Alcohol Rehab Centers In Alabama: Top 10 AL Facilities

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

best rehabs in Alabama

The state of Alabama has witnessed a degenerative state in the issue of alcoholism and other related problems. Alcoholism, in particular, led to the enactment of various policies and tax on alcoholic beverages to mitigate abuse. The Center for Disease Control reported high levels of binge drinking and alcohol-based crimes in many localities in Alabama. It has also been reported that pregnancy drinking in Alabama spans out across the state and within various age groups. The emergence of alcohol rehab facilities creates an effective solution for individuals battling with alcoholism and its negative effects.

Alcohol Addiction Rates In Alabama

  • Health statistics and surveillance report showed that 40% of new mothers in Alabama participated in drinking in the past three months before delivery.
  • In 2011 binge drinking in Alabama was reported at 21% for high school students and 13.7% for the adult population.
  • According to a report by the CDC, the total cost of alcoholism in Alabama is about 3,724,300,000 at $2.27 per drink and 779 cost-per-capita.
  • In 2017 Alabama had a total of 6,165 fatalities out of 376,433 alcohol-based deaths in the U.S.
  • SAMHSA survey on under-age drinking shows that 12.86% of adolescents within the age of 12 to 20 engaged in binge drinking in 2012-2014.

Finding a dedicated alcohol and drug recovery center in Alabama is made easy today. There are hundreds of alcohol rehabilitation centers to pick from. So, how can one decide which rehab for alcohol abuse best suits their peculiar needs?

In no particular order, here are 10 top rated alcohol rehab centers in Alabama.

Bradford Health Services

Bradford health services is a renowned center for alcohol and drugs treatment. Bradford health has over 30 locations within the state, which offers a wide variety of treatment programs ranging from long-term alcohol rehab therapy for adults and teens aged 13-18, to short outpatient treatment programs. Their approach to addiction treatment is inclusive of the 12-step healing program, group counseling, individual sessions, monitored extensive detox, and aftercare services. The center for alcohol and drug services is 10 miles off Huntsville international airport in Madison, Alabama.

Alumni of the alcohol rehabilitation programs have rated the facility as one of the best in the state for adult and adolescent therapies, which is inclusive of clinical, social, and recreational. The goal of the institution is to provide holistic alcohol rehabilitation, healing the patient as a person and not only the addiction. The alcoholism center focuses on outpatient programs, interventions, and emergencies. For more information, visit the website.

Olivia’s House

Located at the serene environs of 2nd Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama, the renowned alcohol rehabilitation center nurtures and delivers sound addiction medication and counseling to women and children. Individuals who are looking for alcohol recovery centers that cater to women and children suffering from substance abuse can find a haven at Olivia’s house. Children who are up to ten years of age can receive routine child care services in residence with their mothers.

The services obtainable at the alcohol rehab include medical screening, detoxification, Inpatient and outpatient therapy, medication monitoring, 12-step support program, family counseling, aftercare and follow-ups, and more. Income assistance is also made available for low-income earners. The facility prides itself as one of the few alcohol rehab centers that support Women in recovery, for more information, click here.

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The Pathfinder, Huntsville, Alabama

Pathfinder, AL, is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center founded in 1976 with a mission to rebuild lives by offering addiction treatment to individuals who need change. The alcohol and drug rehab guides through the sobriety journey to enable patients to live an alcohol-free life.

The facility has a capacity of 39 clients in a dormitory-style living condition for inpatient treatment and well furnished residential spaces. A 72-hour sober period is a significant requirement for admission into the inpatient program. For more information on services, visit the website.

The Haven (SpectraCare Health Systems)

Haven is one of the most renowned drug and alcohol rehab centers in Alabama. The facility provides an enabling atmosphere with an alcohol rehabilitation culture that promotes recovery and personal growth. The alcoholism rehab center is certified by the Alabama Department of Mental Health to provide medical services, child and adolescent services, developmental disability services, and other forms of interventions.

A significant highlight of the center’s alcohol rehabilitation program is its co-occurring treatment program for men and women of various age groups. Find more information here.

LightHouse Counseling Center

The Lighthouse counseling center is one of the best free alcohol rehab centers in Alabama. The facility caters to adults and children alike, initiating interventions for co-occurring substance abuse disorder.

The free alcohol rehab in Montgomery Alabama also provides a structured program for ex-inmates with drug and drinking addictions.
The facility has a capacity of 49 units for inpatient housing, mostly for those who cannot afford accommodation. Many of the individuals taken in are either low-income earners or those who are unable to fund their treatment.

Lighthouse counseling center is home to individuals that are struggling with the effects of substance abuse. For more information on programs and enrolment, visit the website.

Serenity Care Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center for Men

Serenity care is one of the top alcohol rehabilitation centers in Alabama that provides free alcoholism treatment for men with dependencies. The alcohol abuse center offers all forms of payment assistance structured to suit different situations. Services provided by Serenity alcoholism rehab Alabama include: the 12-steps recovery program, recreational therapy, medication management, Individual and group counseling, inpatient, and outpatient treatment.

Serenity care alcohol rehab treatment center aims at providing healing from addiction and restoring self-dignity and re-building the male self-esteem. The inpatient alcohol rehab facility has a capacity of 50 participants and comes with transportation services, recreational spots, meals, and vocational training and AA NA meetings. For more information, visit the website.

The Foundry Ministries

The Foundry is a Christian alcoholism rehab located in Bessemer, AL. The focus of the drug and alcohol rehab is on faith-based recovery. It expresses the essentials of the Christian faith as the strongest tool in tackling addictions and embracing a Christian way of life.

Many of the patients taken into the program for alcohol and alcoholism treatment are destitutes, addicts, ex-inmates and various categories of individuals who have been through life-changing experiences and require a much deeper connection than just physical recovery from their addictions.

The Foundry rehabilitation centers for alcohol was founded in 1971 and has since then reshaped lives through rescue programs, re-entry programs, aftercare, and other support services. For more information, visit The Foundry Ministries alcohol abuse rehab website.

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A Reprieve For Women

A reprieve for women is a luxury alcohol rehab facility strategically located at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The Women’s alcohol rehab center in AL provides resident therapy for women who are struggling with addictions. The facility seeks to restore the glory of womanhood by providing a sense of belonging as well as strengthening and inspiring young women who have been through rough experiences. The rehab for alcohol and drugs is one of the best ‘women’s only’ centers in the state.

Drug alcohol rehab centers have specific standards which are required for holistic healing and recovery from addiction. Reprieve for Women alcohol addiction rehab AL goes the extra mile to ensure lifelong success stories.

The services include 12-step program, relapse prevention, full detoxification, behavioral assessment, monitoring for dual diagnosis, group therapies, and others. For more details on resident and outpatient alcohol rehab treatment, visit the website.

Bridge Incorporated/Mobile Addictions Treatment Center

Founded in 1974, the alcohol addiction treatment center began with a mission to inspire hope and a lasting change through administering health care services to teens struggling with alcoholism. Teen alcohol rehab was one of the first few to provide structured treatment and services to suit adolescent needs. The rehabilitation alcohol therapy is peculiar for every case.

Approach for treatment includes but not limited to: anger management treatment, relapse prevention, counseling for trauma, interventions, cognitive behavior therapy, and the twelve step approach.

The alcohol detox center is mostly a residential and outpatient treatment setting. The facility is popularly reviewed as the best alcohol rehab for teens. For more information on Bridge rehabilitation center for alcohol, visit the website.

Montgomery Metro Treatment Center (New Season) AL

Montgomery Metro offers alcohol rehab programs at meager costs to ensure that low-income earners can afford the addiction treatment that they need. Professionals medically supervise rehab alcohol therapy with one-on-one, family, and group counseling.

The rehab center for alcohol is located at Montgomery, AL. The center boasts of a well-equipped clinic with the necessary infrastructure. It is located in a serene calm environment to enable quick recovery.

For more information on Montgomery alcohol rehab in AL, visit the website.

Surviving Alcoholism in Alabama

Due to a large number of rehab centers for alcohol in Alabama, the rate of alcoholism in the state is set to witness reasonable reductions. The cost of alcohol rehab may differ from one center to the other due to various reasons. Low-income earners can find quite several free alcohol rehabilitation centers in Alabama that can provide adequate addiction treatment and health care at a meager cost depending on the peculiarities of cases.

Large populations of individuals who are addicted to drinking are teenagers and adolescents. Today, there are alcohol addiction rehab centers that provide quality rehab services tailored to the needs of teens. This comprises of detox, medication, recreational activities, coaching, and career counseling as well as motivational talk to improve self-esteem.

How long is rehab for alcohol? Many alcohol rehab centers in Alabama stress the need for a holistic treatment which is inclusive of the addiction and the personality as well as the state of mind. This often varies with different individuals and can only be determined during the treatment.

Residing in Alabama and need of alcoholism treatment? Call one of the free and confidential Alabama free alcoholism helplines for assistance.

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