with a trained counselor. Group therapy sessions are also in place to further assist the person in need, along with supplemental activities. Click here to read more about what this alcohol treatment center offers to the community.

man in hospital bed during alcohol detoxification

Dawn Farm Spera Center

Dawn Farm Spera Center is an alcohol rehab in Michigan and focuses on ensuring patients can gain access to affordable recovery treatment programs to help them with the alcoholism that they might be suffering from. The center is a non-profit organization and has different types of treatment options available, along with support services that help them get through recovery.

Treatment options at an alcohol recovery center include detoxification services, residential treatment programs, and outpatient treatment services. Transitional housing programs are also available for people who graduate from a residential care program. Learn more about how Dawn Farm Spera Center treats patients here.

Harbor Hall Residential

Harbor Hall Residential is an alcohol rehabilitation center that focuses on long-term recovery services. They are provided drug and alcohol rehabilitation through an inpatient setting to ensure medical supervision is always available during the recovery and withdrawal periods. The facility is fully licensed in the state of Michigan and has also been accredited for the treatment programs that are available to the person who comes to Harbor Hall Residential for support.

Treatment programs at this rehab center for alcohol addiction include withdrawal management, long-term residential care, and transitional living programs. Some may be provided access to outpatient services, depending on the symptoms presented during the patient’s initial assessment by a licensed clinician at the admissions office. Click here to learn more about this alcohol addiction treatment center.

Freedom Recovery Center

Freedom Recovery Center is a center for alcohol and drug treatment that specializes in providing patients access to outpatient services. They will need to clock into both individual and group counseling sessions based on a schedule provided to them. Outpatient alcohol rehab also has a range of recovery support services, along with medication-assisted treatment options for certain patients. Each person is assessed to provide them with a tailored and personalized program.

While Freedom Recovery Center is a cash-only facility, the staff members can provide support to people who are in a financial crisis.
The facility can also refer the patient to free alcohol rehab centers. This ensures persons without access to finances can still gain access to recovery services. The company has been providing addiction recovery services to patients in the Northern Michigan region for almost one decade. To read more about the services at this alcohol addiction rehab, click here.

Recovering From Alcohol Dependency In Michigan

More than 65,000 people in the Michigan state are admitted to alcohol rehabilitation centers each year. The statistics on admission for patients with alcohol dependency issues are continually increasing. People with these issues have access to multiple alcohol rehab centers in Michigan, who can assist in providing them access to alcohol rehabilitation services. Both residential treatment services and outpatient programs are available.

People who may not have access to the appropriate funds to undergo treatment can apply for financial services. While not all alcohol rehab facilities do offer to finance, there are some who do provide patients access to such services. There are also several free alcohol rehabs that patients can make use of if they do not have the appropriate funds or have access to a medical insurance program. The complete list of the cost-free facilities can be discovered during the conversation with Michigan alcohol abuse helplines.

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