Alcohol Rehab Centers In Georgia: Top 10 GA Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Georgia

The rate of alcohol abuse and addiction in Georgia grows yearly, and in spite of concerns on the opioid epidemic in the U.S., the most common problem in GA is alcoholism. The burden of excessive drinking in Georgia has led to high levels of dependency among individuals. The prevalence of binge drinking among various age groups as well as the increasing statistics on alcoholic beverage intake by teens due to peer and societal pressure has led to an upsurge in alcoholism. This invariably leads to addictions accompanied by an increase in health risks. Many users are referred to rehab for alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Addiction Rates In Georgia

  • 48% of the 3,400,000 adult populations in Georgia were reported to have indulged in drinking in the past 30 days. Of this population, males recorded 55% while females were just above 40%.
  • According to a survey in Georgia from 2010-2014, 8.7% of adolescents within the age range of 12-17 initiated the use of alcoholic beverages for the first time annually.
  • From 2010 to 2014, another 506,000 individuals per year from 12 years and above were found to abuse or be dependent on alcoholic beverages.
  • Georgia has one of the highest numbers of individuals with drinking addictions in the U.S. prevalent in adults from age range 21 and older.
  • The survey from 2010 to 2014 reported annual increase about 407,000 individuals (6.0% of adults within the age range) involved in heavy drinking.

Alcohol rehabilitation centers have taken great strides to mitigate the effects of substance abuse in the state. There are hundreds of alcohol addiction rehab centers spread out all over Atlanta, the capital city, and Georgia as a whole.

Looking to find an alcohol abuse center? Here is a list of the top alcohol rehabilitation centers in Georgia.

Turning Point Hospital: Moultrie GA

Turning point offers holistic alcohol rehabilitation in Georgia. For over 30 years, the facility has provided high-end alcohol rehabilitation programs with extensive inpatient and outpatient services and gender-specific treatment. Turning point rehabilitation center for alcohol utilizes a multidisciplinary clinical team for practical and comprehensive evaluation.

Turning point drug and alcohol rehab in Georgia delivers on ancillary services such as detoxification, family counseling, marital couple counseling, aftercare services, and others. Alcoholism rehab in GA utilizes individual-specific methods as well as procedures such as 12-step facilitation, interventions, behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, and other forms of approach for permanent recovery.

The drug and alcohol rehabilitation center are located in a serene environment in South Georgia with well-equipped campuses and basic amenities in a rural setting. For more information, see the website.

Saint Simons By-The-Sea

Saint Simons center for alcohol and drug treatment is conveniently sited on St Simons Island, GA. Its serene, isolated island setting ensures the highest level of safety and privacy. The facility is one of the top-rated alcohol rehab centers in Georgia. Alcohol rehabilitation and mental health is the institution’s primary focus with a service setting that is specific for inpatient treatment.

Treatment approaches as Saint Simons Alcohol rehab GA include cognitive behavioral therapy treatment, 12- step program, relapse prevention, anger management, and more. All age groups, as well as gender, can receive services equally.

How long is rehab for alcohol? This is a common question people ask before choosing a facility. A conventional inpatient program can take anywhere between 28-30 days and is usually the most effective for serious addictions. It is imperative to note that recovery rates may differ between individuals, and every person has a peculiar issue and must be tended to in a manner that suits their needs. Rehabilitation alcohol programs can be 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or extended for highly peculiar cases. The outcomes from lengthier programs may provide the best results depending on the individual.

An alcohol rehabilitation program for Saint Simons, GA includes detox, couples counseling, family counseling, individual counseling, substance abuse assessment and screening, substance abuse education, and others. Find out more from the official website.

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DeKalb Addiction Clinic

Located in the glamorous metropolitan in Atlanta GA, DeKalb is one of the popular free alcohol rehab centers in Georgia, providing free outpatient and partial admission treatment for individuals with substance abuse disorder as well as mental health issues.

DeKalb GA has over 20 alcohol rehab centers within the county and a large number of professional staff offering various outpatient treatment services inclusive of behavioral health psychosocial rehabilitation, outpatient addiction, individual and group counseling, crisis care and many more.

Atlanta Psychotherapy LLC

Atlanta Psychotherapy LLC is a mental health and alcohol addiction treatment center located in the heart of Stockbridge, Georgia. The institution is a couple, adult and family alcohol rehab center that provides detox and counseling through outpatient services. The bespoke alcohol and drug rehab service incorporates treatment methods for linked disorders such as alcoholism and domestic violence, psychotherapy, and other mental health treatment. The center caters to adult males and females with exclusive DUI services.

Licensed by the State Substance Abuse Agency, the center specializes in treating individuals with co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse.
Treatment approaches may include the 12-step facilitation program, contingency management, behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, anger management, and others. For more information on services, visit the website.

Georgia Men’s Center

The Christian alcoholism rehab in Georgia has offered low-cost addiction recovery programs for years with an emphasis on the spiritual faith, reinforcing freedom and complete recovery from substance abuse using detox, rehabilitation, and renewal of faith. The alcohol center for men in Georgia is a haven and healing place for teens and adults alike. Georgia Men’s Center for alcohol and drug services is one of the 200 branches in the U.S and 1200 offices worldwide. Christian rehabs offer inpatient alcohol rehab services which can be spread out over one year with the belief that actual change can only come from “living in it” the serene environment is located in South Dublin, GA. For more information, click here.

Lakeview Behavioral Health

Lake view is one of the few institutions that provide all-inclusive therapy, which include family, group, individual, cognitive behavioral therapy, social skills, and other forms. The alcohol and drug recovery center Georgia offers an extensive detox treatment and medications to manage the effects of withdrawal. When the patient is stabilized, a 12-step treatment model is set up for effective healing. Programs treat adults, seniors, and adolescents. The facility is located at Norcross, GA. For more details visit the website

Bluff Plantation Alcohol And Drug Rehab

Bluff plantation alcoholism rehab center is set in a conducive and serene environment in the outskirts of Augusta, Georgia, within a 178-acre space, in the heart of nature. Its natural setting provides therapeutic activities such as hikes, equine therapy, yoga, meditation, and other nature-based programs. The approach to alcohol and alcoholism treatment is neuroscience-driven, with treatment models that cater to dual disorders. The alcohol rehab programs include holistic experiential therapies spread out through a period.

Partial hospitalization, aftercare, as well as outpatient rehab programs have improved success rates over the years in mitigating relapse. With professional staffs and a well-organized medical structure, the Bluff is said to be the best alcohol rehab in GA. To know more, visit their website.

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Twin Lakes Recovery Center

The Twin Lake luxury alcohol rehab center is approximately 35 acres sited on the ends of Atlanta, Georgia. It provides outpatient and inpatient treatment services employing exceptional clinical care from multiple locations in Georgia. Its services are tailored to address the problems of alcoholism and drug abuse through detox services, residential programs, family recovery, and intensive outpatient services. Twin Lakes is well known for its beautiful and nurturing environment and delivers on various residential detox programs such as the 12-steps healing plan which sets the pace on a smooth recovery journey. Find out more about Twin lakes alcohol addiction rehab here.

Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia

Founded in the year 2000, the rehab center for alcohol applies effective medication in the treatment of alcoholism. Many drug alcohol rehab centers employ the 12-step programs approach in the treatment of addiction; however, some cases may require unique medically-assisted treatment. Assisted recovery provides a flexible schedule at half the time usually needed by other drug and alcohol rehab centers.

The rehab alcohol treatment includes physical assessment, pharmacotherapy, laboratory screening, detox, and more. Assisted recovery alcohol detox center is situated at Savannah, GA. Find out more about their rehabilitation centers for alcohol abuse here.

Sunrise Detox Alpharetta, GA

Over 800 alcohol recovery centers have referred their patients to Sunrise Detox for more exclusive and holistic treatment. More than 35,000 families trust the methods and treatment programs of Sunrise Detox alcohol rehab treatment center GA. The alcohol rehab facilities are state-of-the-art, located in a calm, cozy environment with Medical and peer group support, which significantly improves the chance of a successful recovery.

Sunrise Detox Alpharetta alcohol rehab center in the north of Atlanta, GA provides a haven and a home away from home for complete healing and recovery from alcoholism.

The alcohol abuse rehab has had over 30, 000 successful treatments since its inception.
Worried about the cost of alcohol rehab? The customer service team handles all insurance requirements and documentation processes to ensure that patients can get immediate help without worries.

For more information on Sunrise Detox rehab for alcohol, GA, visit their website

Recovery From Alcoholism In Georgia

Alcoholism has plagued many states in the U.S. with Georgia as one of the states with the majority of addicted individuals. The high alcohol-crime rate and death occurrences among youths have imposed the need for more teen alcohol rehab facilities. There are currently several free alcohol rehab institutions within Georgia to cater to low-income earners. There are over 100 accredited alcoholism rehabilitation centers in Georgia, with certified counselors and medical professionals to cater to the needs of patients.

The average cost for rehab in Georgia may vary from $12,000 to $60,000 for a 60 to 90 days inpatient treatment program. Outpatient alcohol rehab in Georgia can average $5,000 for a 90-day program.

The popularity of rehab centers for alcohol abuse has dramatically improved access to healthcare, which has made a significant impact on the number of people receiving treatment for alcoholism today. Virtually, inpatient and outpatient treatment structures in alcohol rehab centers in Georgia ensures that individuals with varying levels of dependencies get the right treatment that they need to recover from their addiction and are fully reintegrated into the society to live the best life that they can, free from alcohol. Alcoholism treatment hotlines in Georgia provide the free and confidential consultations on the enrolment process.

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