Alcohol Rehab Centers In Florida: Top 10 FL Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Florida

Some people call Florida the unofficial rehab capital of America because of the large number of drug and alcohol rehab centers found here. Many of the nation’s top-rated alcohol rehab centers are in Florida. Some facilities specialize in luxury alcohol rehab. Several institutions offer holistic alcohol rehabilitation to Florida residents. But which is the best alcohol rehab in FL? Here’s a list of 10 alcohol rehab centers that provide highly effective treatment programs and top-notch facilities for alcoholism treatment in Florida.

Alcohol Addiction Rates in Florida

Here are some statistics that reveal the extent of alcohol and alcoholism in Florida:

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that excessive alcohol use costs Florida more than $15 billion each year. In keeping with nationwide trends, the prevalence of binge drinking in FL is 18 percent, and on average, binge drinkers in Florida consume seven alcoholic drinks on any given occasion.
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reports 18 percent of high school students in Florida report drinking alcohol for the first time before age 13. Binge drinking among adolescents is likewise high, with 15 percent of FL high school students admitting to drinking 5 or more drinks within a couple of hours at least once during the past 30 days. Among adolescents, 10 percent of males and 7 percent of females in Florida reported driving a car after drinking alcohol. These statistics underline the need for teen alcohol rehab in FL.
  • The CDC reports a death rate of 8 per 100,000 population in the 21-34 age group in Florida, which is above the national average. More than 8,000 people were killed in car crashes involving drunk drivers in Florida between 2003 and 2012. The percentage of Florida residents who admit to driving after drinking too much is also above the national average.
  • In 2017, alcohol was cited as the primary substance of abuse in more than 28 percent of admissions to programs treating substance use disorders. This is higher than any other substance addiction treated at these centers.
  • In 2018, the owner of several drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Florida was convicted for insurance fraud, money laundering, and human trafficking make a recovery underlined the need for accredited alcohol rehab programs in Florida.

Twelve Oaks Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center

This inpatient facility offers both short and long term alcohol rehab programs for teenagers and adults. Located on a five-acre property on the Florida panhandle, Twelve Oaks employs staff with more than three decades of experience in providing exemplary care to alcoholics in recovery. In addition to residential alcohol abuse rehab, the center offers outpatient addiction treatment and partial hospitalization programs. There is also a Christian alcoholism rehab for those seeking relief with a faith-based approach.

The military program offers treatment tailored to the needs of active duty service members and veterans suffering from alcoholism and related problems like PTSD.
The treatment philosophy at Twelve Oaks is a holistic one to address the complex factors that lead to alcoholism. The alcoholism treatments offered at this facility are approved by most insurance providers, although clients are responsible for knowing their insurance benefits. Visit the official website for more details about the individualized alcohol treatment programs available at Twelve Oaks.

Addiction Solutions of South Florida

Perhaps the unique feature of Addiction Solutions of South Florida is that its founder, Dan Callahan, is a recovered alcoholic himself, having been sober for nearly three decades. The underlying belief at this rehab for alcohol abuse is that therapists who have themselves been dependent on a substance are better equipped to help others struggling with alcoholism. This rehabilitation center for alcohol offers several game-changing addiction treatments, such as The Break Free Plan and Triangle Offense.

The facility prides itself on its aftercare program that helps recovering alcoholics reintegrate into society. This CARF-accredited program offers customized support and is highly rated by the Florida Department of Children and Families. Most insurances are accepted for the various recovery options offered at this state-of-the-art Solutions Rehab Facility in South Florida.

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville

As a premier dual diagnosis alcohol rehab treatment center in Florida, Beaches recovery offers complete care for the mind, body, and soul. The wide range of treatment modalities at this facility and the highly experienced staff ensure lasting sobriety for recovering alcohol abusers. The underlying philosophy is to teach alcoholics to lead a fulfilling and fun-filled life while remaining sober. Concurrent treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders is provided to address the causative factors that may have led to alcoholism in the first place.

This alcohol abuse center offers custom-designed programs for men and women. Transitional living and step-down housing help with reintegration back into the real world. Click here for more information on signing up for a program at Beaches Recovery.

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Tranquil Shores Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center

Located in the small community of Madeira Beach in the Greater Tampa area, Tranquil Shores is a 24-bed inpatient alcohol rehab that is Joint Commission accredited. The facility treats adults above the age of 18 and holistically approaches addiction treatment. The team of caring professionals at Tranquil Shores has experience in addressing alcoholism as well as the accompanying medical and psychological issues associated with addiction.

The beautiful sandy beaches, calm waters, and warm sunshine at this alcohol rehab center are the ideal backdrop for recovering alcoholics to free themselves from addiction and reclaim their lives. The 3-to-1 client-to-counselor ratio ensures individualized focus and personalized treatment plans. Alcoholics and their friends and family can contact Tranquil Shores for further admission information.

Serenity Springs Recovery Center

This top Florida alcohol rehab is located on a beautiful 10-acre campus in Edgewater and is nothing short of a spiritual sanctuary. Since it opened in 2011, the facility has provided addiction treatment to men and women through a unique 12-step completion model.

The expert staff and treatment professionals, many of whom are recovered addicts themselves, help alcoholics overcome the hopelessness that accompanies alcoholism.

The 2:1 client-to-staff ratio at this rehab center for alcohol ensures a customized approach to treatment in a tight-knit family-like environment.
The aftercare program at Serenity Springs is designed to help alcoholics achieve lasting sobriety. Find out more about this institution from their website.

Beachside Rehab

As one of the top-rated alcohol rehabilitation centers in Florida, Beachside Rehab offers a private, relaxing, and luxurious atmosphere for patients to recover in privacy and comfort. This luxury alcohol rehab center in Florida is located on Hutchinson Island and offers all the comforts of home to recovering alcoholics.

Recovery is aided by the green landscape and beautiful beach in the facility’s backyard. The center offers both inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab with a holistic healing approach. Beachside has a comprehensive detox facility and 24×7 medical support. Visit the facility’s website to find out more.

Futures Recovery Healthcare

This Florida alcohol treatment center offers comprehensive care for complicated addiction problems. Treatment specialists at this facility are trained in providing services such as detox, group therapy, individual counseling, physical therapy, and wellness activities. There are specialized programs for pain management, trauma, and eating disorders in addition to alcohol rehabilitation. The underlying principle at Futures Recovery is that a focused patient-specific approach contributes to better outcomes.

The institution is accredited by both the Joint Commission and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. Learn more about Futures Recovery today to find out more about medically-supervised detoxification and alcoholism treatment programs.

Ambrosia Treatment Center

With more than 10,000 success stories to their credit, this drug and alcohol addiction treatment center offers advanced therapies and detox that are designed to turn lives around. Their research partnership with Florida universities ensures constant monitoring and modern scientific methods in treating alcoholism.

The high-quality treatment standards at this institution have made it one of the best rehab centers for alcohol in Florida. The family program at Ambrosia offers recovering alcoholics the chance to heal with the help of e-therapy sessions, text messages, and online courses. Get more information about Ambrosia Treatment Center.

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United Recovery Project

The mission at United Recovery Project alcohol rehabilitation center in Florida is to promote healing and open new doors for recovering alcoholics. The center aims to help alcoholics maintain lifelong recovery by reawakening forgotten values and mending broken paths. This top rated rehab for alcohol in FL provides access to multiple levels of care. The evidence-based therapies offered at this institution are tailored to each and administered by highly-trained staff.

Amenities at this Florida center for alcohol and drug treatment include luxury housing and full accessibility to a kitchen. Clients also benefit from beach trips, fishing, and other leisure activities to make a recovery easier. Learn more about the residential, partial day, and outpatient programs at United Recovery Project in Florida by visiting their website.

Banyan Treatment Center

The core principles at this alcohol addiction rehab in South Florida are collaboration and community, i.e., using the strength of people around to grow stronger. The doctors, nurses, therapists, and behavioral health providers at this institution are experienced in treating different types of alcoholism and associated disorders.

Master’s level therapists at this facility are all SMART Recovery certified and take an integrative and multi-disciplinary approach to alcoholism.
Visit the portal to find out more about this Florida alcohol and drug rehab.

Alcoholism Recovery in Florida

Often, the cost of alcohol rehab is a critical factor in obtaining addiction treatment. Alcohol rehab in Florida ranges from super luxurious inpatient facilities at beachside locations to bare-bones outpatient programs operating out of urban offices. Although finding an utterly free alcohol rehab in Florida may be difficult, it is possible to obtain cost-effective treatment for alcohol addiction in the state.

The prevalence of alcohol use among adults in Florida is higher than the national average, which may be why there are so many facilities offering drug and alcohol rehab in the state. A Florida Medical Examiners report on postmortems found ethanol was detected in more than 40 percent of people at the time of death. The Florida Uniform Crime Report indicates that there are more than 32,000 arrests each year for driving under the influence (DUI) in Florida.

Although the statistics are grim, there is cause for hope. The first step in overcoming the problem is seeking help at an alcohol detox center. Fortunately, there are numerous alcohol rehab centers in Florida that provide excellent care to recovering alcoholics. Floridians can get help at a top-rated alcohol recovery center in the state and make a real dent in these numbers by giving a call to any of the FL alcoholism and addiction hotlines.

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