Alcohol Rehab Centers In Massachusetts: Top 10 MA Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has a problem with both alcohol and drug addiction. Adults and adolescents all partake in binge drinking, leading to accidents and injuries. It is vital for the population in Massachusetts to understand that access to an alcohol treatment center is available.

Such a facility would be able to provide treatment options that can assist the individual in overcoming dependency on alcohol, and help the person adopt a path to a sober road in their lives. Free alcohol rehab can be accessed by individuals who do not have access to appropriate funds, while paid options are available for people looking for a more luxurious experience.

Alcohol Use Statistics In Massachusetts

Alcohol usage among the citizens of Massachusetts is relatively high. The state of Massachusetts has reported alcohol consumption statistics for both adults, as well as adolescents and high school students in the area. These statistics mean there is a cause for concern in the state of Massachusetts for reducing the rate of binge drinking and heavy alcohol usage. This can, in turn, yield a reduction in the rate of alcoholism.

Some statistics reported include:

  • According to the CDC, an estimated 1,370 individuals in Massachusetts died in an accident while under the influence of alcohol during the years 2003 and 2012
  • An estimated 2.2% of the population in Massachusetts report that they frequently drive while intoxicated – the national average is lower at 1.9%
  • According to the MA Department of Health, around 40% of admissions to rehabs and hospitals when substance abuse is the reason for the admission accounts for alcoholism
  • The Office of Adolescent Health Massachusetts report that approximately 13% of the population in the state started to drink before they turned 13
  • An estimated 34% of adolescents in the state consume one or more drinks per month
  • Among adolescents in the state, an estimated 18% participates in binge drinking once or more every month

Banyan Massachusetts

Banyan Massachusetts has a drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington that focuses on providing specialized treatment programs for patients with alcoholism issues, as well as those with drug addictions. Individuals can come to the alcohol rehab center in Massachusetts to obtain help for themselves or a loved one. The alcohol and alcoholism rehab does not offer a residential program with a housing facility. Instead, people are provided access to partial hospitalization programs, as well as outpatient and intensive outpatient programs.

Admission at Banyan Massachusetts starts with the individual verifying the benefits of their medical insurance program. Insurance programs accepted include Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, MultiPlan, Magellan Healthcare, and more. Visit the official Banyan Massachusetts website for more information.

New England Treatment Center

New England Treatment Center is part of the Spectrum Health Systems. The alcohol recovery center focuses on providing assistance to individuals immediately and can process admissions for walk-in patients – there is no need for the person to make an appointment beforehand.

The alcohol addiction rehab is located in Westborough, Massachusetts, and consists of a campus where the people who come to the company for treatment can reside during their program.

The alcohol addiction treatment center offers people who are treated for their alcoholism a lot of options. This includes walking areas, an outdoor patio, a media room, and a fitness center. All treatments are patient-centered and focused on evidence-based approaches to help the individual overcome their addiction. Learn more about the New England Treatment Center here.

Northeast Addictions Treatment

The Northeast Addictions Treatment Center focuses on personalized treatment programs that are created individually for every person admitted. Expert clinicians and counselors can assess the person and see what type of program would be most suited to their condition, including the severity of their alcoholism.

People treated at the Northeast Addictions Treatment Center are given access to group therapy and individualized therapy sessions. There is also didactic therapy available to individuals. Other treatments include cognitive behavior therapy, internal family systems, and expressive therapy. Admission at the company starts with the person verifying their insurance benefits. To read more about treatment at this facility, click here.

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Serenity at Summit New England

Serenity at Summit New England is an alcohol rehabilitation center situated in Haverhill and specializes in various services that focuses on helping the patient overcome their dependency on alcohol. A variety of services are offered to patients at the single alcohol and drug rehab to ensure the unique needs of every person can be adequately met. This is one of the few drug and alcohol rehab centers that offer stabilization services to individuals who need to overcome their addiction to alcohol.

In addition to the clinical stabilization services, this center for alcohol and drug treatment also offers Acute Treatment Services to provide individuals access to therapy sessions with a trained counselor, as well as group therapy sessions. All procedures at the inpatient alcohol rehab follow evidence-based therapy services. To learn about the treatments offered by this alcohol rehab, click here.

Time To Change

Time To Change is a professional alcohol rehabilitation center that is open 24/7 to ensure individuals with alcoholism can come in at any time to obtain the help that they would need for recovery to be possible to them. The drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility has helped many individuals in Massachusetts gain access to quality services to assist in recovery from alcohol dependency.

Individuals can gain access to personalized treatment at this rehab for alcohol dependency. The patient is analyzed based on their unique requirements. An alcohol rehabilitation program will then be compiled to help the person overcome the addiction that they are suffering from. The program may include detox services, thanks to the alcohol detox center, as well as an inpatient or outpatient treatment. Take advantage of Time To Change to assist in alcoholism treatment by clicking here.

Spectrum Health Systems

Spectrum Health Systems operate multiple drug alcohol rehab centers that assist in the recovery of alcoholism and other types of substance abuse disorders.

Alcohol rehab in Massachusetts also focuses on other services and provides a range of different educational resources to individuals in the state of Massachusetts.
There are two various admission offices that the individual can make use of. One specializes in outpatient services, while the other office focuses on inpatient and residential treatment programs.

Spectrum Health Systems have facilities in Leominster, Waltham, North Adams, Westborough, Millbury, Milford, Saugus, Marlborough, and more. A person will need to be assessed by a professional at the admissions office to ensure the right type of program can be provided to them for the recovery of their alcoholism. More details can be found here.

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Hope House Inc

Hope House has a mission to ensure every single person who is treated for alcohol dependency at their facility is provided access to an individualized treatment program. The alcohol rehab focuses on substance abuse disorders and also understands that family members of a person with an addiction are often also affected by the disease.

Both residential treatment and outpatient services are available to individuals who come to Hope House for assistance. The rehab for alcohol abuse can also provide people access to housing programs that offer them a place to stay while they are being treated for their addiction. Learn more about this alcohol abuse rehab here.

High Point Treatment Center

High Point Treatment Center is a network of different alcohol addiction rehab centers that work together to ensure individuals in the Massachusetts region can get the help they need to recover from alcoholism and avoid the many adverse effects and complications that come with an alcohol addiction disorder.

The alcohol rehab centers that for part of this company include the High Point Hospital, the Plymouth Campus, New Bedford Complex, the Brockton Meadowbrook Campus, as well as residential services and an outpatient center. To read more about these alcohol rehabilitation centers in Massachusetts that are part of the company, click here.

Good Samaritan Medical Center

The Good Samaritan Medical Center offers a range of treatment services that are focused at individuals who are struggling to overcome a substance abuse disorder, including alcoholism. The admission process is by appointment only, but making an appointment is relatively easy – the process can be completed on the company’s website.

Alcoholism rehab has both inpatient and outpatient programs that can help to treat the individual. The long-term alcohol rehab is equipped with nurse practitioners, nurses, case managers, counselors, mental health associates, and clinical evaluators. To find out more about the Good Samaritan Medical Center, click here.

AdCare Hospital

AdCare Hospital is primarily a residential treatment unit where individuals can come for a full treatment experience if they have an addiction to alcohol and other substances.

This is a four-story hospital with 114 beds that can accommodate people undergoing inpatient treatment programs.
The hospital is equipped with nurses, physicians, clinicians, and other qualified staff members.

Treatment starts with an inpatient detoxification period for the first 24 hours. After this period, the individual is transferred to a residential treatment unit, where they undergo a long-term recovery process to ensure they can walk out of AdCare Hospital in a sober state. Find out how to gain access to addiction treatment at this alcohol and drug recovery center by clicking here.

Alcoholism Rehabilitation In Massachusetts

There were 98,944 admissions of adults in Massachusetts to an alcohol or drug rehab in 2017. This is an increase from the two previous years, with 95,057 admissions recorded in 2016 and 95,563 in 2015. Individuals in Massachusetts struggling with alcohol addiction are given access to a large number of facilities in the state where they can gain access to treatment programs and alcoholism services. This includes residential treatments, as well as partial hospitalization programs and outpatient assistance.

Since the finances required to undergo addiction recovery treatment can be an issue for some people, it is crucial to understand that free rehabs are available. Furthermore, individuals who are covered under a healthcare insurance program may be able to undergo treatment with no or minimal payment from their side. Financial assistance might also be available to some patients, which makes treatment more affordable and often allows the individual to pay off the program provided to them after their recovery. Massachusetts alcohol helplines can assist in choosing the most affordable options.

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