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Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Maine

With more than half of the adult population in Maine drinking alcohol at least on one occasion every month, there is a high risk of substance abuse and alcoholism among the citizens. The concern for alcohol and alcoholism in the state does not only affect adults but also extend to the adolescent population. Individuals in Maine are advised to be acknowledged about the potential complications that alcohol abuse may cause. Risks include liver-related complications, cognitive dysfunction, and many other adverse health effects. Being admitted to one of the top alcohol rehab centers in Maine can provide these individuals with an effective way to recover from their alcohol dependency problems and lead to a successful recovery.

Alcohol Usage Facts And Figures In Maine

The governmental institutes in Maine have gathered various statistical reports and conducted surveys to assist in providing a more detailed overview of alcohol usage in the local population. The data is quite alarming in both adult and adolescent populations, leading to a concern that a solution is needed to address the possible risks of alcoholism among the citizens who reside in Maine.

Some statistics that have been reported by official Maine authorities are listed below.

  • Among the adult population, an estimated 57% consumes one or more alcohol beverages on at least one day of each month.
  • An estimated 15% of the adult population in the state binge drinks at least once every month.
  • Approximately 5% of the adult population in Maine are heavy drinkers.
  • Heavy drinking is the most significant concern among adults aged between 35 and 44 within the state.
  • Binge drinking seems to be a more significant problem among individuals aged between 25 and 34.
  • About 28% of high school students drink alcohol on one or more occasions every month.
  • According to the HHS, an estimated 15% of the population in Maine had their first alcoholic beverage before they reached the age of 13.
  • An estimated 12% of adolescents in the state binge drinks on one or more occasions within any given month.

Recovery Maine Restoration House

Recovery Maine Restoration House offers addiction treatment services to both men and women. The alcohol recovery center focuses on substance abuse therapies, as well as offers several community resources to individuals who come to the facility to help them reach sobriety. All treatments aim to improve the patient’s overall quality of life while helping with the recovery from alcohol dependency.

The alcohol treatment center operated by this company is located in North Berwick. The rehab center for alcohol addiction has been licensed by local authorities in Maine and welcomes all individuals to undergo outpatient treatments. Transitional housing programs are also available. A single program has been developed, but will always be customized according to the individual’s initial consultation at the alcohol rehab center. Learn more by clicking here.

Liberty Bay Recovery Center

Liberty Bay Recovery Center offers different types of treatment services to ensure the individual needs of every person who needs recovery can gain access to the specific services that they might require.

The alcoholism rehab initially starts many treatments with a detox period, which often lasts about 24 hours. There are two types of residential programs available – one lasts 30 days and the other 60 days.

An intensive outpatient program is also offered to individuals at this rehabilitation center for alcohol dependency. Many patients can undergo treatment with an active health insurance policy. The administration staff at the long term alcohol rehab can verify the person’s insurance benefits. The alcohol abuse center is located in Portland. To learn more about the programs, click here.

Discovery House of South Portland

Discovery House of South Portland has different options available for individuals who are struggling with an addiction. The drug and alcohol rehab offers 24/7 appointment scheduling, which means individuals with substance abuse problems can get in touch with the facility at any given time.

The drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility accepts the majority of health insurance providers. There are no intake fees if the patient is covered through Medicaid, United Health Care, or Amerigroup. Treatments are customized to suit the needs of the patient. Find out more about this rehab here.

patient at the appointment with a doctor

Day One

Day One is primarily a teen alcohol treatment rehab. In addition to providing a way of treating alcoholism, the alcohol and drug recovery center are also able to assist in the treatment of other substance abuse disorders. The rehab for alcohol abuse focuses on providing addiction treatment services to the youth of Maine and is located in South Portland. Apart from treating existing addictions, a series of prevention and intervention services are also offered at Day One.

Residential services are provided to individuals when their symptoms and the addiction they suffer from is more dangerous. In other cases, the person may preferably be provided with an intensive outpatient program. This type of treatment would include group therapy, as well as individual counseling, on specific days of the week. For more information about this center for alcohol and drug services, click here.


MaineHealth is a relatively large organization that is owned by the local government. The institute offers a range of different services, including alcohol rehab programs. The alcohol center that provides addiction treatment ensures each patient who comes to them will be treated with respect and offered an individualized plan to guarantee a successful recovery.

MaineHealth also focuses on both the mental and physical well-being of the individual who comes to them. When a person presents signs of alcoholism, the individual will not only be provided access to counseling to address their addiction, but co-occurring disorders will also be taken into account. Click here to learn more about this alcohol rehabilitation center.

Foundation House

Foundation House is located in Portland, Maine. The alcohol addiction rehab is situated in a ranch-like setting where individuals are provided access to a range of services that complement their addiction treatment program. Several outings and adventures form part of the treatment services that the alcohol rehabilitation facility can offer individuals with alcohol dependency issues.

Several types of therapeutic solutions and treatment programs are available at this alcohol rehab center in Maine. This includes a holistic approach to addiction treatment, as well as experiential therapies. Individuals are also given access to a therapeutic float spa, along with other amenities. Learn more about the holistic alcohol rehabilitation center by visiting their website.

Teen Challenge New England

Teen Challenge New England has a facility situated in Winthrop, Maine. Here, the youth of Maine who is experiencing difficulties with alcohol and other substances can come to recover.

The rehab for alcohol abuse has a unique program that is adjusted to each of the individuals who come to the facility to accommodate every need of the patient.
This is a Christian alcoholism rehab center primarily, but individuals of other religions are also welcomed here.

The length of a personalized program depends on the person’s symptoms. The treatments at the alcohol rehab focus on helping to restore hope and strength in the individual and empowering them to recover from their addiction and enter a road to sobriety and success. Continue reading more about this alcohol addiction treatment center here.

Mid Coast Hospital Addiction Resource Center

Mid Coast Hospital is a large facility that offers a range of different medical services. The Addiction Resource Center focuses on providing individuals access to services and resources that promote sobriety and assist the person in their journey toward recovery from alcohol addiction. Treatments are entirely confidential, and individuals can start with a consultation with an intake specialist at the center for alcohol and drug treatment.

There are two locations where individuals can take advantage of these recovery services. One is situated in Damariscotta and the other in Brunswick. These drug alcohol rehab centers are fully accredited, and all services are provided by licensed counselors and highly experienced nurses. To learn more about alcohol and drug rehab, visit their website.

Open Door Recovery Center

Open Door Recovery Center was first opened in 1984 and has since provided their substance abuse treatment services to thousands of patients. The alcohol abuse rehab has also expanded over the years and now serves individuals in more than three different counties. Staff members at these alcohol rehabilitation centers believe that treatment should be accommodated with compassion to ensure the individual has the best chance at a successful recovery over the long-term.

The admission process at these alcohol addiction rehab centers demands that the individual first undergo a consultation with a counselor who is involved in the intake of new patients. The company also has a community program that further extends its reach to individuals suffering from alcoholism. Click here to read more.

man meeting the addiction counselor


Crossroads is a relatively large network of facilities that specializes in providing treatment services for different types of addictions. The Maine facility is located in Scarborough. This alcohol rehab treatment center does not only treat the individual’s addiction but also addresses any mental health conditions that the person experiences as a co-occurring disorder.

At Crossroads, loved ones and family members affected by the individual’s addiction are also offered access to counseling and support services. Addiction treatment programs are also personalized to the unique requirements of every person. For more information about Crossroads, visit the official website.

Recovering From Alcoholism In Maine

Since alcohol usage in Maine is relatively high, it is vital that the population understands alcoholism is a real problem. At the same time, these people should know that by accessing an alcohol rehabilitation program, they can successfully recover and they will be able to achieve sobriety. A relatively large number of alcohol rehabilitation programs are available at rehab facilities throughout the state. There are a couple of free alcohol rehab centers for individuals without access to funds or a health care program that gives them access to a paid plan.

Inpatient alcohol rehab can address more severe signs of addiction. Such a center would be able to assist in the cessation of alcohol and help the individual overcome their initial symptoms when withdrawal starts to occur. Most drug and alcohol rehab centers in Maine also offer outpatient services to those individuals that do not require close supervision while they undergo treatment for their recovery. Contact Maine alcohol addiction hotline for additional information about the treatment options.

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