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Alcoholism Rehab Resources

Alcoholism is a disease – a chronic, progressive disease that can prove fatal if not treated. We provide free resources to help get your life back on track.

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Alcoholism Rehab and Recovery Facts

Binge Drinking

Over 78 million people, 24.7% of U.S. adults, reported binge drinking in 2014.

Alcohol-Related Deaths

Alcohol misuse leads to nearly 88,000 deaths annually in the U.S., and is involved in 31% of all motor vehicle deaths.

College Students

Every year, alcohol misuse leads to the death of 1,825 college students in the U.S., and 25% of all college students see their performance at school suffer because of alcohol.

Alcohol Rehab

In 2008, 41.4% of all admissions to publicly-funded substance abuse programs involved alcohol abuse, more than double the second-highest admitted substance.

Economic Effects

The United States spent an estimate $249 billion in 2010 on problems caused by alcohol abuse.

Alcohol and pregnancy

According to the CDC survey, 1 in 10 pregnant women consumes acohol. About 1 in 33 pregnant women binged during past month.

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Learn About Alcohol Rehab & Treatment Types

Deciding to Quit

Recognizing the problem with alcohol abuse is the first—and most crucial—step to recovery. Learn more about the red flags, and find out when and how to seek help.

Alcoholism Intervention

People suffering from alcoholism often fail to realize exactly how severe their condition is, and what effects alcohol is having on their lives and the lives of those close to them.

Alcohol Detox Guide

Alcohol detoxification is one of the most fundamental and difficult steps of the recovery process. Learn how detox centers, programs, and specialists can help you complete the process.

Alcohol Rehab Treatment

For some, inpatient alcohol rehabilitation treatment will be the only way to successfully and completely recover. Discover the differences between inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab programs.

Building Coping Skills

Developing the right skills for coping with a life without alcohol and understanding the ways to avoid triggers are key parts of a successful rehabilitation.

Sober Living after Rehab

Detox and rehab do not guarantee sobriety in the long run. For continued sobriety, it is essential to understand what changes that recovering alcoholics will need to implement in their social lives.

Extended Care

Building up a support network is an essential part of staying sober. Twelve-step programs, support groups, and many other options as well, are available for those in need.

Relapse Prevention

Learn how to create a personalized plan to prevent relapse and what to do in case of a relapse. Knowing how to deal with challenges to your sobriety is the key to success.

Helping the Others

There’s always hope for a fresh start, and for some people you can become that hope. Find out what you can do to help others suffering from alcoholism and alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Rehab Facts


98% of people who need help from addiction never receive it. Alcoholism has been described as America’s greatest problem.

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73.8% of people who needed an inpatient alcohol treatment couldn’t afford the cost of a treatment center.

Alcohol Rehab Payment Options


More than 24% of admissions to state-funded rehab programs and centers are due to alcohol addiction.

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