Alcohol Rehab Centers In Alaska: Top 10 AK Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best alcohol rehabs in Alaska

In Alaska, alcohol abuse and misuse are rampant. It impacts people of all ages and backgrounds, bringing about a need for quality Alaska alcohol rehab options. To get started, here are the ten best alcohol rehabs in AK.

Alcohol Addiction Rates in Alaska

Alaskan alcohol rehabs are critical to the health of the state. Alcohol abuse and misuse is a very serious problem in Alaska, with its ranking as the state with the third highest rate of problematic alcohol use. Over 22 percent of adults drink regularly, and 33.8 percent of roadway fatalities involve alcohol. The statistics make it clear how great the need for AK alcohol rehab centers is.

The need for drug and alcohol rehabs in Alaska is apparent. However, the issue is ensuring that state residents have access to the inpatient and outpatient AK rehabs that they need. Of the 300 communities located in the state, only 40 percent are connected to main roads and ferry systems, which leaves many people who need alcohol rehab disconnected from the facilities they need. Luckily, many centers offer high-quality treatment and are willing to work to help those in all Alaskan communities.

Set Free Alaska

Set Free Alaska is a Christian alcoholism rehab. It is one of only a handful of alcohol rehab centers in Wasilla, Alaska.  It offers intensive outpatient programs for youth and adults as well as women’s residential treatment.

The facility combines faith-based principals with proven best practices in alcohol rehabilitation. They offer continuing care, trauma-informed treatment, and address co-occurring disorders. While it is not a free Alaska rehab, it does offer its services on a sliding scale, making it an affordable option for low-income individuals.

To learn more about their intake process, and to determine the cost of treatment, visit their website.

Genesis Recovery

Genesis Recovery is an alcohol rehabilitation center in Anchorage, AK. The center offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment options to adult patients. It also brings family into their AK alcohol rehab process to build support for recovering addicts.

At Genesis, therapy involves a version of the 12-step program that is modified based on the needs of the patient.

In addition to their drug and alcohol rehabilitation, this Alaska center also offers sober living facilities for those who have entered recovery and need a safe environment to stay clean. As they take Medicaid, many people can access their services for free.

To begin the admissions process, head over to their website and fill out the application.

Nugen’s Ranch

Nugen’s Ranch is an alcohol and drug rehab center in Wasilla, Alaska. It offers inpatient treatment for adult men and women. They do not handle detox, so patients must go elsewhere for that and are required to be sober for 72 hours before entering the facility.

Nugen’s Ranch is a unique alcohol rehab center in Alaska as it is a working ranch. There, patients work directly with the animals on the farm while working through the 12-step program and receiving individualized therapy. Because it is so unique, it often works where other drug and alcohol rehab centers in Alaska have not.

For more information on how the location plays into recovery, read about it on their website.

ranch with horses


Akeela is an alcohol treatment center that treats men, women, and teens. For all patients, they offer extensive outpatient services at multiple locations, and men and women have access to various inpatient services. It treats both addiction and co-occurring disorders.

The most outstanding feature of Akeela is that it offers programs specifically for mothers and pregnant women. Their residential program allows mothers trying to get clean to live on their property with their children. This makes it the best alcohol rehab center in Alaska for single mothers and those looking to maintain family unity.

To learn more about their requirements for their residential programs, check out the information on their website.

Fairbanks Native Association

The Fairbanks Native Association offers multiple programs designed to help those with addiction get and stay clean. The most notable of these is the Ralph Perdue center. This alcohol rehabilitation center in AK offers inpatient and outpatient treatment for adult men and women.

The standard program they offer is 45 days of inpatient treatment followed by two months outpatient. Unlike most rehabilitation centers for alcohol in Alaska, this one specializes in serving the native community, utilizing therapies and approaches that are culturally sensitive. It fills a vital role in a state where so many of those who have problems with alcohol and alcoholism are native.

For more information on how to enroll in their program, browse their website.

Jett Morgan Treatment Services

Jett Morgan Treatment Services is a strictly outpatient alcohol rehab facility in Anchorage, AK. They offer their treatment to adult men and women aged 18 and over. To make therapy accessible to all who need it, they base their costs on a sliding scale.

While it is open to everyone over the age of 18, the Alaskan alcohol rehab program does prioritize pregnant women, IV drug users, and HIV positive clients.
As such, they specialize in their treatment, making this one of the best alcohol rehabs in AK for these individuals.

To learn more about their approach to treatment, click to view their website.

Recover Alaska

Recover Alaska is an alcohol rehabilitation program located in Anchorage. It offers early intervention, support groups, residential treatment, and outpatient therapy to teen and adult patients. They also have a family education program to help parents and other loved ones better understand how to support people in recovery.

Because they offer so many different forms of treatment, patients who attend this rehabilitation center for alcohol have the chance to personalize their treatment plan. This is important for people who want to have a sense of agency in their treatment. Recover Alaska also focuses on helping patients make connections with others who will help them remain in recovery.

To learn more about their programs, hop over to their website.

Serenity House Treatment Center

Serenity House Treatment Center is a boutique alcohol rehab center in Alaska. The facility offers intensive residential treatment for no more than 12 people at a time. The average stay is eight weeks.

The facility has a rural setting that allows the Alaskan alcohol center to make experiences with nature part of the program. It is one of the only luxury alcohol rehabs in Alaska. Since it is affiliated with Central Peninsula Hospital, it also offers off-site detox.

For more information on their facility, contact them through their website.

Anchorage Treatment Solutions

Anchorage Treatment Solutions is an Alaskan rehab for alcohol abuse. While the provider specializes in opioid use disorder, they do treat other addictions, including alcoholism alone or when co-occurring with opioid abuse. Their program is open to anyone over the age of 18.

What helps Anchorage Treatment Solutions stand out is they are not afraid to use medications as part of the rehabilitation process. It is central to their approach. Individuals who have not been successful at alcohol abuse centers that use therapy alone can benefit from the approach at Anchorage Treatment Solutions.

For more information on enrolling in their program, view their website.

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Turning Point Counseling

Turning Point Counseling offers intensive outpatient programs for chemical dependency. This Alaskan alcohol abuse rehab is located in Fairbanks and is open to adult patients over the age of 18. As it is a counseling center, it specializes in the treatment of numerous behavior disorders which feed into alcohol abuse.

Their program is broken down into three phases: eight weeks of intense treatment, four weeks of step-down therapy, and continuing care which can be scheduled on an as-needed basis. For individuals who require inpatient treatment, they partner with numerous alcohol rehab treatment centers in Alaska, allowing patients first to receive inpatient treatment and then transition to their program.

To learn more about their partnerships and approaches, jump over to their website.

Getting Help From Alaska Alcohol Rehabs

In Alaska, alcohol abuse and misuse is a serious problem that costs people their wellbeing, and often, their lives. Anyone who is abusing alcohol in Alaska should seek help from an alcoholism rehab. The teams at these facilities understand what addicts need to get and stay clean.

Still do not know which facility to choose? Call any of the Alaska alcohol hotlines and get professional advice.

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