Alcohol Rehab Centers In Idaho: Top 10 ID Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Idaho

Within the state of Idaho, alcohol is considered the most misused substance when compared to illicit drug use and prescription medication abuse. The issue is not only seen among the adult population of the state, but many adolescents in Idaho also seem to be victims of alcoholic abuse. Alcoholism is a concerning factor throughout the area. Individuals can admit themselves to alcohol rehab centers in Idaho. Loved ones of a person with an active alcohol substance abuse disorder are also able to utilize intervention programs offered by alcohol rehabilitation centers in the state. With multiple options for patients to choose from, however, it is important to understand which are the best alcohol rehab centers in Idaho and to avoid opting for a facility with a poor success rate.

Idaho Alcohol Usage Statistics

Heavy spirits usage within the state of Idaho is relatively high. This is a concerning factor, due to a large number of adverse events that this type of behavior brings about. The significantly high prevalence of binge drinking, heavy alcohol usage, and alcoholism in Idaho brings about a higher incident of medical emergencies caused by motor vehicle crashes, as well as personal injuries. Due to the risks of adverse medical effects in heavy spirits usage, the high rate of alcoholism among the population of the state also increases the financial burden.

Below is a list of relevant alcohol usage and abuse statistics reported for the state of Idaho.

  • According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, an estimated 607,000 people in Idaho aged 12 and older uses alcoholic drinks at least once every month.
  • The highest prevalence of alcoholic drinks usage in the state is seen among individuals aged 26 and older.
  • An estimated 284,000 individuals older than 12 years binge drinks at least on one occasion every month.
  • Around 36,000 of the adolescents in Idaho binge drinks on one or more occasions every month.
  • There is an equal risk between adolescent males and females when it comes to binge drinking before the age of 18.
  • An estimated 15% of the population within Idaho had their first alcoholic beverage before they were 13 years of age.

Ashwood Recovery

Ashwood Recovery operates two different facilities within Idaho, one in Boise and another one in Nampa. The rehab for alcohol dependence focuses on providing the patient with practical tools and services that will guide them through recovery – since the very first day of admission to the center. This is a luxury alcohol rehab that features premier amenities for individuals to take advantage of.

Ashwood Recovery has been accredited by the Joint Commission.

The center for alcohol and drug treatment accepts many health insurance providers and also offers a private pay option.
In addition to group therapy and individual counseling, alcohol facility also offers alcoholic assessment services. Learn more about Ashwood Recovery here.

Walker Center

Walker Center provides individuals access to services to help to restore hope and promote healing throughout their recovery journey. The process at the facility starts with an initial consultation, which is entirely confidential.

Walker Center was founded in 1976. Since the launch of alcohol rehab, they have helped thousands of people throughout Idaho successfully recover from alcohol addiction. This is a non-profit alcohol rehab in Idaho and focuses on providing individuals access to evidence-based therapy services. All programs are offered at affordable prices. To learn more about this alcohol and drug recovery center, click here.

Northpoint Recovery

Northpoint Recovery is an alcohol and drug rehab that focuses on offering each patient access to high-quality care services. This is also one of the few companies out there that provide individuals access to a study that proves the effectiveness of the treatment programs that are offered. Northpoint Recovery considers themselves the only treatment center that a person will need to achieve sobriety.

At this inpatient alcohol rehab, people are provided access to drinking detoxification services. A customized program can be created to address the unique needs of the individual, depending on how severe their drinking addiction is. In addition to serving people in Idaho, the alcohol treatment center also offers its services to individuals from surrounding states. Learn more here.

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Renaissance Ranch Addiction Treatment Centers

Renaissance Ranch Addiction Treatment Centers is a group of facilities that focuses on providing individuals access to faith-based recovery services. While this may seem like a Christian alcoholism rehab to some, it should be noted that people from other religions are also welcomed at these facilities. The primary alcohol recovery center is located in Idaho Falls. The focus of recovery at this alcohol center is on spiritual healing.

Outpatient programs include a standard treatment protocol, along with an intensive outpatient program. Individuals may also be provided access to the sober living program, where 24/7 medical supervision is offered to all patients undergoing treatment. Click here to find out more about this rehab for alcohol abuse.

Brick House Recovery

Brick House Recovery is still a relatively new establishment in Idaho, offering patients a variety of addiction treatment services. The alcohol abuse center was founded in 2014 and is a private institution that offers faith-based alcoholism treatment services. In addition to being able to treat alcohol abuse as an addiction, individuals who come to this long-term alcohol rehab are also healed for co-occurring disorders.

Brick House Recovery holds a CARF accreditation for the services they offer patients. The alcohol abuse rehab is located in Meridian, Idaho. An extensive range of services and programs are offered, including partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient programs, and aftercare services. Learn about these treatment options by clicking here.

Zelus Recovery

Zelus Recovery is primarily a teen alcohol rehab, but their services are also available to young adults in the local area. This is a relatively small rehab center for alcohol addiction that focuses on providing patients access to individualized treatment services with highly skilled and licensed staff members. The alcohol rehab center also believes in family involvement throughout the recovery journey of every person undergoing treatment.

Early intervention is available to assist in reducing the risk of alcohol dependency. Both intensive and standard outpatient programs are also available at the alcoholism rehab. Zelus Recovery has a family therapy program that can provide supportive services to the loved ones of a person going through addiction treatment. Visit the official website to learn more about this alcohol rehab center in Idaho.

Riverside Recovery LLC

Riverside Recovery LLC is a relatively small alcohol rehabilitation facility that provides different types of services to individuals in Idaho with substance abuse disorders. People are advised first to undergo a proper assessment to help the intake counselor better understand the complication that the individual is suffering from. Signs of co-occurring mental disorders also need to be taken into account during the assessment.

This is an outpatient alcohol rehab. All patients are provided with both individual counseling services and group counseling programs to assist in their recovery. No patients are supplied with residential services or housing during their treatment phase. To find out more about the cost of alcohol rehab at Riverside Recovery LLC, visit their website.

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Balance Recovery LLC

Balance Recovery LLC focuses on providing substance abuse treatment services to the individual who experiences the addiction, as well as their loved ones and family members. The rehabilitation center for alcohol abuse does not only provide counseling services to the individual but also helps them adopt skills that they will require to go out in the world once they achieve sobriety.

At Balance Recovery LLC, the addiction itself is not the only factor that will be targeted in a treatment program. The staff at the alcohol addiction treatment center will also consider co-occurring disorders and offer the individual counseling services that address anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other conditions. Find out more about the holistic alcohol rehabilitation center by clicking here.

Theta Wellness Center of Idaho

Theta Wellness Center of Idaho is unlike the traditional addiction recovery treatment facilities that patients are used to. The center for alcohol and drug services features a unique technological breakthrough, known as the Theta Chamber, which has been scientifically proven to assist in the treatment of addiction, as well as co-occurring disorders like anxiety, PTSD, stress, and depression.

The company spent more than 50 years researching the technology and almost 200 different scientific studies have already proven the effectiveness of the Theta Chamber technology used by the company to treat individuals who are struggling to overcome their alcohol addiction.
Find out more about Theta Chamber here.

Ideal Option

Ideal Option is a network of alcohol rehab centers that operate addiction recovery facilities throughout the United States, including Idaho. The rehab centers for alcohol addiction has different types of recovery services available, including medicine-assisted treatment. The specific treatment would depend on symptoms presented by the individual enrolled in a program.

These alcohol addiction rehab centers also have several behavioral health services available. This can help to address mental health issues that an alcoholic who comes to Ideal Option experiences in addition to their substance abuse disorder. To read more about these top alcohol rehabilitation centers, click here.

Alcoholism Recovery Options In Idaho

Alcoholism is a problem throughout the state of Idaho. The problem affects both the adolescent population, as well as adults. Excessive spirits usage does not only cause more severe intoxication but also leads to a higher risk of medical problems among the community, as well as an increase in the number of accidents and injuries. Numerous top rated alcohol rehab centers are situated within the state of Idaho. These facilities offer quality treatment services to individuals with alcohol dependency problems and assist in the person’s journey toward a sober state.

An alcohol rehabilitation program offered to the individual will focus on individualized treatment in the majority of cases. Each patient is individually assessed during a consultation, which then leads to the compilation of alcohol rehabilitation programs that focuses on the needs of the particular person. It is, however, essential to ensure that staff members are licensed and experienced in working with people who suffer from addiction at these drug alcohol rehab centers. Speaking to Idaho alcoholism counseling hotline representatives will be useful in this case.

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