Alcohol Rehab Centers In Connecticut: Top 10 CT Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

Best alcohol rehabs in Connecticut

Even though the rate of excessive alcohol usage within the state of Connecticut seems to be lower than the statistics that account for the entire Nation, there is still a large percentage of the population who frequently participates in binge and heavy drinking. A particular concern comes to mind when looking at the adolescents within the Connecticut state. There are many drug and alcohol rehab centers within the state that can assist patients in their journey toward recovery. The quality of these alcohol rehabilitation programs needs to be addressed; however, as personalized and evidence-based therapies are usually more successful than general treatment protocols.

Connecticut Alcohol And Alcoholism Statistics

The state-based governmental institutions of Connecticut have published various statistics that can help individuals understand just how much of an impact alcohol use has among the population. Looking at these statistics, there is undoubtedly a trend for alcoholism within the state. This brings about a concern for individuals since excessive alcohol usage is known to lead to a higher incidence of vehicle-related accidents. Individuals are also more likely to have their employment in jeopardy when they drink heavily and frequently.

Below is a list of vital statistics about alcohol usage in Connecticut:

  • The CDC reports that an estimated 17.9% of adults in Connecticut participate in binge drinking. This is just 0.4% lower than the National average for the United States.
  • The average number of drinks during a session of binge drinking among adults is 7.1 within the state.
  • The report also states that 22.3% of adolescents in high school binge drinks on frequent occasions.
  • An estimated 2.4 gallons of alcohol is consumed by each person over the age of 14 who binge drinks on an annual basis.
  • The HHS reports that around 11% of adolescents in Connecticut had their first alcoholic drink before they turned 13.
  • An estimated 7% of students in the state was a driver in a car while they were under the influence of alcohol within 30 days before the survey.
  • The survey also noted that 3% of the adolescent population in Connecticut admitted to feeling that they require treatment for addiction, but have not yet received such treatment.

Mountainside Treatment Center

Mountainside Treatment Center understands that every person is different and uniquely experiences addiction. This is why each patient is provided with a treatment program that is tailored to their needs. The alcohol treatment center offers detoxification services, residential care, and outpatient programs.

There is also an extended care program for individuals with severe addictions. People admitted to this alcohol rehab in Connecticut are provided access to various counseling services, as well as career and volunteer opportunities. The rehab center for alcohol addiction also offers a range of workshops and alumni events that individuals can participate in. To learn more about this alcohol rehab center, click here.

New Haven Drug Rehab

New Haven Drug Rehab is open 24/7 to ensure individuals who need services to assist them with alcoholism and withdrawal symptoms from a substance abuse disorder can be helped immediately. The rehab for alcohol abuse is located in New Haven, Connecticut, and provide individuals access to a wide range of services.

The process starts with a clinical consultation with the patient.

Only a licensed counselor will attend to the patient to ensure the person can be given a personalized treatment approach that will focus on their addiction and the individual’s unique needs in terms of addiction recovery.
Find out how the alcohol abuse center helps patients here.

Farrell Treatment Center

Farrell Treatment Center is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing patients access to the services that is needed for them to recover from their addictions fully. The alcohol and drug recovery center focus on making treatment more affordable, ensuring those individuals who do not have adequate funds to afford some of the other alcohol addiction rehab centers in Connecticut can still undergo treatment in a safe environment.

There are different programs that a person may be given access to at the alcohol recovery center. This includes an intensive residential program, as well as an intensive outpatient protocol. A standard outpatient alcohol rehab is also available. The specific program that a person will be enrolled in depends on their initial consultation with one of the clinical staff members. Learn more about this alcohol addiction rehab here.

senior doctor consulting the patient

High Watch Recovery Center

High Watch Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol rehab that prides themselves in the fact that they can help a person immediately – there are no waiting lists, and the individual is not required to make an appointment to undergo a consultation at the company. The center for alcohol and drug treatment is also considered in-network services provided by Empire Blue Cross & Blue Shield, as well as Anthem, ensuring people can undergo treatment through an insurance program.
High Watch Recovery Center has been accredited by the Joint Commission, and they are a member at the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. The drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility was initially founded in 1939, which means that they have been serving individuals with alcohol addiction problems for over 80 years. To learn about the treatments at this inpatient alcohol rehab, click here.

Aware Recovery Care

Aware Recovery Care is a unique company that offers a home-based recovery process for treating addictions to both drugs and alcohol. Alcohol rehab takes an entirely different approach compared to other rehabilitation centers. The success rate of the programs offered by Aware Recovery Care has been so impressive that the company has been featured in various publications, including the official Connecticut Magazine, as well as NBC Connecticut.

A person goes through a comprehensive consultation process before undergoing treatment through the Aware Recovery Care system. A unique program is then developed for the individual, and treatment is initiated. The person is advised to continue with the program from the comfort of their own home, without having to attend sessions at a remote location. Learn more about this unique treatment approach here.

MCCA Torrington Outpatient Center

MCCA Torrington Outpatient Center specializes in both the treatment of an existing addiction in the patient, as well as a prevention institute to assist in reducing a person’s risk of developing a substance abuse disorder.

The alcohol rehabilitation center operates seven clinics in the area, and there are several walk-in days during the week, where the individual does not require an appointment to be provided with a treatment program.

An admissions specialist can be found at each of the centers operated by the rehab for alcohol addiction. These specialists can help assess the person who needs treatment and decide on the best approach to improving the individual in overcoming the alcohol addiction they are suffering from. To find out more about this rehabilitation center for alcohol abuse, click here.

Yale School of Medicine Substance Abuse Treatment Unit

Individuals who do not have funds to access some of the more luxurious treatment units in Connecticut can opt for undergoing a program at the Yale School of Medicine. The University has a specialized Substance Abuse Treatment Unit that forms part of the Connecticut Mental Health Center. Various treatment programs can be offered to a person here to help them with their addiction.

The primary services include evaluations for individuals with alcohol and drug abuse problems. Individuals may then be provided access to individual counseling services, as well as group therapy programs. Family sessions are also available to provide support for loved ones. Click here to learn more about alcoholism rehab.

Liberation Programs

Liberation Programs is a National non-profit organization that serves more than 1,000 individuals with addiction-related problems daily. They have multiple alcohol rehab centers in Connecticut, where patients can be helped through alcohol addiction recovery.

The treatment provided to a patient depends on how severe the person’s addiction is, the symptoms they are experiencing, and whether the individual also suffers from co-occurring disorders. Treatment may include a residential program or an outpatient program. Housing is also made available to some individuals. To learn more about these alcohol rehabilitation centers in Connecticut, visit their website.

Connecticut Counseling Centers

Connecticut Counseling Centers is a group of facilities that all belong to a single non-profit organization that specializes in providing quality care services for people with addictions in the local area. The alcohol rehab center in Connecticut also hosts numerous events, such as speeches by experts in addiction treatment, to provide individuals with substance abuse disorders, as well as their loved ones, access to educational resources.

Individuals will be enrolled in an outpatient treatment program once they have undergone a consultation with a clinician at one of these alcohol rehabilitation centers. Treatment will include individual counseling, as well as group counseling sessions. Learn more by visiting the official website.

expert speaking to a group of people

Stonington Institute

Stonington Institute was initially founded in 1957. At the time, the facility was called Starlight Farms. They have since been renamed to the Stonington Institute. The alcohol rehabilitation center helps thousands of people each year with addiction recovery through a 12-step alcoholism process.

The alcohol addiction treatment center has a range of different services that individuals can make use of. This includes alcohol detox programs, a partial hospitalization program, and an intensive outpatient treatment protocol. There is also an original Starlight program that individuals may be provided access to. An alcohol detox center is also available. Read more about Stonington Institute by clicking here.

The Fight Against Alcoholism In Connecticut

With almost one in four adolescents in Connecticut participating in binge drinking and a large percentage of adults being heavy drinkers, it is crucial for individuals to understand that help is available. More than 50,000 individuals in Connecticut are admitted to drug alcohol rehab centers each year. The majority of the individuals who are enrolled in an alcohol rehabilitation program in the state are male, but there are also many women who require treatment for alcoholism.

People in Connecticut has many options available to them when it comes to the treatment of alcoholism. Free alcohol rehab can be utilized by those that do not have the funds to pay for treatment. Individuals with access to large amounts of funds can also use a luxury alcohol rehab to experience enhanced comfortability and access to more amenities during their treatment period. There are also holistic alcohol rehabilitation centers in the area that focuses on self-healing instead of medication-assisted treatment solutions. Discover all the treatment options available by calling alcohol addiction help hotline in Connecticut.

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