Alcohol Rehab Centers In Iowa: Top 10 IA Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

Binge drinking and heavy alcohol usage is a rising concern in the state of Iowa. The issue has been observed among both the younger and the older populations. Statistics show that adolescents in the state are also affected by binge drinking disorders, along with other types of substance abuse problems. With many alcohol rehabilitation centers in Iowa to choose from, patients are advised to undergo appropriate treatment when they develop an alcohol dependency. A personalized alcohol rehabilitation program can often be offered to the patient. This ensures the individual’s specific symptoms are targeted through such a treatment and provides the person access to counseling services that can address co-occurring disorders as well.

Alcohol Usage Statistics In Iowa

It is important for individuals who reside in Iowa to realize how much of impact alcoholism has on the state. This can help to provide a better understanding of why it is so crucial for patients suffering from these conditions to seek appropriate treatment at the various alcohol rehab facilities that are located in Iowa.

The United Health Foundation reports the following statistics regarding alcohol usage and abuse in the state of Iowa:

  • An estimated 21.1% of the Iowa population has a session of binge drinking on at least one occasion each month.
  • Men are more likely to participate in binge drinking among the local population in Iowa. An estimated 14.9% of women in the state and 27.4% of men frequently engage in binge drinking. Both of these statistics are higher than the national averages.
  • Individuals between the ages of 18 and 44 are most likely to participate in binge drinking among the local Iowa population. An estimated 30.8% of individuals within this age range binge drinks frequently. This rate is also higher than the national average, which has been reported at 24.4% in 2018.
  • Around 18.8% of individuals between the ages of 45 and 64 binge frequently drink in the state. The National average is 14.3%.

Powell Chemical Dependency

The Powell Chemical Dependency Center is part of the UnitPoint Health system and is located at the Iowa Lutheran Hospital. At this alcohol and drug rehab, individuals who are struggling to overcome an addiction can come to gain access to counseling services and alcoholism recovery services. There are multiple providers who can assist in addressing withdrawal and addiction symptoms that the patient is struggling to cope with. In many cases, outpatient services will be offered to the person at this alcohol treatment center.

The individual will be requested to sign in for appointments with group sessions or an individual treatment session with a counselor at dedicated times. Inpatient services may be offered to people with more severe symptoms of alcohol dependency. Learn more about this alcohol center here.

Prairie Ridge

Prairie Ridge is a treatment center that is dedicated to putting the patient first. The rehab for alcohol abuse is equipped with several treatment solutions that can assist in addressing alcoholism, as well as the withdrawal symptoms that people often tend to experience when they initially stop using alcohol. Treatment services at this alcohol recovery center also include mental health solutions, which would provide individuals access to counseling for co-occurring disorders as well.

Prairie Ridge also focuses on prevention programs that can act as an intervention for individuals who may be at a high risk of developing a dependency on alcohol. Walk-in evaluations are available. Both residential and outpatient treatment programs can be offered to the patient. Read more about the facility’s alcohol rehab programs by visiting their official website.

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The Abbey Center

The Abbey is a fully equipped addiction treatment center that focuses on various substance abuse disorders, including alcoholism. The goal of the treatment programs that are offered to individuals who come to this rehab center for alcohol abuse is not only to ensure the program is effective in treating the person’s addiction, but also to ensure that treatment is affordable.

The alcohol rehabilitation center has been accredited by the CARF association for the addiction treatment services they can offer people who come to them with alcohol abuse disorders. The center for alcohol and drug treatment was initially founded in 2008 and has since assisted thousands of patients in overcoming their addictions. Learn more about the alcohol and alcoholism facility by clicking here.

Zion Recovery Services

Zion Recovery Services offer a range of services that are focused on helping individuals in various parts of Iowa overcome alcohol dependency. The rehabilitation center for alcohol abuse has been operating locally in Iowa since 1981 and was recently awarded an official accreditation by the CARF International Association. Furthermore, the drug and alcohol rehab is also part of the local IDPH Integrated Provider Network and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Individuals considered to be high-risk patients are provided priority when it comes to treatment programs available at this alcohol rehab.
The company operates as an outpatient alcohol rehab. There are two different types of outpatient programs available, along with continuing care services. Read more about this alcohol rehab center here.

Sedlacek Chemical Dependency Treatment Center

The Sedlacek Treatment Center is part of the Mercy Cedar Rapids network of healthcare providers. This is a type of Christian alcoholism rehab where religion plays an important role in the patient’s overall road toward recovery. The alcohol abuse center recognizes the fact that addiction is an illness that progresses when not treated promptly, which is why they ensure the individual is provided a personalized treatment program as soon as possible.

The alcohol rehab treatment center was founded over three decades ago. At Sedlacek Chemical Dependency Treatment Center, individuals are offered to confidential services and also smaller group sizes than many of the other alcohol rehab centers. This provides a more personalized approach to treatment. Continue reading about the alcoholism rehab on their website.

Horizons Substance Abuse

The Horizons Substance Abuse Center is a family-centered recovery facility that understands the role that a person’s family tend to play in their journey to sobriety. The long term alcohol rehab also knows that the addiction that the patient suffers from tend to affect family members and loved ones as well. Education regarding recovery is the primary aim of the programs offered at the Horizons Substance Abuse Center.

A clinical evaluation is needed before the admission of a person to treatment at alcohol abuse rehab. Medical detoxification is available at the alcohol detox center at this particular facility. Inpatient programs are available, along with outpatient treatments. For more details about this center for alcohol and drug services, click here.

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Cornerstone Recovery Counseling

Cornerstone Recovery Counseling is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping families and children throughout the state of Iowa with a range of services. Several intervention and prevention programs are available to help avoid the progression of binge drinking toward alcoholism. The drug and alcohol rehabilitation company have offices in various locations throughout the state of Iowa.

Substance abuse treatment services are offered to individuals who present signs of alcohol abuse when they come in for an evaluation at the alcohol and drug recovery center. Mental health services are also provided to assist in targeting anxiety, depression, and other co-occurring disorders. Learn more about this rehab for alcohol abuse here.

St. Gregory Recovery Centers

St. Gregory Recovery Centers specializes in providing a full range of treatment services that help the person who is suffering from alcohol dependency recover and restore. The idea behind all services offered at this alcohol rehab is long-term and permanent recovery from alcoholism, instead of providing the person access to temporary relief of their dependency problems.

Recovery programs at these facilities are based on scientific research and evidence-based approaches; thus ensuring a higher chance of a successful outcome for every person admitted to one of the treatment plans. Learn more about these drug and alcohol rehab centers on their website.

Turning Point Treatment Center

Turning Point Treatment Center is part of the Mercy One network of health care services. The alcohol addiction treatment center can accommodate people through both inpatient and outpatient programs, depending on the particular requirements of the individual. This is why treatment starts with an initial consultation, which will help the intake staff members understand the unique needs of a patient.

These rehabilitation centers for alcohol addiction focuses both on alcoholism and co-occurring disorders that a person may present.
These co-occurring disorders are accounted for during the initial consultation and may include mood disorders, depression, and anxiety disorders. Learn more about the treatment programs at this alcohol addiction rehab by clicking here.

Resolutions Substance Abuse Services

Resolutions Substance Abuse Services believes in providing individuals who come to them for help in overcoming alcohol dependency problems a way to a new beginning. The alcohol rehab center in Iowa has been awarded an official CARF accreditation and provide a variety of treatment services that assist the individual in recovering from their addiction.

Alcohol rehab in Iowa can provide evaluations to new patients. While no residential treatment programs are offered, personalized and extended outpatient treatment protocols can be provided to individuals who suffer from alcoholism. Resolutions Substance Abuse Services accept various insurance programs. For more details about this alcohol rehabilitation center, click here.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs In Iowa

With the high number of individuals in Iowa participating in binge drinking, there is a definite risk for alcoholism among the population of this particular state. This leads to the concern of complications associated with addiction, such as an increase in health care costs, a higher risk for vehicle accidents, and individuals become more likely to suffer from work-related injuries. Alcoholism statistics in Iowa shows a trend that calls for an awareness of drug alcohol rehab centers that can assist patients with such issues.

There are various alcohol rehabilitation centers that individuals can access in the state, depending on their particular needs and whether or not they are covered by health insurance. Free alcohol rehab centers are available for people with no access to funds or a medical program. The cost of alcohol rehab depends from one location to another, but a summary of expected billing can be provided to a person during their initial consultation with a facility. The details about rehabs pricing can be discovered after the discussion with Iowa alcoholism helpline representatives.

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