Alcohol Rehab Centers In Indiana: Top 10 IN Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Indiana

Indiana tackled alcohol addiction by offering some of the best addiction centers in the US. Those looking to get rid of addiction can find here rehabilitation centers for alcohol which provide highly successful treatment plans, created according to their needs.

Alcohol Addiction Statistics In Indiana

According to HHS. gov, alcohol addiction in Indiana is a real problem not only among adults but teenagers too.

  • In 2015, 15% of high school students said they started consuming alcohol before the age of 13, and 6% reported they drove a vehicle after drinking
  • Between 2005 and 2015, almost 21,370 individuals in Indiana received treatment for substance addiction. From these, 34% accounted for alcohol addiction.
  • In 2011, 11% of the adults in the state reported heavy drinking
  • In 2015, 8,642 alcohol-related car accidents took place in Indiana, from which 152 were fatal
  • In 2014 there were 20,810 arrests for driving under the influence and 7,107 for public intoxication
  • Between 2000 and 2015, 6,571 people in Indiana died from alcohol-induced causes.

Choices Recovery, South Bend

This rehab for alcohol abuse is located in South Bend, Indiana, and it provides various addiction treatment programs.

The center emphasizes the inpatient treatment, which not only helps the patient become free from addiction but also learn how to prevent relapsing. Recovery also continues after the patient is discharged, through the aftercare program, where patients receive individual and group counseling.

The alcohol rehab treatment center in Indiana offers individual and group therapy, 12-step recovery, partial hospitalization, detox, intensive outpatient program, and aftercare.

Find out more about Choices Recovery here.

Shepherd’s House, Fort Wayne

Shepherd’s House is a Christian alcoholism rehab opened in 1998. The facility has a basis for its addiction treatment, Christian-based programs, and methods. The inpatient alcohol rehab in Indiana addresses adults who struggle with alcohol abuse.

Residents benefit from the 12-step program incorporated in CA and AA meetings.

Each patient has access to individual therapy and spiritual counselors throughout the structured treatment program.
Other services offered by this alcohol detox center in Indiana include wellness and life skills classes, computer workstations, and alcohol classes ‘Embracing Recovery.’

Access the center’s website and find out more about their addiction program.

Women in Transition, Angola

Another top rehab center for alcohol in Indiana is Women in Transition, which was opened in 2003. This non-profit alcohol abuse center addresses women dealing with addiction, helping them return to society and their families as clean contributing and active members.

Some of the residential programs provided by this rehabilitation center for alcohol include 12-step meetings, cognitive behavioral therapy, and social working time for three times a week. Each resident has to volunteer for 20 hours each week or find a fulltime job.

Find more information about Women in Transition here.

women support group meeting with therapist

The Thirteen Step House Inc, Fort Wayne

For more than half a century, this alcohol rehab center in Indiana has been helping men get rid of their addiction. A maximum of 42 residents can be accommodated, and each patient has to comply with the 12-step program. Each resident has to be employed or has 30 days to find a job or a sponsor to take part in the recovery program.

At this facility, the alcohol rehabilitation program in IN is personalized according to the patients’ needs and can vary from six to 18 months. It is based on the 12-step recovery plan, and each patient has to complete the first five steps in the first six months, attend at least four meetings each week from a total of 11.

Find out more about The Thirteen Step House.

Hickory House, Greenfield

Hickory House is located in a serene country setting, offering residents the privacy, comfort, and safety they need for a successful treatment outcome. A maximum of 14 patients is admitted at a time, allowing the staff to create a personalized, high-quality treatment plan for each of them. The luxury residence is spacious, offering plenty of space for relaxation and recreation.

This luxury alcohol rehab in IN has adopted a holistic approach in treating addiction. The alcohol center provides detox, residential, and outpatient programs for addiction and co-occurring mental illnesses.

The center has adopted holistic methods to treat addiction, helping patients achieve recovery through a mind-body focused program. Those who do not need residential treatment or have just completed it can opt for the Intensive Outpatient Program to reinforce recovery skills and sober living.

Find out more about the treatments offered by Hickory House by accessing their website.

Amethyst House, Bloomington

Among the best alcohol rehabilitation centers in Indiana is also Amethyst House in Bloomington. This center has two homes, one for women with children and one for men, offering full outpatient services to those who are ready to get rid of addiction.

Before enrolling in a treatment program, patients need to be sober for at least two weeks, and they are expected to get involved in the AA 12-step program. When a person comes to this alcohol treatment center in Indiana, the specialists will assess the proper level of care using the ASAM criteria, and then they will create a personalized treatment plan.

The groups include maximum of 12 participants, and each one is required to have a job or be financially secure.
Patients will attend AA meetings and comply with the center’s Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment Programs.

For more info about the treatments offered by the Amethyst House, please click here.

Indiana Center For Recovery, Bloomington

Indiana Center For Recovery is one of the best alcohol rehab centers in Indiana. The facility is located in a boutique style building which offers private recovery housing to those who want a comfortable and safe residential care.

The treatment offered by this alcohol rehab in IN is based on each client’s needs, and it includes trauma therapy, art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, motivational interviewing, cinema, equine, 12-step approach, acupuncture, yoga, relapse prevention planning, and nutrition among others.

Residents stay in private rooms, and the meals are prepared according to each resident’s dietary needs. The multidisciplinary team includes highly trained and experienced staff members dedicated to offering clients a hassle-free transition to a normal, happy life.

Read more about the highly successful treatment options here.

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Bridges Of Hope, Anderson

The mission of this alcohol rehabilitation center in Indiana is to offer top addiction treatment through individual therapy, education, personalized procedures, and assessments. The residential program includes 30 days of rehabilitation services, therapy, and education groups. Patients benefit from continuous supervision from the medical staff, and during the weekends, they have to attend 12-step recovery meetings.

The alcohol recovery center in Indiana also provides a partial hospitalization program with 25 hours of clinical services per week. The therapies are similar to those in the residential program, and patients have to option to stay in Transitional Housing.

Another option is the Intensive Outpatient Program with 9 hours per week of clinical services, from which one with the patient’s therapist. Both programs are aimed at helping the patient benefit from a healthy transition into society.

Find out more about Bridges Of Hope.

Bloomington Meadows Hospital, Bloomington

Located in Bloomington, Indiana, this addiction hospital can help adolescents and adults find reliable help in dealing with their dependence. The adult acute inpatient program includes individual, group and family counseling, recreational, art and music therapy, detox, meditation, nutritional counseling, and 24-hours nursing care.

Patients who do not need an inpatient program or who have just finished one and need more help can opt for the intensive outpatient program. This includes group therapy aimed at helping patients better handle stress addiction triggers and remain sober. The group topics deal with self-esteem, anxiety, problem-solving, coping skills, and substance abuse, among others.

Find out more about these treatments here.

Options Behavioral Health Hospital, Indianapolis

This alcohol rehab center in Indianapolis, Indiana, addresses both alcohol dependence and the possible underlying mental disorders. Each patient is assessed to determine the perfect treatment plan and therapies.

Some patients need medication management for a successful treatment result. The facility also provides individualized therapy where they can privately discuss how addiction has affected them, the possible causes, and what they expect from the treatment.

The group therapy is part of the inpatient program and takes place every day. The purpose is to connect patients, and bring them together to share experiences, discuss the effects of the treatment, what they are learning, and find ways of coping with their struggle.

Family therapy is aimed at relinking lost connections with the loved ones and teaching the patients how to communicate with their families adequately.

Find out more about the treatments and programs offered by accessing the website.

How Is Indiana Dealing With Alcohol Addiction?

Although the alcohol addiction statistics in Indiana are concerning, the state officials have started to take measures to tackle this issue. Numerous top alcohol rehabilitation centers offer accessible outpatient and inpatient treatment, and many programs aimed at educating people regarding the dangers of addiction. Idiana free alcohol hotlines also help with enrolling process.

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