Alcohol Rehab Centers In Colorado: Top 10 CO Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Colorado

Alcohol addiction in Colorado is a concern. Individuals in the state suffering from alcoholism are at a higher risk of unemployment, ultimately leading to an economic impact on the state. These people are also at higher risks of health complications, family-related problems, becoming distant from friends, and more. Being admitted to the right alcohol recovery center in Colorado can assist a person in overcoming their alcohol addiction and help to provide adequate tools to reduce withdrawal symptoms during the detox period.

Colorado Alcohol Usage Statistics

While Colorado is not considered most severe when it comes to alcoholism, the state still has many individuals with alcohol dependency. The state estimates that alcoholism and excessive drinking is costing Colorado more than $5 billion every year. The department also explains that excessive drinking is leading to injury, violence, alcohol poisoning, and many health concerns in the local population.

Here are some of the statistics on alcohol use and abuse reported by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment:

  • An estimated 20% of the Colorado population drinks excessively regularly
  • Each day, an estimated five individuals in the state passes away as the result of excessive alcohol usage
  • About one in every six high school students participate in binge drinking
  • The highest frequency of binge drinking is among adults aged between 25 and 34 in the state of Colorado
  • The average binge drinker has four episodes of excessive alcohol consumption each month, where seven or more drinks are consumed
  • The intensity of binge drinking is highest among those aged between 18 and 24
  • An estimated 29% of youth in Colorado frequently drinks alcoholic beverages
  • Among the youth in the state, 16% regularly binge drinks, which is higher than the national average of 14%

The Recovery Village At Palmer Lake

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake is a local center for alcohol and drug treatment that believes addiction causes isolation, and they have a firm belief that the recovery process should break the person free from this. The alcohol rehab in Colorado has a range of luxury amenities that help ensure the person undergoing treatment can feel comfortable and safe during their program.

Treatment at the Recovery Village at Palmer Lake often starts with a detoxification process. The individual undergoing therapy may be admitted to inpatient rehab. The alcohol and drug rehab also offers a partial hospitalization program, an intensive outpatient program, and a standard outpatient care treatment protocol. Visit the alcohol addiction treatment center website to learn more about how they treat alcohol addiction.

Narconon Colorado – A Life Worth Saving

Narconon Colorado is part of a much more extensive network that has facilities operating in 20 different nations throughout the world. The alcohol treatment center focuses on providing the individual in need with practical and evidence-based alcoholism treatment programs. This ensures their success in recovery. Narconon Colorado can assist with the withdrawal symptoms that a patient will endeavor during the recovery process and has a detoxification process.

The rehab center for alcohol addiction also offers life skill programs to equip the individual with the knowledge they need to start a new and more successful life. The facility can accept the majority of the major health insurance programs in the United States, including Wellpoint, Humana, and Aetna. Learn more about the treatment options at Narconon Colorado here.

Recovery Systems PC

Recovery Systems PC is an alcohol rehabilitation center that is located in Colorado Springs. The facility focuses on making alcohol addiction treatment services more affordable, allowing more people to gain access to the recovery programs that they need to overcome their alcoholism. The rehab for alcohol dependency does not only focus on providing the individual with counseling services but also has a range of education programs in place.

The intake process at this alcohol rehabilitation facility is relatively straightforward.

The patient can make an appointment or visit the center without making an appointment on Fridays. The process takes approximately two hours to complete.
The patient will be provided with a personalized treatment program to address their specific needs. To read more about the recovery process at Recovery Systems PC, click here.

Harbor House Clinic

Harbor House Clinic is part of Homeward Pikes Peak. This particular alcohol rehab center in Colorado offers a range of services to both male and female patients, and are willing to work with the individual regardless of their financial status. People who do not have access to the finances required to undergo alcoholism treatment are welcomed at Harbor House Clinic. This makes the facility an excellent free alcohol rehab option.

The rehabilitation center for alcohol dependency focuses on outpatient treatments and will compile an individualized treatment plan for every person who comes to them for help. Substance abuse counseling and group therapy sessions form the core of their alcohol rehabilitation program. The alcohol rehab center also has a range of women-specific services, including child care assistance, prenatal care, and mental health care programs. Click here to learn about Harbor House Clinic.

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The Rose House

The Rose House is located in Louisville, Colorado, and specializes in providing addiction recovery services to female patients only. In addition to being able to help the individual with their alcohol dependency, alcoholism rehab is also equipped with staff that can assist in treating co-occurring disorders, including anxiety and depression. Women over the age of 18 are welcomed at this drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Treatments are mainly based on long-term residential care programs. Each person is individually assessed to help staff members at the alcohol addiction rehab determine if the treatments available at the facility is appropriate for the individual. Trauma counseling is also available. Read how The Rose House treats patients and how their admissions process works here.

AspenRidge Recovery

AspenRidge Recovery provides premium-level care to every single individual who comes to them with an alcohol dependency problem. The alcohol center is located in Lakewood, Colorado, and serves thousands of people every year. This luxury alcohol rehab has been accredited by the Joint Commission and provides personalized care services that focus on each person individually – taking into account the severity of the addiction, the duration, and other matters.

Alcohol rehabilitation at this company focuses on a targeted treatment and a 12-step program. Support is always offered to each patient during the recovery process. The long term alcohol rehab also focuses on lifelong recovery by providing individual access to aftercare services once their treatment has been completed. Learn more about what AspenRidge Recovery can do for people with alcohol addiction problems here.

NorthStar Transitions

NorthStar Transitions is rated as one of the best alcohol rehabilitation centers in the United States for the treatment of addictions. The alcohol abuse center is situated in Boulder, and the company has some of the top clinical staff members at their side, helping the individual suffering from alcoholism successfully overcome the disorder and sets them onto the path to sobriety.

NorthStar Transitions have a smooth admissions process. A person can undergo treatment through their healthcare plan. Insurance programs accepted at the rehab for alcohol abuse include Humana, ComPsych, Anthem, MultiPlan, and more. Click here to learn about the treatment options at NorthStar Transitions.

Recovery Unlimited

At Recovery Unlimited, the professional clinical staff members understand that addiction can happen to anyone and can develop unexpectedly. The staff members also realize that family members are also affected by alcohol dependency.

The alcohol and drug recovery center focuses on providing treatment for the individual who experiences alcohol addiction, while also offering support for their loved ones.

Recovery Unlimited focuses on outpatient treatment services. The individual will be provided a schedule that they need to comply with. Treatment will include individual sessions with a professional and licensed counselor, along with multiple group sessions each week. Learn how this outpatient alcohol rehab helps their patients here.

Harmony Foundation

Harmony Foundation believes that recovery from addictions like alcoholism should not be an acute process, but rather focus on long-term success. Inpatient alcohol rehab has staff members who are available 24/7 to assist individuals in need. There are multiple types of treatment programs that a person can be admitted to, depending on their symptoms, severity, and unique requirements.

Staff members at Harmony Foundation assess each patient to determine if a residential treatment program or outpatient protocol would be most appropriate. An alcohol detox center is also available at Harmony Foundation, along with continuing care programs. The drug and alcohol rehab accepts most major health insurance programs. Learn more about the Harmony Foundation here.

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The Raleigh House of Hope

The Raleigh House of Hope has been providing successful addiction recovery services to people in Denver for more than ten years. The alcohol rehab owns a large ranch-like property where individuals are granted access to residential care and housing programs to assist during their recovery phase. Admission is a simple process and takes roughly two hours, as the individual needs to be assessed by staff members. This leads to a customized program developed for the person with alcoholism.

The Raleigh House of Hope accepts numerous health insurance programs, including United Healthcare, Humana, Cigna, and MultiPlan. Individuals who are covered can verify their benefits on the company’s website. Cash payment and other options are also available. Click here to find out more about this alcohol and alcoholism treatment center.

Overcoming Alcoholism In Colorado

While alcoholism and drug abuse are a severe concern in Colorado, only roughly 3% of those with such problems admit to the fact that they are suffering from a dependency. This is a serious concern, as alcoholism leads to violence, injury, and many other complications. Fortunately, confidential treatment programs are available at numerous rehabilitation facilities throughout the state of Colorado.

Individuals who are struggling to overcome alcohol addiction and those who are experiencing severe side-effects from withdrawal are advised to seek the help of professionals at such rehabilitation centers for alcohol dependency. There are different types of treatment options available to help the person through the recovery process. This includes medical detox services, medication management, inpatient treatment, and intensive outpatient services. Check the Colorado alcohol abuse hotline numbers to find out more about the intervention process.

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