Alcohol Rehab Centers In Louisiana: Top 10 LA Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Lousiana

Like every state in the United States, Louisiana is no stranger to substance abuse, and there are dozens of drug alcohol rehab centers here. For someone struggling with alcoholism and wanting to quit drinking, it can be overwhelming to choose the best alcohol rehab center in LA. Every rehab for alcohol is different, offering different therapies and catering to a specific clientele. When selecting the most appropriate alcohol rehabilitation program, it is crucial to see what their specialization is and whether it meets the needs of the recovering alcoholic. We list some of the best alcohol rehab centers in Louisiana and the facilities they offer to make a choice a little easier.

Alcoholism in Louisiana: What Do the Numbers Say?

Of the 88,000 deaths that occur due to excessive drinking in the United States each year, 1475 deaths occur in Louisiana. This is equivalent to approximately 50,000 years of potential life lost. The CDC Prevention Status Report for LA from 2013 revealed the following statistics:

  • A little over 16 percent of adults in Louisiana report binge drinking, which is slightly better than the national average of 18 percent.
  • Binge drinking among high school students is 23 percent, which is more than the national percentage. There are several alcohol rehab programs for teens in LA that provide specialized services to meet the needs of this age group.
  • The average consumption of alcoholic beverages per person above the age of 14 in LA is 2.5 gallons per year, above the national average of 2.3.
  • The taxes levied by Louisiana state on beer, wine, and distilled spirits are some of the lowest in the country. Research has shown that a modest increase in the prices of alcoholic beverages can bring about a measurable reduction in consumption.
  • Fortunately, Louisiana strictly regulates the density of outlets selling alcoholic beverages through zoning and licensing. A higher frequency of outlets is associated with excessive drinking and associated problems such as violence and crime.
  •  The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Behavioral Health Barometer for Louisiana in 2014 found that binge drinking among LA citizens between the ages of 12 and 20 was similar to the national percentage. However, in absolute numbers, this translated to more than 90,000 people in Louisiana reporting binge drinking practices in the month before the survey. People who binge drink are more likely to end up in an alcohol and drug recovery center for treatment.
  • Six percent of individuals above the age of 12 in LA were afflicted by alcoholism in 2012-2013, which is slightly better than the national percentage of 6.7 percent.
  • Heavy drinking was reported by almost 8 percent of adults above age 21 in Louisiana, compared to the overall US figure of 6.8 percent. Alcohol addiction rehab centers in LA provide excellent treatment, but preventive measures are needed to nip the problem in the bud.
  • On a single day count in 2013, of all the people in LA enrolled in substance use treatment, about 14 percent were in treatment for alcoholism only while about 48 percent were in treatment for both drug abuse and alcoholism.

CADA Bossier Treatment Center

The Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (CADA) Bossier Treatment Center is a top rated rehabilitation center for alcohol in LA.

If the cost of alcohol rehab is a concern, this facility provides affordable addiction treatment without compromising on quality.
Staff at this institution administer 14 different treatment programs that meet the needs of people from all walks of life and different degrees of addiction.

This drug and alcohol rehabilitation center supports the whole family through a program that provides education for family members of recovering addicts. Find out more about CADA Bossier Treatment Center’s programs by visiting their website.

Acadiana Treatment Center

As a leading provider of addiction rehabilitation in Louisiana, Acadiana Treatment Center offers several levels of care to people battling substance abuse and mental health issues. This alcohol rehab center offers a residential program where the focus is on learning skills and adopting principles that ensure long-lasting sobriety. Clients at this center for alcohol and drug treatment are educated about the disease of addiction to give them better insight into what led to their alcoholism.

This is not a free alcohol rehab in LA, however. The facility accepts self-pay and private insurance but does not accept Medicare/Medicaid. Visit the Acadiana Treatment Center’s official website to learn more.

Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch

Parents or guardians of adolescent boys looking for alcohol rehab for teens should consider Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch in Sulphur, LA. This Christian alcoholism rehab admits teenage boys struggling with emotional and behavioral problems as well as substance abuse issues. The residential program removes the boys from the triggers and negative influences of their hometown and places them in a healthy environment, encouraging them to take a godly and upright path in life.

Separate bedrooms, a low student-to-staff ratio, and adventure-based learning are some of the things that make this one of the best alcohol rehabilitation programs in Louisiana. Learn more about Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch by calling them today.

teeenage boy in the bad neighbourhood

Townsend Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center

If committing to a full-time inpatient alcohol rehab is simply not possible, Townsend Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center provides individualized rehabilitation services on an outpatient basis. For the convenience of clients and to make treatment accessible to everyone, this alcohol addiction treatment center offers care at eight locations in Louisiana.

For example, the Baton Rouge facility is open Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm, and treatment is provided both during the day and evening. Adult men and women can enroll in the innovative programs offered at this rehab center for alcohol in LA. Visit Townsend website to learn more.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center

Located in Lafayette, this facility is one of Louisiana’s best-rated alcohol rehab centers. The highly experienced staff at this facility follow evidence-based protocols for detoxification. Clients are housed in comfortable living quarters and receive constant monitoring during the detox phase for safe and convenient addiction recovery.

This holistic alcohol rehabilitation program includes aftercare with ongoing counseling sessions to prevent relapse after formal treatment is completed.

This alcohol detox center also educates family members about addiction, the 12-steps program, and codependency. The official website for Victory Addiction Recovery Center has further information for recovering alcoholics and their families.

Two Dreams New Orleans

A team of expert clinicians provides intensive outpatient addiction treatment to recovering alcoholics at Two Dreams, a top-rated rehab for alcohol abuse in New Orleans. The convenient timings at this facility allow clients to continue working or studying and fulfilling their family responsibilities while obtaining alcoholism treatment. This alcohol rehab in LA is a safe, judgment-free place to start the healing process.

Trained counselors work under the supervision of physicians and walk prospective clients through their treatment options. Step-by-step guidance and transition programs make this one of the best rehab centers for alcohol in Louisiana. Check Two Dreams today to learn about the treatments offered by them.

Assisi Bridge House

For men who have undergone alcoholism rehab, Assisi Bridge House is a CARF-accredited sober living facility that aims to ease the transition into everyday life. The transitional residential program accepts adult men who have graduated from the ABH program and gives them the chance to live in a community setting before reintegrating into society. Alcohol rehabilitation at this facility supports the AA 12-steps program.

Residents at this alcohol rehabilitation center are given a treatment plan based on individual needs. Family members of recovering alcoholics are encouraged to participate in the recovery process. Find out more about their admission requirements by browsing the website.

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Avenues Recovery Center

This alcohol abuse rehab in Metairie, LA, offers a residential 90-day program that is individualized to the requirements of each client. Housed in clean contemporary facilities with bright and cheery décor, this alcohol center is a far cry from the typical clinical looking institutions.

The incorporation of wellness and nutrition as well as financial responsibility and life skills into the addiction treatment program makes this one of the most comprehensive alcohol rehabilitation centers in Louisiana. Find out more about Avenues Recovery Center to begin alcoholism recovery now.

Claire House

Established in 1989, Claire House provides residential alcohol rehab facilities to women struggling with substance abuse. This non-profit organization is a 12-bed facility with an additional 36 beds for children under age 12. This long term alcohol rehab offers intensive treatment lasting 6 to 12 months in duration. Residents participate in 12-step self-help groups as well as an individual, group, and family counseling.

Recreational activities are organized for comprehensive emotional and social healing. This gender-specific facility is one of the best alcohol rehab centers in Louisiana for women who want to restructure their lives. More information about the program offered at Claire House is available on their website.

Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center

Addiction is one of the most challenging things to overcome, and no one understands this better than the staff at Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center, one of the top alcohol rehabilitation centers in Louisiana.

The treatment program at this drug and alcohol rehab consists of medically supervised detoxification, four-phase inpatient therapy, family counseling, and relapse prevention.

Each client undergoes a thorough evaluation to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for them. Based on the 12-step principles, the treatment at this alcohol addiction rehab is based on the view that alcoholism is a manifestation of underlying issues which must be addressed for long-lasting recovery. Take the first step to overcoming alcoholism by browsing Woodlake portal.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Louisiana: Are They Doing Enough?

Close to 47 percent of Louisiana residents admit to consuming alcoholic beverages within the past month. Over 23 percent of people in the state report binge drinking. However, not all the statistics are bad news. A healthy 46 percent of LA residents perceive substantial risk from having five or more drinks once or twice a week. Despite the awareness that alcoholism is a real problem, many people in Louisiana end up needing care at an alcohol recovery center. But are the alcohol and drug rehab facilities doing enough?

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), only 6 percent of people in Louisiana who require treatment for alcohol abuse receive care at an alcohol treatment center each year. This means that an overwhelming 94 percent of individuals above the age of 12 who are struggling with alcoholism do not receive appropriate treatment at alcohol rehab.

One possible reason could be the cost of addiction treatment since there are not all that many free alcohol rehab centers in Louisiana. Besides, the state government needs to implement policy changes to reduce consumption by raising taxes on alcoholic beverages. For now, however, people struggling with alcoholism have access to an alcohol abuse center nearby either directly, or with the help of Louisiana alcohol abuse hotlines.

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