Alcohol Rehab Centers In Delaware: Top 10 DE Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Delaware

Alcoholism is leading to accidents and injuries among the general population within Delaware, as well as contributing to an increase in healthcare costs. With the right alcohol and drug rehab at the disposal of a person, however, it becomes possible to reduce these risks by ensuring individuals can get treated for the alcoholism that is taking over their lives. It is, however, important that a person ensures the alcohol rehabilitation center they utilize for treatment has adequately trained and professional staff that can assist in the recovery of an addiction to alcohol. There are many rehabilitation centers for alcohol dependency in Delaware, however, which can make the decision hard.

Alcoholism And Alcohol Use In Delaware

According to the Delaware Health and Social Services, binge drinking is currently a major concern among younger adults in the state. Several statistics have also been reported by the state of Delaware to help the local population gain more insight into the current epidemic with alcoholism.

Some of the statistics that have been reported are listed below:

  • 14.8% of adults in Delaware participate in binge drinking once or more each month
  • 6.2% of the adults in the state of Delaware are heavy or chronic drinkers
  • 18.1% of men in the state binge frequently drink, compared to 11.8% of women in the state
  • The majority of binge drinkers in Delaware are aged between 18 and 34, with a 27% prevalence
  • Heavy drinking is a major concern among individuals between 18 and 24 years of age, with 8.1% of people in these age ranges drinking more than 14 alcoholic beverages each week.
  • An estimated 4% of individuals in Delaware drove in a car while intoxicated within the last month
  • 54.3% of the adult population in Delaware has at least a single alcoholic beverage on some occasion every month

AMS of Delaware

AMS of Delaware is part of the Addiction Medical Solutions system, forming a network of alcohol rehabilitation centers that assist patients in treating alcohol dependency issues. The facility for the treatment of alcohol addiction is located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The professional staff members who are part of this drug and alcohol rehab understand how alcoholism can cause many problems in a person’s life and knows how the patient needs to be treated.

AMS of Delaware has been accredited by CARF International. They are also a member of various associations, including the American Society of Addiction Medicine. There are numerous treatment options available at the alcohol rehab, which will be personalized to each patient to address their symptoms and the severity of their particular addiction. Read more about this alcohol recovery center here.

NET Kirkwood Detoxification Center

NET Kirkwood Detoxification Center is part of the NET Centers association that focuses on helping individuals struggling with addictions and related issues recover through effective and supportive treatment programs.

The alcohol rehabilitation program focus on helping individuals with alcoholism successfully overcome their substance abuse disorder and gain back a life that would lead to lifelong sobriety.

The Recovery Oriented System of Care provided by this alcohol rehab center in Delaware helps patients from detoxification to long-term supportive care. Intensive outpatient services are provided to individuals, along with certain residential services, depending on the needs of the specific person who comes to the facility for alcohol addiction treatment. Click here to learn more about this inpatient alcohol rehab.

Aquila of Delaware

Aquila of Delaware offers individualized treatment programs to individuals who suffer from alcohol dependency that are focused on the patient’s unique situation. The alcohol addiction treatment center operates a small group facility and limits the number of individuals treated at a time, which provides more specialized care to those admitted to a treatment program at Aquila of Delaware.

The center for alcohol and drug treatment has many useful services to offer patients. There are no inpatient treatment options, however. Each will be assessed initially. The person will then be entered into either a community-based intensive outpatient treatment program or a clinical-based intensive outpatient program. Standard outpatient therapy is also available. Find out how this alcohol and alcoholism treatment center is helping patients who are alcoholics here.

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Sussex County Counselling Services

Sussex County Counselling Services, also known as Kent Sussex Community Services, is a great option for individuals who do not have the funds to afford a luxury rehabilitation facility. The drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility is fully licensed by the Division of Substance Use and Mental Health. The alcohol treatment center also holds an accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

In addition to serving the Sussex County in Georgetown, Delaware, the alcoholism rehab also operates a second campus in Dover, where individuals from the Kent County can be served. Substance use treatment includes individual therapy and group therapy, along with peer recovery support services. Click here to find out more about this alcohol and drug recovery center.

Addiction Recovery Systems of New Castle

The Addiction Recovery Systems of New Castle holds an official CARF accreditation and provide various alcohol rehabilitation programs that are focused at different types of substance abuse disorders. Individuals who need treatment are advised to start the process by speaking to one of the addiction advisors employed at the facility first. This would help the person understand if the Addiction Recovery Systems of New Castle were able to assist the individual.

The admission process takes an estimated one to two hours. The patient is assessed and then provided details on the best treatment approach for them.
Detoxification services are available for some patients. Most individuals with alcoholism will be treated with an outpatient program. Discover the programs available at this alcohol rehab in Delaware here.

Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers

Gateway Foundation is a network of multiple drug alcohol rehab centers that specializes in drug and alcohol dependency programs. The network believes that they offer the perfect solution for a person with alcohol addiction to start their journey to a new life. The Gateway Foundation Smyrna branch in Delaware focuses primarily on providing alcohol rehab programs to male patients.

Treatment will usually include admission to a residential addiction program. An initial detoxification period is required to ensure effective treatment and recovery for the individual. Read more about these alcohol rehab facilities by clicking here.


PACE has been providing addiction recovery services to individuals in Wilmington and surrounding regions of Delaware for more than three decades. The alcohol addiction programs offered by the center for alcohol and drug services focus on a personalized diagnosis of the individual who comes to the company for help with their problem.

Once a diagnosis has been confirmed, personalized treatment is provided to the person. Outpatient programs are usually the preferred option since this is primarily an outpatient alcohol rehab. An intensive outpatient program is also available for individuals who are going through more severe addiction-related problems. For more information about PACE, click here.

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Recovery Center of Delaware

The Recovery Center of Delaware is part of the state-based government and provide individuals who are experiencing the terrible effects of alcoholism access to various services providers and resources to assist in their recovery. A hotline was also launched by the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health to provide further assistance to the local population.

Peer support specialists are provided to assist in various matters by the Recovery Center of Delaware. The division has also established many self-help groups. Learn more about the services provided by the Recovery Center of Delaware here.

SODAT Delaware, Inc

SODAT Delaware is an alcohol addiction rehab that solely focuses on outpatient treatment programs. There are no residential options or housing projects that a person will be provided access to when treated at this company. In addition to treatment, people are also provided access to evaluation and assessment services, as well as prevention programs and educational resources at this rehab for alcohol addiction.

SODAT Delaware has expanded over the last few years. The alcohol rehab center now operates three different rehabilitation centers in Seaford, Dover, and Wilmington. To learn more and see how the admissions process work, click here.

Catholic Charities Counseling & Substance Abuse Services

The final option on the list is the Counseling & Substance Abuse Services that are offered by the Catholic Charities in Wilmington. This is another network of facilities that are run by a charity organization, which means individuals looking for free rehab centers should give these centers a consideration if they need help with their alcoholism.

There are offices in Dover, Wilmington, Milton, Newark, and even in Georgetown.

Not all centers do offer counseling and substance abuse services, however.
Thus, a person should inquire with the head office to see if there is a location close to them that can assist with the recovery of their alcohol dependency issue. There are no inpatient treatments, however, as all services are based on routine outpatient counseling programs. Learn more about these facilities by clicking here.

Overcoming Alcoholism In Delaware

Almost 8,000 people are admitted to a rehabilitation center for the treatment of either drug or alcohol addiction each year. The majority of these individuals are male, making up around 73% of admissions. The remaining 27% are female patients. An estimated 23% of rehabs in Delaware is equipped with the ability to offer patients access to detoxification, in addition to rehabilitation services.

Individuals who are struggling to overcome alcoholism are advised to get in touch with a center that can provide them with the treatment services that they require to recover. This post provided some of the best options in the Delaware state. Other options are also available. The individual should consider their particular needs, as well as the availability of financing, to establish the best route to follow, and call the Delaware alcoholism hotline.

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