Alcohol Rehab Centers In Arizona: Top 10 AZ Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Arizona

Looking for the right rehabilitation center for alcohol in Arizona can be a challenge if one does not know what and where to focus on. This article presents the ten top alcohol rehabilitation centers in AZ, all offering treatment programs specifically created for each patient’s needs.

Alcohol Addiction Statistics In Arizona

According to statistics from HHS, alcohol addiction in Arizona is a serious concern.

  • 16% of high school students said the first time they drank alcohol was before the age of 13, compared to the national statistics of 17%
  • 9% of high school students said they drove a vehicle after consuming alcohol, compared to 8% nationwide.
  • Between 2006 and 2009, binge drinking among people between 24 and 34 in Arizona, increased by almost 10%.
  • In 2009, 3,974 individuals went for alcohol addiction treatment in a specialized center.
  • Between 2010 and 2012, Arizona was the 4th state in the US with the highest death rate caused by alcohol poisoning.
  • Each year, excessive drinking leads to more than 2,000 deaths in the state.
  • In 2011, more than 26% of high school students and 18% of adults in Arizona reported binge drinking.
  • In 2013, almost 418,000 people in Arizona were addicted to alcohol or abused alcohol.

Desert Cove Recovery, Scottsdale

The Desert Cove Recovery alcohol rehab center offers one of the best rehab programs in Arizona. The center specializes in relapse prevention, educating patients on how to deal with any possible future pain and trauma without finding comfort in intoxicants.

The alcohol recovery center has adopted a holistic addiction treatment in intimate facilities, created to offer a safe environment for the patients. Each program is designed according to the patient’s needs while remaining faithful to the principle of a holistic treatment – that of healing the spirit, body, and mind.

Besides the holistic part, the Christian alcoholism rehab also incorporated elements of the 12-step program, but at the same time using the classical approach for the entire period of the rehab.

Find out more about Desert Cove Recovery.

Springboard Recovery, Scottsdale

This is another renowned alcohol rehabilitation center that adopted the holistic approach combined with the 12-step program to treat addiction. The inpatient alcohol treatment is handled by highly trained professionals, that also assess the root cause of the problem so that the patients can regain control over their lives.

The dual diagnosis treatment offered by this holistic alcohol rehabilitation addresses the patients who also suffer from an underlying condition, such as depression, ADHD, stress, or anxiety, that pushes them towards addiction. Some other procedures include outpatient recovery, individual and group counseling, and structured Arizona Sober Living, which provides for detox, 12-step flow, and meditation.

Click here to get more info about the rehab programs at Springboard Recovery.

Oasis Behavioral Health, Chandler

For anyone looking for the best alcohol rehab centers in Arizona, Oasis Behavioral Health is, for sure, one of them. The facility provides two main treatment options: the inpatient acute crisis stabilization for patients older than 11 years and residential treatment for patients between 11 and 17 years old.

Acute inpatient treatment includes medication, group therapy, and family therapy. The residential programs consist of medication, daily school, group, and individual therapy and family therapy. Besides this, teen alcohol rehab has also adopted several experiential methods such as art, gym, Bible study, outside time, daily recreation, and talking circles.

So far, this alcohol detox center has helped many teenagers make addiction part of their past and move on living a happy life.

To get in touch with a representative of Oasis Behavioral Health, please click here.

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True Solutions Health, Scottsdale

True Solutions Health is an outpatient alcohol rehab which offers an integrated intensive treatment plan combined with medication-assisted one. The program lasts for three months and includes individual and group counseling, as well as family and couples counseling if needed.

Each resident will have a treatment plan developed according to his needs in a safe and comfortable outpatient environment. This alcohol center has chosen the Intensive Outpatient Program so that anyone who wants to quit alcohol can do this without having to stay in the facility. This approach is also great for those who have finished an inpatient program and need more support to be successfully reintegrated in society.

Find out more about True Solutions Health here.

Prescott House Therapy, Prescott

Opened in 1988, this alcohol rehab in Prescott, Arizona, has had high success rates in treating addiction. The center only treats men and offers an intensive treatment based on the 12-step and AA programs. The period of the treatment varies, depending on the patient’s progress. It can last from four months to seven months.

Alcohol rehabilitation programs include group therapy, individual therapy, 12-step meetings, self-esteem therapy, and equine therapy.

By the end of the treatment, patients will also be involved in volunteer commitment, will have a part-time job or be enrolled in school. The residents will also be responsible for purchasing groceries and cooking their food.

Each patient will receive the tools, motivation, psychological counsel, action-oriented training, and support needed to achieve success and happy life after the treatment.

Check out their website to find out more about Prescott House Therapy.

Sierra Tucson, Tucson

Sierra Tucson is one of the rehab centers for alcohol that uses a multidisciplinary approach in a personalized treatment plan. For more than 33 years, the facility has helped addicts by bringing together the Eastern and Western Medicine in a 12-step philosophy.

The main goal of the alcohol addiction treatment center is to address the underlying issues, with a primary focus on the family. The treatment plan includes a 4-day family program, a couple’s workshop, and the addictions/co-occurring disorders program, all aimed at healing and recovers the lost family connection.

There are other therapeutic activities such as equine therapy, yoga, expressive art, psychodrama, and adventure therapy. Patients who successfully finish the treatment will benefit from the signature service, Connct365, aimed at smoothing the transition from residential treatment to a new life in recovery.

Find out more about the addiction treatments here.

Cottonwood de Tucson, Tucson

This alcohol treatment center in Tucson, Arizona, offers its residents a multidisciplinary addiction treatment plan, which includes addiction assessment, detox, co-occurring disorder treatment, relapse prevention, and family counseling.

The alcohol addiction rehab is located on a private farm, in a private, rural setting next to the Sonoran Desert. Patients take part in various holistic and traditional treatment programs, such as 12-step meetings, individual and group therapy, recreation therapy, Tai Chi, trauma therapy, equine therapy, lectures and expressive art, holistic wellness, nutrition and more.

Cottonwood de Tucson is one of the best rehabilitation centers for alcohol, thanks to its high success rate.

Find out more about the addiction programs here.

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Calvary Healing Center, Phoenix

Opened in 1964, Calvary Healing Center is a rehab center for alcohol addiction which offers affordable, safe, and proven programs to address the spiritual and physical issues of the patients. The facility provides an outpatient rehab program for adults.

The alcohol rehab treatment center is located in a desert landscape, on a campus which includes a volleyball, basketball, and pool. The treatment programs include partial hospitalization program, medical detox, intensive outpatient program, family program, holistic activities (yoga, acupuncture, equine) and a biblical approach which provides for daily Bible studies, weekly chapel services, regular prayer groups, pastor-led groups, and weekly discipleship sessions.

Find out more about Calvary Healing Center here.

Silver Sands Recovery, Prescott

The Silver Sands Recovery inpatient alcohol rehab in Arizona provides personalized extended care with a team of therapists assigned to each resident to create, apply, and monitor every step of the recovery process. Some of the treatment programs are holistic healing, 12-step program, and co-occurring disorder therapy. The programs are designed to help patients prepare for a sober life outside the facility.

Patients live in beautiful, spacious and modern off-site houses, which are separate for men and women and supervised 24/7.
Each patient is helped to determine the trigger to the addiction and how to deal with it to be able to move forward.

Visit the clinic’s website and get more info about their treatments.

Recovery In Motion – Tucson and Phoenix

For those looking for alcohol rehabilitation in Arizona, Recovery In Motion is another excellent option. The facility addresses addiction and co-occurring disorders through a holistic and traditional approach. Some of the programs are 12-step, dual diagnosis, life skills therapy, trauma therapy, individual therapy, cognitive therapies, group therapy, and family involvement programs.

All the treatments and procedures offered at this rehab for alcohol are aimed at assuring the patient’s long-term recovery and improving self-esteem. The patient is also encouraged to re-discover himself through music and art therapy.

Read more about these innovative procedures by accessing the clinic’s website.

How Is Arizona Preventing Alcohol Addiction?

Arizona not only has some of the top alcohol rehabilitation centers in the US, but it also provides educational programs, platform, and facilities aimed at preventing people from becoming addicts. and notMYkid are two educational programs aimed at educating communities in Arizona, educators, youth, and their families on alcohol addiction and how to prevent it.

Call to Arizona addiction free hotlines to learn more about the treatment options in the state.

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